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Why Lermontov could not eclipse Pushkin`s glory? Part 2

Duel not by rules

the Legend about wrong Lermontov`s duels with Martynov there live one and a half centuries. The second Lermontova the prince Alexander Vasilchikov so described quarrel:

Once at evening at the general`s wife Verzilinoy Lermontov in the presence of ladies released some joke over Martynov... Going outside from the house, Martynov approached Lermontov and told it by very low and equal voice: You know, Lermontov that I very often suffered your jokes, but I do not love that they were repeated at ladies . After that he declared that he otherwise will manage to make the friend silent. What Lermontov answered with not less quiet voice: And you demand from me satisfaction or (according to other data) grinned: Perhaps, you will challenge To a duel? He already forgot about skirmish, but Martynov suddenly sent to it seconds. . Should tell

that Martynov not really took offense at lermontovsky caricatures though one of Michel`s drawings represented Martynov leaning on a huge dagger in a pose of departure of big need. But when at ladies whom both of them looked after Lermontov once again called the friend the mountaineer with a big dagger (in French this phrase sounds in a rhyme), Martynov did not sustain.

Conditions of duel were usual: were shot from thirty steps that for those times was quite long distance. However all this tragic duel was absolutely unauthorized from the point of view of the standard rules. Lermontov shot in the air what had no right to (he could shoot obviously above Martynov`s head, but just raise a hand and blurt out in the sky meant only one: in addition to offend the opponent). They say that the phrase became the last words of the poet: I Will begin to shoot at such fool! . There is also other version, perhaps, more plausible: Lermontov exclaimed: I do not beat pigs! - also shot in the air. And I so beat!. - Martynov answered and shot at the offender. The bullet got to Lermontov to the right side and, having passed under heart through both of lungs, left at the left. The poet bled profusely and in a few minutes died.

Amazing and inexplicable fact: right after a summons for duel Lermontov told Vasilchikov: No, I understand myself so guilty before Martynov that I feel that my hand will not be raised against him . It words of the noble person. However on duel the poet for some reason behaved by no means not nobly

Two faces of one genius

Great minds and talents always give the soil for reflections to the descendants. Too they do not fit into a usual framework - kind - angry honest - false etc. It is very easy to be mistaken, making trial of them, writing out it the verdict: this - good, and this - bad Here and with Lermontov business not simple. On the one hand - the poet of the highest test, the magician of the word, the psychologist, the philosopher; with another - the vulgar person, the martinet, the envious person On the one hand - the faithful and reliable companion, the brave soldier, the indulgent friend, the exemplary son (more true, the grandson); with another - the ruthless critic, the perfidious lover, the frank cynic and just self-confident impudent fellow

Unpleasant in society, in house life Lermontov turned into perfect contrast: was almost always oars, equal character it is soft and precautionary with relatives and the family. A bayronizm mask which it, having fastened once, did not remove to the death, was for it the screen which was not allowing strangers to look in soul - gentle, sensitive and easily vulnerable. So the cowardice often masks excessive bravery, and shyness - deliberate roughness.

It is necessary only to regret that the real face of the poet was known by the few. That for fiery soul that for mighty spirit that for giant nature at this novice! - acute Belinsky exclaimed. The famous diagnostician I. E. Dyadkovsky, professor of medicine, after the evening spent with Lermontov repeatedly repeated the enthusiastic diagnosis: That for the person! What the clear head, and its verses - music, but grieving . What forces at this person were! - Lev Tolstoy will be distressed later. - That make it could! It began as powerful at once Each his word was the word of the person, powerful .

should regret Even more that, live Lermontov for about 10 years longer, it quite could eclipse the genius Pushkin`s glory Could if was not such angry. In other words - if was not Lermontov.]