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Anti-killer: who is he?

were not such period in the history when people would not kill each other. Infinite wars ruined far bigger number of people, than all natural cataclysms combined. Unfortunately, war was always built-in in a human civilization.

And in a peace time there is no rescue from aggression similar. In today`s reality it is possible to carry politicians, businessmen, show stars to risk group - business, journalists and all those who possess the solid capital. If it is about contract murder, it is possible not to doubt that the representative of one of the listed above categories was the victim.

It is difficult to organize the Contract Murder (CM): the potential customer needs to find the intermediary or the killer (and and on announcement lampposts from them do not occur in newspapers), it is necessary to possess sufficient financial means to pay the STORAGE and this tough decision for any person is pure emotionally.

according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Russia of the STORAGE cost an average (till 2006) from 6 to 9 thousand US dollars; if there were bodyguards, then the price increased up to 15 thousand dollars. In 63% of the STORAGE the intermediary, about 70% of customers - men was used.

About 60% of the STORAGE were made at the place of residence of the victims; in 70% of cases guns and revolvers, other firearms - in 20% of cases, explosive devices - in 5%, a cold weapon - also in 5% of cases were used to implementation of the STORAGE.

However, are known exotic types of eliminations when toxic agents or radioactive isotopes were used. In this regard it is worth mentioning murder on August 1, 1995 in Moscow of the chairman of the board Rossbusinessbank Ivana Kivelidi. Toxic substance on the basis of phosphorus was applied on a tube of its telephone set. It is also possible to remember mysterious death of the journalist Yury Shchekochikhin and murder of the former Russian FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko to whom allowed to drink tea with polonium - 210.

Security actions represent peculiar chess. Peculiar because the opponent`s figure (some conditional horse or an elephant) it is visible only when it strikes blow. Often it occurs suddenly and in the unpredictable place chessboard . It will be possible not to lose in such chess when balance of forces of your advantage with a large supply: considerable power advantage and high level of protection. But it is impossible to drive constantly for itself a platoon of submachine gunners or to go on the city by the tank. Means, it is necessary to rely on analytical skills of the anti-killer.

The anti-killer`s task - not to allow contract murder by any lawful means. Very often he deliberately acts as the catalyst of already available conflict situation; then watches the participant of the conflict causing fears and thus reveals the customer. Or it is convinced that this participant of the conflict does not prepare the STORAGE.

Sometimes the anti-killer works under a legend of the intermediary or professional liquidator and simply provokes the participant of the conflict, offering it the services. From the moral point of view provocation - not the best method, but in this case she is acquitted as allows to save human life.

Having revealed the potential customer and having the corresponding evidence (audio - and videos of negotiating, receiving advance payment for the STORAGE, and in certain cases and the weapon) the anti-killer addresses to law enforcement agencies; those in turn bring criminal case and detain the customer of attempt.

Of course, not always such scheme works. The potential customer can not give in on provocation of the anti-killer if he already employed other person or if the anti-killer caused in it suspicion. And in militia can count collected proofs insufficient for initiation of proceedings. Everything can be, but nobody invented other way to prevent the STORAGE at a preparation stage so far.

The staff of the public intelligence agencies, first of all FSB was the very first anti-killers. In 90 - e years regular anti-killers became obvious not to be enough, and then out of law enforcement agencies there were people who for remuneration began to be engaged in prevention of the STORAGE. In essence, the anti-killer - the same mercenary, as well as the liquidator. However, this noble nayomnichestvo.

Certainly, services of the anti-killer cost expensive. However by request kill not beggars and if people had enough mind to earn a state, then why not to think of own safety?!