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What do you know about Velikiy Ustyug except that there Father Frost`s homeland?

At a recent turn of the millennia Velikiy Ustyug caught the " brand in the use; Father Frost`s Homeland speak, not without patronage of Yury Luzhkov who visited the city - the age-mate of Moscow - the day before 850 - the anniversaries of both cities.

This event and the creation of the industry which followed it dedmorozovsky " service; gave a huge impetus for a development of the city. Crowds of tourists, international actions, popularity Often it eclipses the fact that Ustyug, nevertheless, the age-mate of Moscow. So, about it is what to tell. And to show. You are convinced of it at once, having only seen the town.

Despite construction of modern houses, the downtown practically kept the historical look. And history at Ustyug rich. In a distant XII century on covered with coniferous forests of the earth of the Finn - Ugrian tribes colonists came from Rostovo - the Suzdal earth. At the beginning of the 13th century Ustyug was the considerable city in boundary North - east possession of the Rostov princes.

In 1780 the coat of arms of Velikiy Ustyug is approved: the half-naked Neptune holds vessels from which thin streams of water run in hand; they merge in a wide deep stream. It is enough to look at the card to understand this heraldic symbol: under walls of Ustyug the Neptune merges the rivers South and Sukhona to Small Northern Dvina. In the name of the city the geographical position - the city in the mouth of the South is imprinted it.

In a nice circle of the Velikiy old Russian cities of Vologda and Ustyug were unseparable also in trade business, and in military, and the workman Vologda always gravitated to Moscow, and Ustyug - to Vologda. The Moscow and northern teams together acted in campaigns, shoulder to shoulder battled against enemies.

In the 16th century Ustyug turned into a peculiar trade knot where overland roads to the Urals and to Siberia are crossed with river, conducting to Europe through Dvina and the White Sea. Motley and noisy, yarmarochno - the recovered city. Ustyug waited for the hour - grew rich, it was built up by stone temples, a merchant mansion.

But, probably, not incidentally on the Veliky Ustyug earth the whole tribe brave, desperate courage of people - the zemleprokhodets who glorified the city, served great service of Russia was born. The Posadsky Veliky Ustyug person Semyon Dezhnyov opened the passage between Asia and America. Even today the way from Dezhnyov Street in Ustyug to far Cape Dezhnev on North - east suburb of the Asian continent does not seem simple and easy.

The far city on Amur is called a name of Erofey Habarov, the native of Velikiy Ustyug. It the first came to desert coast of the great river and made its first card. The silversmith from Ustyug Mikhail Nevodchikov was a participant of expedition of Vitus Beringa. It and the Veliky Ustyug merchant Vasily Shilov possess honor of development of the Aleutian Islands. Shilov made the card of space from Beringov of the island to Alaska

of the Place, connected with life of Saints Bozhiikh, make a spiritual treasury of Velikiy Ustyug. Local Saints are deeply esteemed. This is St. Righteous Prokopy, just Ioann Ustyuzhsky, the Reverend Kiprian Ustyuzhsky. In Velikiy Ustyug the prelate Stefan, the bishop Perm was born. In 1379 it went to Perm to set pagans on a right track of truth. Many years he traveled around the diocese created by it, preaching Christian belief.

The world fame to Ustyug was brought by art of blackening on silver. The Veliky Ustyug common people differ in special durability. The Finiftyany and dark factory of the Veliky Ustyug merchants Afanasy and Stepan Popov was considered as the Russia`s second manufactory on production of silver products. In 1929 in Velikiy Ustyug it was created Export workshop reorganized later into artel Northern common people . Mikhail Chirkov, the grandson of the famous master Mikhail Koshkov who more than 30 - ti remained years the only keeper of a secret of the Veliky Ustyug common people was an initiator of its creation.

I told you only the few facts from rich history of Velikiy Ustyug. To see in it not only Father Frost`s Homeland, it is the best of all to arrive here and to walk on ancient small streets, to visit churches, to come into a bench with northern common people Generally, it is necessary to see it most!]