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Oven at the dacha - need? No, pleasure!

Were business - I built giving. Received a site in 4 hundred parts and began to master. Naturally, landings, development of agricultural skills which places were began, but it is not dense: gathering potato in collective farms and landing of the in the country. The kitchen garden never was, sometimes (in the pink childhood) were grazed on a kitchen garden of neighbors.

As well as what to sow in what terms how to prepare the earth - on zero, all at first. Reached jokes: the wife planted a radish a bunch (in one nest filled up a handful of seeds). And it in spite of the fact that at school it went to some biological circle with plants.

Well, and free time at the dacha was as if expected too. And it is necessary to sleep somewhere, to the house it is far, on foot you will not reach, buses carry twice a day, and that not every day but only on Saturdays and Sundays. So the house on a site - severe need.

And that this need was not so severe - it was necessary to create a comfort minimum. Planned construction of a two-storeyed structure (wanted there were three floors, but in those days restrictions did not give such chance). Made the model. Did all winter until licked everything.

By the way, about prototyping. Learned to do models us at elementary school. Also there was some competition in which I participated with the girlfriend of that time: called her Galya, and the surname already evaporated from memory. So we with it for the " model; Lodge in the winter won prizes: according to S. Mikhalkov`s book In Lenin`s museum . On Sunday with my sister we left from the yard. - I will lead you in the museum, - the sister told me. Well, and so on

I here when already building went, there came time to think of the furnace.

As well as any intelligent person, wanted to make to himself a fireplace. Well, so you imagine: naked flame, chimney nippers on a rack, a chair impressive it, a tube in a mouth, a " tobacco smell; Captain`s Scientific talk with the neighbor: And how much today manure dump truck? Yes, by the way, the sir, and the portrayer of ordinary life of the Russian land Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol wrote something about manure? And if yes, that? .

Yes, it is good to dream so. But it was necessary to think in other party: how to cook a dinner how to heat at least part of the house how to keep heat

Thus came to need to put an oven. In the childhood (years with 9 - 10) I heated the furnace which well worked with times, and from time to time unmercifully smoked. Mother called to the aid the stove-setter - the neighbor. It took out a brick from the furnace, then put it back. The oven after that how many - that worked normally, and then history repeated.

And so when I began to think of an oven, and it was not necessary to dream of the stove-setter: it was heavy to be found. And I solved: I will try.

Began to look for books - where without literature! The excellent brochure about a laying of furnaces got to me. But what would suit me by the sizes and on the device I did not find there. I wanted the universal furnace: with a plate, with an oven, with a heating guard. Was not. It is very good that in that book there were poryadovka - drawings of each number of a laying. And I designed the furnace! Also put it! And it even worked normally: heated and did not smoke!

The only mistake which I made and did not begin to correct: for a heating guard at the dacha it was necessary to make a laying on an edge but not in half-brick . Why? Yes because then warming up of the room would be accelerated several times (though the furnace would hold heat less time). Generally, still it is unknown, I won or lost, but so it turned out.

Owing to advantages of socialist economy (which worked on To the law on more and more full satisfaction of escalating needs of people exactly the opposite) I long time could not find an oven. And when it happened (it seems, in a couple of years after the first fire chamber), and the oven rose on the place, baked milk was one of first courses which was made there. This was yes! Thick brown skin! (I do not understand people who do not love skins!) Unforgettable heavy scent! Yes in the electric furnace it cannot simply be received!

The kitchen in which there was a furnace at an open oven heated up quickly enough, compensating partly the mistake mentioned above in a laying.

The pleasure from the furnace, from consciousness that it is made according to own drawings cannot be compared to anything! It heats still!

Readers of this article have an opportunity to get acquainted with very good website in which drawings of various furnaces are provided: both general views, and poryadovka. If you do not risk to design the furnace, can use ready designs.

The furnace at the dacha is a pleasure! And when it is made with own hands - tenfold!]