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How I worked with the nurse? We with Alice did books!

Money are necessary to the teenager more, than to the adult, and do not argue. Yes though because it is much less opportunities to get money at the teenager!

I am the sixteen-year-old schoolgirl needing money. Put to me according to the status of the child of the parents pocket I am not arranged, conscience and pride do not allow to ask or demand at parents to look for the bigger, rich man in a disgusting way... Work is necessary!

In loaders and navvies it do not suit never, the accountant to me to work, to type texts - too many hunters, the courier - laziness, it is stupid and opposite to suffer stickings of all men of office. A set of vacancies for those to whom for eighteen who have at least secondary education.

Newspaper announcements helped me to find work. The nurse for hours to 4 - letn Is required. to the child . Called at random. It became clear:

1. The person who would take away the child from a garden is necessary, took away it home and would entertain the baby before arrival of mummy there.

2. Recommendations - business quite good, but, appears, my mother - the good acquaintance of familiar rebenkiny mother. My mother called the acquaintance, then the child`s mother - and I became the nurse.

4 - letn. child it was the girl Alice, the dear ordinary child of the ordinary lonely mother directed to career. The girl was dressed, fed, entertained animated cartoons, driven in a garden on weekdays and to the grandmother - during the week-end. The father was too, but especially did not seek for contacts with the child. Money for contents, by holidays gifts - it was enough also for it, and the girl`s mother.

I grew up in a normal family with mother and the father, with the younger brother. And with books. As the beginning teacher first of all in library read books about education of children. There is a lot of books, especially there is a lot of - about early development of children. Well, time for early development I from my ward already missed. Also we were engaged with Alice in usual development.

Alice spoke to me from time to time - it is also I, the nurse Nata, I do not as mother does. Not so I dress it, not so I go with it down the street. Not so to it I cook food. Having tried to do at first as mother I then solved - we different, we with Alice`s mother have different tasks therefore I will be by itself. From a garden home - not on a minibus as with mother, and legs, on the neighboring street where cars go seldom - seldom, but trees grow, on a fence cats sit. Or on a bed, what is even more interesting.

We come home - Alisk to a video player at once! In general, as it appeared, a video player - excellent control facilities the child! Kids sit at it - as chained.

It quickly bothered me. I dragged the books for Aliski to read to her as in the childhood parents read to me. Sometimes I managed to interest the girl, sometimes - no. It was boring for it if it appeared - the book has animation analogy.

And then I offered it: let`s make the book. How? What? - asks. I speak: The Book about Alice! .

Aliskiny mother was all the same, than we are engaged - if only dithat did not cry . It gave us a lot of photos, gave money for paper and felt-tip pens.

At first I wanted to paste photos and to do signatures to them. But then solved - it turns out a simple photo album. Therefore we began to draw and compose texts - how Alice goes to kindergarten. As wakes up in the morning, washes, eats and goes to group. What does all day there as comes back home. Alice liked to remember any interesting cases.

For example as they with mother overslept once, and had breakfast therefore not porridge, but tangerines and bread. Or as once, coming back from a garden, from a minibus window they with mother saw: two cars collided, one of them turned over. Or - the boy with mother went through the street, let go a string from the machine, and cars rolled this machine on asphalt directly at all in the eyes. Or as once they came in the morning to a garden - and directly about gate the tree which fell from a storm broke at night... Or as all group at them did not begin to drink carrot juice. Or as they like to eat fritters... Or as - already with me - coming back home from a garden, found much - many acorns under an oak!

Alice remembered, I drew, then we thought out texts, I entered printing letters. In end Alice drew on each page of a frame from curls. Then we on the left edge of pages made holes and passed through through all block from forty sheets thin tapes, having tied bows. The book about Alice turned out!

Really the girl was, of course, not able to read. But, leafing through this amateur book, it read aloud - two - three lines corresponding to drawing she remembered by heart. Well and, naturally, gradually began to learn letters thus.

Still we made the book about what Alice loves. What food loves what clothes. Mother, grandmother, favourite teacher... Favourite animated cartoons. The favourite book - such also became the book about Alice! What most of all is pleasant in the apartment (an interval between a case and a bed in the room - Alisk there on a floor stacked cushions, transplanted the toys, displayed before them delicacies - pecheninka, chocolates, a chewing gum, tangerines... It at the girl was called - to do the lodge ) .

I suggested to make the book - about what Alice does not love. It did not turn out, the girl told that she does not want to think of it. But the book about Alice`s clothes turned out. We sorted everything in the flowers, drew and solved - so there can be multi-colored days: green, blue, pink. And striped! I had to invent the corresponding look of the drawn Alice under each set of clothes.

Still we made the book about purchases. During week-end Alice with mother or the grandmother went sometimes shopping. In the book there were pictures about these shops - tasty shop, beautiful with the disks with trees (to this shop it was necessary to go through park).

Over a year a break for Sveta`s holiday (so called the girl`s mother) I worked with Alice`s nurse. Then I should have graduated from school, to go to the university - and I left the work. I want to believe that self-made books Alice when grows, will also love as she loves them now. Interestingly - these books were fallen in love by Alice`s mother!]