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How it is correct to take examination?

So, there came that significant day for which you waited with such nervous trembling and nervousness., It seems, material is acquired / cribs are ready, the dress code is thought carefully over, the trifle remained - to pass, at last, this examination.

One of the most important rules: it is impossible to be late for examination! It is the best of all to come for about 10 - 15 minutes before the fixed time. So you will manage to be prepared morally for the forthcoming test and, at the same time, it is not necessary to be nervous long, expecting it began.

You should not rush on embrasures among the first, but also it is not necessary to sit in a corridor to the last too. It is better to wait when the most desperate otmuchatsya and to interrogate them regarding in what mood today the teacher, what does he think of cribs and what additional questions asks. After that, having taken the obtained information note, you come into audience where there takes place examination.

Having entered into audience, do not try to drive from the place which you chose for yourself, other student even if it less all others is available to the teacher`s look. Choose other safe place where - nibud in core, behind backs of colleagues and far away from the examiner, but not behind the last school desks, so it will look suspiciously in the opinion of the teacher.

Choosing one of tickets, do not rummage in them too long and do not do a dissatisfied look even if not the most successful ticket got to you.

Having received, at last, the ticket, begin to prepare for the answer. If you need to use a crib, then get it carefully, but, at the same time, do not do too scared face, fast use it and accurately hide.

When there will come time to leave to answer, surely conform to these rules:

1. By quiet voice read ticket questions, state the plan according to which you will answer, and after that begin to speak to the point, i.e. answer directly the question posed. You should not swing at the same time too hands in the fulness of the heart. Try to spy as seldom as possible in records which you made, preparing for the answer.

2. You speak the correct literary language, distinctly, not too slowly, but also do not chatter. Exclude from the speech, at least for the period of the answer, filler words. Try not to do long pauses between words, and, especially, not to be silent. Use, but only to the place, special terms.

3. You sit directly, do not collapse on a chair. Do not link a hand in the lock and do not swing them. The head has to be turned towards the examiner, but not somewhere sideways. Do not avoid the teacher`s look, but also you should not look at it an unblinking impudent look.

4. If you do not know something, you should not drivel, give obviously wrong answer or to be silent. Try to slip an inconvenient subject and you pass to the following part of a question. If the teacher asks an additional question, consider its couple of seconds, after that answer with a quiet and steady voice.

5. At the answer use parenthetical constructions, such more often as: I think that As far as I remember It seems to me that the author wanted to tell If I am not mistaken etc. Your task to show that you not just learned by heart material, but also you take on everything studied an independent stand.

6. You speak significantly. The examiner has to notice that you do halts not from - for what is not able to remember though any minimum information on a subject, and, on the contrary, do not know how in the best way to express huge variety of the accumulated knowledge.

7. Do not argue with the examiner, on the contrary, show that completely and in everything you support his point of view on the matter. However, you should not fawn and fawn upon the teacher too, look for golden mean.

So, now you know and how to be prepared for any examination with maximum efficiency and how, actually, to reward itself for all efforts and efforts and successfully to hand over it. I hope that this information will be for you useful. Break a leg!]