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Who and how directs flights in the sky of Russia? Representatives of many professions meet

New year not in the bosom of the family or friends, and on a workplace, fulfilling an office duty. Among them there are air traffic controllers which have these days not that not output, but one of the most intense in a year. A highlight of travel agencies - New Year`s rounds, are carried out by charter flights, messages which it is necessary over the schedule.

The ordinary passenger is sure that the plane flies from point A to point B on a straight line, and behind a window - a window - the huge desert sky. Both that, and another - a mistake. On airways there are both turns, and difficult sites, and restrictions of speed, and the air liner is connected with the earth in tens of invisible radio threads.

Flight begins long before a departure. The navigator of crew comes to control office and in details, constantly studies future flight even if road it is well-known.

In flight over Russia the plane is accompanied by dispatchers of the so-called regional centers whom over the country it is more than one hundred. Dispatchers transfer board as baton, from hand to hand. The most intense moment of any flight - landing. The command for the beginning of decrease to crew, for many kilometers to the airport, is given by dispatchers of approach. When to a strip there are about three tens kilometers the dispatcher of a circle, on the last kilometers before a strip - the dispatcher of landing is connected. And after a landing, on snack the dispatcher of taxing directs.

The air traffic controller - one of the most rare professions. To all Russia air coordinators about five thousand will be gained. Their middle age nearly 49 years, and in 50 already begins pension. Every third pensioner has professional heart troubles. Live dispatchers under continuous threat: slightly that - the doctor will not give a green light to further work. It also is clear, requirements to health are dictated by safety of passengers. But out of work professionals to anybody be necessary. The profession is unique, the received skills and experience are demanded only in aircraft.

In peak hours the dispatcher has about three seconds to estimate information, to make the decision, to report about it to crew and to pass to the following plane. On average, each six seconds the dispatcher of the airport international airport, it as the Moscow Sheremetyevo, passes from Russian to English and back.

Generally in chairs of dispatchers of the man. However many spoke about gender equality, the air traffic controller around the world - all this is a man`s profession. The rare woman will sustain the overloads arising at the dispatcher only a few seconds prior to accident. But today it is more and more girls, men to work go reluctantly.

The salary of the European air traffic controller already in a beginning of the career is estimated in tens of thousands of euro. Graduates of Petersburg Academy of civil aviation can count on 15 thousand rubles. At the same time responsibility conferred on Russians is many times higher, than at foreign colleagues.

Work of the Russian dispatcher is regulated by nearly one hundred documents. Among them there are a lot of outdated, and some even contradict each other. Creative approach is strangled in a germ. Zhelezobetonna bans. However in air the word of the air traffic controller, as well as around the world, the law, through the same point in air with the minimum interval there can pass tens of planes.

According to the existing rules for the dispatcher there should not be a difference between the huge airbus and a small double vertoletik. Small aircraft at height below lower has to fly only on the established local air-lines laid on cards at the time of agriculturial aeroplanes. Even the agricultural aircraft cannot pollinate fields away from the established lines. But there are enough violators with whom it is harder and harder to struggle in view of their mass character.

Today Russia along with Mongolia, China and North Korea remains the state in which military are responsible for the sky. Under their control nine tenth air spaces of the country. But revolutionary reforms come nearer.

It is planned to liquidate military management of the sky and all management to assign civil. They say that life of small aircraft will become simpler, the part of responsibility of dispatchers will be assigned to pilots, and hundreds of separate regional points will unite in 13 large zone centers.

But it on paper. For now fly by planes of Aeroflot and its receivers in the old manner. Successful flight.]