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Where were gone Four tankmen and dog ?

Summer vacation of my school childhood were followed every year by display of the Polish TV series about crew of the tank with board number 102 by nickname RUDY ( Red ) who as a part of 1 - y a name of Heroes of Vesterplyatte of armored brigade of Army Polish is at war against fascists.

In spite of the fact that the movie about war is kind, a little naive cinema in which there is both a love, and humour, and adventures. Going to business trip to Poland, I also did not assume that for the third day of stay in PNR I will meet one of the main characters of this movie. Naturally, I wanted to learn how there was a destiny popular both in Poland, and in the USSR of crew.

Movie Four tankmen and dog removed by the director Conrad Nalentski according to the book of Janusz Pshimanovsky of the same name, came out on May 9, 1966 at 20:00 on the Polish time. Then the series were shown in three stages: in 1966 - m, 1969 - m and 1970 - m to year, and from the first series the movie made grandiose success. In the USSR the movie was shown for the first time on September 25, 1968 - go years.

Main characters of the movie.

Olgerd Yarush (actor Roman Vilkhelmi) is the Pole (according to the book the Russian Vasyl Semenov), the commander Red before war was a meteorologist. Got in 1 - yu armored brigade of Army Polish for training of crews of new tanks in 1944, died in the spring of 1945 near Gdansk. Very few people know that this character had a prototype - the native of Zalesovsky district of Altai Krai Victor Vasilyevich Tyufyakov. Before the war he graduated from the Poltava tank school, met war in the Odessa military district. In 1943 together with group of the Soviet officers it was directed for assistance in creation of Army Polish on our earth as a part of which was at war until the end of the Great Patriotic War, amazing with the courage Poles. In fights for the village of Studzyanka which in a week fourteen times passed from hand to hand the captain Tyufyakov was known by both belligerent parties, Germans appointed for him an award in 50000 deutschmarks.

Roman Vilkhelmi who played the officer Olgerd was born on June 6, 1936 in the city of Poznan. In 1958 graduated from the Higher drama school in Warsaw and it was immediately admitted to " theater; Ateneum where worked 30 years. Always had near itself more enemies, than friends. Not each director could cope with the vigorous and temperamental actor for what that was nicknamed rebellious . Created around himself the atmosphere of freedom and laughter, but in soul was absolutely another. On a stage of theater Roman Vilkhelmi was impulsive and emotional. Studied the heroes to the smallest details, almost never refused roles. Heinrich Talyar remembers that when he came to visit Vilkhelmi in hospital, literally several hours prior to his death, Vilkhelmi showed it the diary where for several months performances and movies with its participation were beforehand painted. Roman Vilkhelmi died on November 3, 1991, it is buried on the Warsaw Vilyanovsky cemetery. It was awarded 13 awards for the best roles and work in theater.

Jan Kos (actor Janusz Gayos), the Pole, the shooter - the radio operator, after Olgerd`s death - the commander Red . In 1939 during fight at Vesterplyatta left the father. Searches of the father brought Janec into Siberia where he became a hunter, the sniper. Having learned about formation of the Polish military units, Janec together with the dog the Ball runs on the front.

Janusz Gayos who played Jan Kos`s role was born in the town of Dobrov - Gurnich about Katovits on September 23, 1939. In 1957 - 1959 worked in Children`s puppet theater in Bedzhin. In 1965 - the m one of the best on a course graduated from the well-known Lodzinsky actor`s school; even during study debuted in the movie The Young lady in a window also began to act in series Four tankmen and dog . Janec`s role made Gayosh star and it nearly became for the actor a damnation, professional death . However Gayosh managed to escape from a framework of one role. In 1970 - m he moved to Warsaw where he played in different theaters - Comedies, Polish, Square Drama, at the same time acted also at cinema. For a number of actor`s works it is awarded prizes of both national, and international film festivals. Since 2003 Janusz Gayos works in " theater; Narodova and since 2004 - go also teaches on actor`s office of Lodzinsky film school.

Gustav Jelen (actor Frantisek Pechka), the Pole loading. Before war was a rural smith, and by force possesses incredible. I remember from the movie as it hands tore out a huge nail which with the tank there was tired out by the mechanic Grigory from a pine! As all strong people, Gustlik there is a good-natured person, and sometimes constrains the friends from infliction of harm to captured Germans. Thanks to it strikes up acquaintance to the captured officer Kugel, together they blow up a lock and flood the city of Ritsen at approach to it of the Soviet troops, and after the same Kugel helps to restore the city.

Frantisek Pechka was born on January 18, 1928. In 1954 graduated from the Public Higher Drama School, then debuted in Andrzej Wajda`s movie Generation . Successfully acted in the Krakow Old theater (nowadays Lyudova`s Theatre), and in 1970 - the m moved to Warsaw in which since 1974 it is connected with Public Drama theater (Teatr Powszechny). A role Gustlika Elenya brought it unusual popularity, and Frantisek Pechka is torn literally to parts by directors. For the life he played a set of roles, and still he can be seen in the performance Iron design in Public Theatre. One of the last roles at cinema - Saint Peter in Kavalerovich`s movie Kvo Vadis (2002) after which Kazimezh Kuts wrote about Pechka: Both seeded, and squeezed - can quietly undertake a role of the Lord . At the same time Frantisek does not love noise around the person, and as he admits one of interview: I want to retire to the house; if it stands away from all - quieter than the place on light to me and it is not necessary .

Grigory Saakashvili, Gzhes. the Georgian, the mechanic - the driver, the lover completely (and differently what he is a mechanic!) in the tank and in (and differently what it is the Georgian!) radio operator of armored brigade Lidka. Before war worked as the tractor operator in Siberia, there they got acquainted with Janec, together and went to war. Played Grigory`s role of Vlodzimezh Shpress. And though on the Internet there is enough information and on the movie, and on actors - about Vlodzimezhe Shpresse, unfortunately, managed to find out nothing, even birth dates and birth places.

Speak, art out of policy. But thanking The Krakow organization of veterans of Army Craiova according to which the movie is the product of communistic promotion created on a potreba of the USSR on August 9, 2006 - go, in a year of the fortieth anniversary of a tape, the State Polish broadcasting company TVP forbade display of series. The director of TVP Bronislav Vildstein who forbade Tankmen right there dismissed, at the same time promised to nasnimat in the future the correct cinema with the correct view of the history .

And the hero of the movie met by me - the tank T - 34 with board number 102 by nickname RUDY - costs on 171 - m highway No. 7 Warsaw kilometer - Gdansk. Not on a pedestal costs - on the platform near " gas Station; Shell waiting for the friends, always ready to new adventures!