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How George Om established the relations with Andre Ampere and Alessandro Volt?

of Missile defense Om`s law heard everything. Many even remember that he establishes for a site of an electric chain direct dependence of current on tension and the return from resistance. Know about the author of the law much less. And in honor of it unit of electric resistance is called. The same as unit of force of electric current is called in honor of Andre Ampere, and voltage unit - in honor of Alessandro Volt.

Georg Simon Om (George Ohm) was born on March 16, 1787 in Erlangene (Bavaria), in a family of the hereditary mechanic. When the boy hardly was 10 years old, at him mother died. The father, very developed and the educated person, since the childhood inspired in children love to mathematics and physics. Both of his sons, George and Martin, became professors subsequently. The law opened by Om is very simple - it is studied at school. However Om`s life was very difficult. It is enough to tell that he received an established post of professor only in two years prior to death.

Scientific activity of Om proceeded not easy too. It was carried away the problems connected with course of electric currents on conductors. This choice partly was defined by the fact that then dealt with these issues of physics a little, and Om hoped that it will have no competitors. Care of work, aspiration as it is possible to think over more in details statement of experiments and to prepare for them the equipment, using the skills received from the father became a basis of future progress. But at first it improved old and manufactured new measuring devices.

The first results published in 1825 were incorrect - brought a source of electric current, Volts a column. Too it was quickly discharged, and indications of devices constantly changed. And only after use as a stable source of the thermocouple from bismuth and copper whom accustom to drinking settled down in the thawing ice and the boiling water, it received and published results which made it well-known in 1826. Then. And at that moment of the colleague began to doubt. As one of the scientist`s biographers, " wrote; the expression found Om was so simple that the simplicity aroused mistrust . Remembered to the young scientist and the first unsuccessful publications.

Recognition of works of Om was slowed down also by the fact that outstanding scientists of that time did not know German. The St. Petersburg scientists E. H. Lenz and B. S. Jacobi read Om`s works in the original and gave enthusiastic responses. And into English of its work were translated only in 1841, into Italian - in 1847, into French - only in 1860. Only in twenty years Om gained recognition in the homeland - in 1845 he was elected the full member of the Bavarian academy of Sciences. In 1847. when he already was 60 years old, he became non-staff professor of the Munich university, and only in 1852 received an established post.

George Om died on July 7, 1854 in Munich, and in 1881 at electrotechnical congress in Paris resistance unit was called by his name.]