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Why Chekhov willingly forgave sins To Nekrasov? Part 1

In an environment of enemies

Very few people from the famous people could to brag such angry enemies who Nekrasov had. Their hatred was just fierce. One of them, the critic M. Antonovich, reached that during love appointment of Nekrasov to Zina (the second wife of the poet), took the field-glass and looked to the poet in a window, observing as he embraces her, and then, without being ashamed, told about the supervision in a circle of literary acquaintances. And those were indignant But not Antonovich, but Nekrasov!

At the very beginning of the literary career Nekrasov received so many kicks and slaps in the face from critics that is simply amazing as he found after that forces not to lose courage and to continue to write. Here the quote from the review of its first verses: Better in youth to write such verses as Mr. Nekrasov, than than to idle as others, for example . Other review: Mediocrity in verses is intolerable . In three months any copy of the nekrasovsky collection will not be bought. In despair Nekrasov will take away from bookstores everything to the uniform book and will throw them into fire.

Throughout all life of the poet will pursue similar troubles. And even after death. Will not pass also years after his death, and in the native estate of the poet will open a tavern Expanse, with drinking of hard liquors and on carrying out . And at night on a cemetery someone will hammer a wooden stake into its grave On a cradle - a tavern, and on a grave - a wooden stake, such is gratitude of Russia to Nekrasov! - only one Merezhkovsky indignantly will respond on this terrible fact. And that, later 23 years.

The bad good person the Proverb tells

: the smoke without fire does not happen. Unfortunately, the poet often himself gave a reason for any emergence of gossips and idle talks. Once he wrote the touching poem on how the boy jumped on a back of the carriage to drive, ran on the carriages of a nail which are artfully hammered with the owner and died. Next day after the publication of a nail on a back of all carriages were brought down. Except one. Passersby threw at it stones. The carriage stopped, and left it... Nekrasov.

This history savoured all literary Russia. Newsdealers, having got the bit between the teeth, competed with each other in the one who will pour out more dirt on shameless mazurik of Nekrasov . The poet did not even make also a small attempt somehow to be protected. And to it was what to tell. He could tell, for example, that nail on its carriage self-willedally, having broken the most strict ban, the driver - the person who is mentally low-operated and almost always drunk hammered it. But Nekrasov considered to justify himself below the advantage, and, especially, to shift the blame on the servant.

will not begin to come true the poet and before Herzen who, together with Ogarev and Turgenev, will accuse him of assignment of someone else`s money. History will confirm perfect honesty of Nekrasov, but then these insubstantial and humiliating accusations will force to turn away from him many.

Also bribed, and did not disdain whores...

Of course, Nekrasov was not angel . It, according to contemporaries, also bribed, and on taverns it was dragged, and did not disdain whores . And reveled in champagne sometimes to the fact that lost any sanity and a speech power. On Nekrasov`s conscience there were also others sins which as he tried to pray for forgiveness them, haunted him to the death. Yes, took away the wife at the friend Panayev. Yes, was not an exemplary husband. Yes, sang the praises of suppressors and speakers of Russia. Yes, it was lazy and slastolyubiv... Why we so easily forgive it? Prick to speak about mistakes, - Chekhov wrote about Nekrasov, - that for some reason I so willingly do not forgive to any Russian poet mistakes as to him . Why?

Out of respect for money sewed up them in a tie

we will probably not find the person who had to pass through such terrifying poverty which was experienced by Nekrasov In all Russian literature. Two French rolls and a bottle Seltzer - for several years (!) made all its day diet (perhaps, it will become one of the reasons of his future illness which will send it to the grave).

He rented the semibasement room with a window on the street. Some time, - Nekrasov remembered, - I which he - as was interrupted, but, at last, it was necessary to sell all my poor property, even a bed, a mattress and an overcoat, and there were at me only two things: rug and leather pillow. I wrote lying on a floor, passing across the sidewalk often stopped before a window and looked at me. It annoyed me, and I began to realize an internal sun blind, so, however that there was light for the writing . Then he rented the room together with one more student: There were we from the yard in turn as my boots were unusable and we had no overcoat, and it had a raincoat... .

Once, without having an opportunity to buy ink, Nekrasov scratched out shoe-polish from the boots, parted with water and wrote a sketch which carried in the next edition. It, - Nekrasov writes, - saved me from starvation .

Having lived several years and having nearly died, I felt not some fear, not that respect for money. I protected each penny. I with disgust sewed up money in a tie and constantly held them " there;...

To be continued]