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Pablo Picasso: good master, but bad person?

Mother`s general Picasso`s Mother was sure by

that the son is waited by the brilliant future. If you are a soldier, - she said to the kid, - that by all means you will serve to the general and if the monk - that you become the Father . But Picasso was too coward to become the soldier. Not to go to army, he asked the father to bribe the army official. Later, when revolt in Cuba broke out and the general colors, mother`s " were called; general ran to mountains and hid there until everything ceased.

Picasso and at more mature age did not differ in courage. Long time, for example, he was afraid to be cut, and not at early age, and being already gray-haired person. For Months he wore too the hair long and did not decide to go to the hairdresser. Once someone started talking about it, it fell into the real panic. The more long grew hair, the need to be cut frightened him more. As a rule, business came to an end with the fact that he asked relatives to truncate to it hair, and that was locked to the small room and vainly tried to cut off hair. At the same time he did not leave neither scraps of hair, nor scraps of the cut nails: Hair from my head, even separating from me, - are also divine, as well as I .

Afraid of misfortunes

Absolutely indifferent to foreign sufferings, it extremely emotionally perceived own indispositions, even the most trifling.

Most of all he was afraid to develop cancer. Francoisa Gilo, one of his close companions, told that every morning he had to be convinced that it is not sick. Not less than an hour I adduced all new and new arguments while they were not settled up to the end, and were settled not only arguments, but also my forces - such broken I felt. Here Pablo suddenly got up and the whole day stayed with great mood - up to the next morning .

Francoisa Gilo was simply shocked, having seen, Picasso is how superstitious: When I threw his hat on a bed, and I quite often threw it, it was not perceived as usual negligence at all - no, it was the right sign that until the end of the year in the house someone will die. Once we played among themselves a small sketch - we loved jokes such, and I opened an umbrella in the room. My God what began here! All being present had to pace the room, having crossed average and index fingers, to wave a hand and to cry out Lagarto! Lagarto! to banish trouble before it overcomes us. Bread could be put on a table only the lower party, otherwise too was not to pass troubles .

and tailors Picasso`s

never gave someone the things: was afraid to turn into the one to whom it will give the clothes. Therefore he wore out all the trousers and sweaters literally to holes. And even after that did not hurry to throw out them - and suddenly will be necessary! to Buy

a new suit for it there was the same tragedy as need from time to time to be cut. Not only that it will be necessary to pay for it, so still it is necessary to go to a fitting room of which he was always afraid! Why was afraid? Probably, because ready suits did not suit it - with a small growth it had a powerful breast and shoulders, and it from - for the heightened sense of vanity was not able to afford that someone could laugh over its not absolutely proportional figure. Once he all - got out to the tailor. After painful fittings of Picasso ordered to itself three suits at once that for some time to get rid from humiliating tortures. But when suits brought, it did not begin to wear them, and locked in a case where they also became production of a moth.

Sexually anxious

We, Spaniards, is a mass in the morning, bullfight in the afternoon and a brothel " late at night; - liked to speak to Picasso. As for the last, he became their regular customer from 14 years. Surprisingly, but, despite the small growth (158 cm) and unattractive features (especially if to consider that Picasso all life put on as cleaner of " boots; and, besides, from it it is constant reeked of " garlic;) the ingenious Spaniard possessed unusual sexual magnetism and skillfully used it. Sex from young nails was my most beloved occupation - the artist admitted. And it is valid, this full-eyed the pudge as called it in the Parisian brothels, tried on himself nearly all types of sexual debauchery. Living together both with women and with men, it conceded the partners and partners to friends, and sometimes used their general company At one time sex for three (for example, Picasso`s wife, he and his friend) - was one of its most beloved entertainments.

Group orgies and regular communication with whores could not but affect on health. Picasso received what he most of all was afraid of - impotence and syphilis. And it - in 20 years! He sees the best doctors, (and then treatment of syphilis was extremely painful and rather long), trying to fill up free time desperate, to exhaustion, work. (Later he will tell: Life is prolonged only work and women! ). The venereal illness led to origin in it a certain similarity of sexual mania. At this particular time he began to write on fields of the drawings representing nu : Cuando tengas ganas a joder, jode ( When you want <> to atsya, - <> is ) - saying which many biographers treat as the motto and the vital principle of eternally sexually anxious and illegible Picasso.

It changed women as gloves

The man has only two ways, - Charles Baudelaire told once. - Or he becomes the slave to the woman, or turns into the executioner, the murderer tormenting her body and soul . If this formula of the famous French poet though in any measure is right, then the great artist Pablo Picasso can be carried to the category " with confidence; executioners .

It with equal ease deleted the wives and mistresses from own life, without being considered in what state it leaves them. And when those accused him of perfidy and an ingratitude, he declared: Nothing is similar so to a poodle as other poodle. The same can be told also about women .

In 1942 Paul Eluar carried out the analysis of handwriting of Picasso. In the conclusion about its character he wrote also such phrase: Loves passionately and intensively and what loves " kills;. Picasso`s

declared once: For me there are only two types of women - goddesses and rags for a wipe of legs . First everything with whom he fell in love, were presented to him goddesses . But those they remained in his imagination very short time. It instantly lost to next to the inhabitant of heaven the arrangement, that should have become pregnant only or even to ache. Francoisa Gilo, given birth to him to the son Claude and the daughter Paloma when that got sick, he methodically finished, repeating it: I Hate sick women! . Explaining with

to others the behavior, he spoke: Every time changing the wife, it is necessary to burn previous. Here so I would get rid of them... Perhaps it would return me youth. Killing the woman, you destroy the past which it marks . And it is valid: Picasso lived 91 years, having kept the unusual sexual heat and working capacity until the end of days.

Probably, very much were pleasant to God his pictures if he allowed such person to live so long life!

The less conscience, the more than anything else Every year Picasso earned by

millions of dollars. Thanks to extraordinary working capacity he created 14000 cloths, 100000 engravings and 34000 book illustrations. After the death - and it happened in 1973, - it left real estate which was estimated at 1,1 billion dollars. Nearly all the creative life (and the success to it came in 13 years!) Picasso enjoyed wealth and glory. Also did not want them to share with anybody. Even with the closest. Being a person more than well-founded, he borrowed nobody money, did not give alms, did not support either parents, or own children, even when those were in great need in it, for example, during diseases. However, sometimes it was possible to persuade to appeal to the conscience of him, or rather.

Marina Picasso, the artist`s granddaughter, in the book Picasso. My grandfather remembered: My grandfather paid for smart banquets, having only put the signature on a napkin, and boasted that can buy to itself houses for three crappy pictures painted yesterday and it is not absolutely pedagogic . He never drew us - either my brother, or me He gave the drawings to friends, even devoted one plate to the dog , and to the grandsons - nothing . Once, - it continues, - I then was nine years old, and I was absolutely thin from exhaustion, I was led to the doctor. The doctor was surprised that the granddaughter Picasso is in such state, wrote it the letter with a request to send me to the medical center. My grandfather did not answer very long It had other problems. And then - there are so much torments that he paid bills! .

The list of the victims

the Sadism and indifference, cruelty, poverty and infinite humiliations - so describes Pablo Picasso`s granddaughter the atmosphere reigning in a family of the great artist. She accuses the most famous grandfather of all imaginable and inconceivable sins. The list of the persons which were injured from " submitted by her; Picasso`s syndrome actually impresses.

the List of the victims of Pablo Picasso begins with transfer of the women living with the genius. The first wife Olga Khokhlova, Marina`s grandmother, finished the days the humiliated, dishonored and offended numerous changes of the husband who never apologized at it even when it lay on the deathbed .

the Most beautiful and most brilliant Dora Maar died in poverty. Maria Theresa Walther hung herself in the garage. The last woman in life of the artist, Jacqueline Rock, was shot... The list comes to an end with names of the immediate family. In our small bottles with a pacifier there was not a milk, but " poison; - writes Marin Picasso. Marina exaggerates? Not probably: My brother Pablito, a toy of his sadism and indifference, committed suicide in 24 years, having drunk bleaching powder. I it found it, choked with the blood, with the burned throat and the gullet which is broken off by a stomach and the stopped heart .

the Author of the book compares Pablo Picasso to the computer " virus; I love you thin and pernicious, also describes it as being devil and snobbish; as despot, destroyer, the vampire living in a gold cage as to love the person incapable. It as the person having bulimia devoured life, things and people .

Good master, but bad person

is Told, with cowardice before treachery - one step. Once Picasso will take on soul and this sin: will betray the close friend - Guillaume Apollinaire when both are suspected of theft of the well-known picture Mona Lisa . Both that and another will be threatened, at least, by expulsion from France. When Picasso is called in police for questioning, he will shift all blame on Apollinaire. Soon the picture will be found, and then it will become clear that Apollinaire to theft is absolutely not privy Once the Gipsy foretold

to it: You will bring nobody happiness . It seems that he also did not try to dissuade from it either destiny, or people. Sense of guilt was not familiar to Picasso. People for it could be or useful, or - creating hindrances on its way. There was it actually heartless or only tried to seem to that - now not important. He achieved a goal: became rich and well-known, lived long, saturated and probably interesting life (interesting, suppose, from his point of view).

Of course, egoism - not the most mortal of sins. And who can tell with full confidence that it is better: good person, but bad master or good master, but bad person ? For someone he was a house tyrant and the rascal, and for someone - the great artist. Finishing with

this small biographic sketch about Picasso, I would like to provide one more quote. This time from Vissarion Belinsky, the famous Russian critic. These words could put end to all aforesaid: Let`s be shoemakers, we will be handicraftsmen, we will be accountants, but whether we will be people - here a question! ]