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To which of women great people queued up in huge turn?

play at hide-and-seek Life with us. Johann Grosskholts , the descendant of executioners of Strasbourg was not in time , to be glad that God awarded him with the charming daughter whom in honor of mother named Mari`s as in the city rumors spread. The rumor persistently claimed that the poor creature Johann has no relation to emergence of a crumb on light. While it was absent at home, his wife in vain did not waste time, posed for the sculptor Filip Kurtius . However, a posing business did not manage, young people fell in love with each other, and Anna - Maria could not observe fidelity to the spouse who was more senior than it for the whole 27 years.

It is possible if it happened in the first months of marriage, Johann would not trust a gossip. But in that is continually that Anna - Maria long could not become pregnant, and in Strasbourg all this was written off for its futility. And here was not in time the birdie to fly as the adulteress felt that she carries under the child`s heart.

It was necessary only to hope for nobility of the executioner. To Johann`s honor, he did not begin to make heart-breaking rows, and, having wished to the wife and the baby of happiness, left Strasbourg. Anna - Maria with Filip sighed quietly: now anybody and nothing stirred them happiness.

It seems that Mari was and really the blood daughter of Filip as since young years it is bewitched watched how the sculptor works. And when she was 9 years old, Kurtius took the girl with himself in Paris where celebrated a magnificent wedding the successor of the French throne and Maria - Antoinette . Filip decided that he will give a gift to newly married, having made of wax of their figure to the utmost.

As it appeared, it killed with it three hares at once. In - the first, waxworks so were pleasant to royal family that the fee for work exceeded a usual payment, this money was even enough for moving to Paris and to buy a small bench. In - the second, having learned that young Mari shows promises, the royal family decided to use all the influence in order that the girl did not feel any need, and was engaged only in art. And, at last, advertizing was made to Kurtius such that the bench became the most fashionable in Paris soon It confirms to

also the fact that in two months prior to death to a bench there arrived great Voltaire. Mari very attentively watched how her father works, and at the same time and tried to understand inconsistent character of the philosopher who for many years outstripped the time. Voltaire died for many unexpectedly, and Mari suggested the father to finish quickly work on a figure and to expose it in a bench show-window. When it occurred, the people crowds tumbled down to Kurtius, trying though thus to pay a tribute to the memory of Voltaire

But except work with wax Mari mastered hard science, as if told now, management. She knew best of all where in Paris the best and most inexpensive wax is made. She could not be deceived, having put the price over average at sale of hair and the girl conducted all accounts department. About it started talking, as about a miracle of the French capital. And it is not casual when other great Frenchman - Jeanne`s - Jacques Rousseau died , Mari Grosskholts was invited to take off from the philosopher a posthumous mask

Work, work, work. There is no time to think of private life absolutely. And still Mari in 1795 (a year later after Filip Kurtius`s death) marries Francois Tussauds . But even the birth of two sons - Joseph and Fransis`s did not rescue this marriage: too spouses were different: Mari wanted to conquer the whole world, and there was quite enough Francois to feel like the spouse of such ambitious woman and to use fruits of her work. Besides he was a big fan of entertainments, losing large sums.

The family does not manage to be kept, the husband is not going to be reconstructed. And then Mari leaves the senior child at mother, and with younger goes to England . Exactly here, on coast of foggy Albion it is also expected by blossoming of glory. Eventually, Madame Tussauds gets a beautiful mansion on Baker - the street (later on this Conan Doyle Street lodged the literary detective Sherlock Holmes ).

Fortunately, both sons grew up the real assistants. One became the specialist in suits, another undertook maintaining accounts department. And even hard blows of destiny, for example, death of all figures during crash of the steamship in 1804, do not beat out Madame Tussauds from a saddle. It still inventively works with

By the way, the wax museum was open during lifetime of Mari. It appeared in London to 75 - to the anniversary of the great master of a waxwork. And madam five years later, on April 16, 1850, surrounded with children and grandsons died. Today Tussauds`s family still prospers, and the museums under the name of Madame Tussauds are open in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Las - Vegas and New - York . And in other cities are open peculiar copies - in Paris, St. Petersburg and other cities of the world ]