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How effectively to be prepared for examination?

In principle, preparation for examinations has to take not 2 - 3 days on the eve of examination, and all semester from beginning to end. But which of us prepared for examinations in such a way?

Perhaps, there will be such excellent students - Stakhanovites, but, think, you do not carry to them yourself. If this is true, then you will find in this article of much interesting information on that, to properly take examinations, without spending a lot of time for useless tricks which all the same will not help, and to use it most effectively.

If you consider that you will not be able to be prepared for examination for couple of days even at the most titanic efforts, then an exit one: you do not come to passing an examination at all. In that case the most terrible that threatens you - it is a repeating an examination. But it is much better and safer to try to receive the certificate that you were not on examination in a good reason, such as, for example:

illness real or fictional;

wedding or funeral;

natural disaster;

and so forth.

If you are going to be for examination, then the action plan is as follows:

1. You should find out the following:

a full name of the teacher who will hold exam (it, of course, for most presented ) ;

existence of tickets to examination and where they can be got;

as there will take place examination i.e. whether will be to answer questions of the ticket enough, or will ask on all passable material;

whether can use at examination the abstract, and also other materials, for example, maps, schedules, etc. of

2. To choose for itself one of two ways: it is honest to learn all material or to start preparation a set of first aid at examination . It is necessary to notice that the second option will demand not much less time and forces, than the first.

3. It is good to read several textbooks from the main list of references and to make according to them the abstract. Most likely, the teacher will allow to use at the answer diligently made abstract of the textbook from among what should be studied to examination. Thus, you will fall into much more advantageous position than if prepared only couple of cribs.

4. It would be advisable to check the abstracts written at lectures (if, of course, you visited them). Such abstracts can also sometimes help at the answer at examination though, it is necessary to notice, not with all teachers it passes. But, if you were lucky, then, in the presence of the abstract of all lectures, even cribs will not be necessary for you.

5. Allocate for preparation for examination from three to five days, it will be quite enough. Before starting cramming, make the plan of that how many tickets in day you need to work.

6. Start directly material studying. This major point can be divided into four stages. Stage first: attentively read appropriate section of the textbook. Stage second: make on it the abstract or write a crib. Stage third: thoughtfully re-read the turned-out abstract - a crib. Stage fourth: repeat material, in - the first, right after reading; in - the second, in the evening, before going to bed; in - the third, next day, in the morning. If you act according to this scheme, then all new material will be acquired perfectly and without any tiresome cramming.

7. After the whole day of occupations surely walk in the fresh air as sitting for days in the stuffy room will not promote good storing of material. You do not sit at textbooks at the nights, the full-fledged dream is very important and positively affects mental capacities.

8. If the teacher reported that he will hold consultation in the handed-over subject, then it is better to be on it. In - the first, you receive an irrefragable answer on any question what will only arise by preparation for examination, and in - the second if attract attention the teacher the asked sensible question, it will significantly increase your reputation in his eyes.

9. Carefully think over in what you will go to examination. It is the best of all to choose something modest and strict, and, it is desirable, with a large number of pockets, for example, a trouser suit with a jacket. You guess what for? it is correct, it will be necessary to stuff cribs somewhere. Also, consider that you should not abuse cosmetics, to sport piercing, tattoos and a week bristle.

We found out how to be prepared for examination with maximum efficiency. You learn from the following article how, actually, to reward yourself for all efforts and efforts and to successfully hand over it.]