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Cats from Siam, what they?

Will be a question as you guessed, about cats it is from the Kingdom of Thailand which davny - was called long ago Siam. There in Buddhist temples - watts, blue-eyed cats with an unusual color of wool lived in full serenity and rest. They say that they protected treasures, drove away evil spirits and cleared the dwelling of the evil.

These mysterious cats are surrounded a set of ancient and not really ancient legends. It agrees one of them, the origin of this breed is connected with Noah`s Ark. During long travel the male of a monkey fell in love with a lioness, as a result of this love the cat with habits of a monkey and courage of a lion was born.

On other legend these cats protected jewelry of Siamese princesses which girls put on them tails. It is considered that since then these cats the bent tip of a tail and they have angry.

Experts - felinologists will tell that the bent tail or hook as well as other deformations of a tail, and also a short tail belong to the serious defects disqualifying an animal and for such cat of a door on an exhibition are forever closed.

And it is impossible to call cats of this breed angry. Experts on cats say that representatives of this breed benevolent as priests. And British have a saying: Kind, as Siamese cat .

And what cats it is correct to call Siamese? We got used Siamese to call blue-eyed cats who have a muzzle tip, ears, pads and a tail darkly - brown, almost black, and a little body beige. However experts allocate two cat breeds with such color - Siamese and Thai. These breeds have the general origin, but different addition or as professionals will tell, - a different exterior is made.

Division into two breeds happened approximately in the middle of 50 - x years of last century when as a result of active selection work on the basis of traditional siam the new type was created. These are graceful, slender cats with a wedge-shaped head or so-called face of a marten high legs. Ears they have more, than at habitual murok are also divorced in the parties. Eyes are slantwise put a little, in a form remind an almonds kernel. A panther in a miniature. New cats also began to call Siamese.

But some manufacturers remained adherents of primitive shape of siam. In 1990 they achieved registration of this breed in the World federation of cats. That there was no confusion, these cats began to call Thai. Such cats are more widespread among us though them we mistakenly call Siamese. These are sturdily-build cats, with well developed muscles, the head has rounded shape, ears of average size.

I am familiar with representatives of the Thai breed not by hearsay. The cat whom we called by the Sim card was the first of them in our family.

He slept in kitchen, is closer to food. And early in the morning, after all other members of household ran up for work, came to me to the room. He climbed to me under a mouse, put the head on a breast and with pleasure hummed. The benefit, I at that time worked in the second change, and it was possible to roll about longer in a bed.

Somehow the Sim card sat at me on a lap and watched game in chess. And suddenly the exact movement of a paw brought down a figure of a horse from a board and escaped.

On character it was tender and kind, but very stubborn. How many to it did not speak: So it is impossible to do - he waited until I turn away, and then did in own way.

At our present Thai cat of Aliski character more appeasable, but she is very mobile and likes to look at all from height, for example from a bookcase for which once in children`s age fell down. The husband had to remove a case urgently. Our pussycat drinks water not as ordinary cats. She lowers a pad in a plateau, and then pinches from a droplet pad.

I think that all Thais have pronounced identity. But they have also a common feature - affection for the owner. Like to be curtailed a ball on a lap, to get warm under a desk lamp or to lie down on the book which is read by the owner. They everywhere for you will go as doggies. At the good treatment of them of the tender being who was more liking and not to find.

If you love the pets, then you are respectful to them, and let communication with them will bring to you sheer pleasure!]