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it too... the person of

Children, to me in mine, the mailings alive buried on contente repeatedly addressed women with posby to publish my opinion on us... darlings, - about men.

Ya promised them, but everything, somehow did not develop.

I here now I ripened almost to comprehensive understanding of man`s essence and I write everything that I think of us..., trying not to cause a serious loss to man`s reputation.

for certain you never thought of that,

- why women, at times, call us... cattle?

Schas I will try to explain.

One of the biggest needs of the man - to achieve dream of the beloved.

Praise-worthy aspiration. Let`s consider how all this looks in practice.

Let`s say buddy that you were going to marry. First of all you have to solve

, at least for yourself, - for what, - for what purpose first of all, you made this, rather serious decision. And for whom you will take it in a family.

the Sex partner - is good.

the Hostess - is good.

... whether

A you will be able to treat darling, how the friend or the partner and whether you will consider her as the Person?

is shorter in what quality you would like to see the, hitherto... beloved, - in a family.

And whether you thought, my dear colleague, of what you can give to darling - except grandmas and a junk.

Is possible still sex joys provided that it is inclined to this occupation.


Usually in an arsenal of men of other options... Usually it is not aware of the man, - what, actually the woman wants.

As, however, and... she.

I dare to assure you that even if you are fantastically rich and besides - the sex giant, I am not sure that you will be able to bring to darling of happiness, - unless it is short-term.

For example, say, - you will present to it... ice cream cake, sorry, not that, lightly and primitively. But whether not to present to it - expensive necklace with diamonds.

Cool!? - as I did not guess it at once to make.

Undoubtedly, your gesture of good will will be very pleasant to it, but... not everything is as unambiguous as you imagine it. This

, at first sight, - noble gesture, you involuntarily, in her eyes will humiliate yourself and, besides, - will put it... in ambiguous, though not without priyatnost, situation.

It, as well as any, the being who received attention - at first, naturally, will be delighted and will thaw she will be immensely happy and grateful to you... several moments, at best - days. Will admire and try on a gift so far, and... to be green girlfriends stunning news.

After euphoria, your treasure by all means will think that your gift it, in fact, (here even everything is clear to a goat) - an advance payment for... access to a body, i.e. now it as the concubine, will be simply obliged... to fulfill yours... generosity - in any, time, convenient for you, and preferable to you... poses.

Is desirable resignedly.

At the same time your darling will not be able to get off thought any more that if... for everything it is already paid, now the choice of its actions is rather poor and will be reduced, in effect, to simple alternative, - or to submit to your will, or... to svolochitsya.

That is, actually, frequent we and we receive from darlings in the form of scandals, hysterics... attacks, courses and tricks.

At times, we it honestly deserved.

She perfectly understands that you treat it, not as to the person equal to you, the partner or the friend (if you are not aware - to partners of a jewelry are not given), and, as to... to a female who is necessary to you, almost exclusively, for trakhutekh and... facades. it cannot but strain

A, even thick-skinned the person, it seems - us with you.

I.e. after such expensive gift you, naturally, consider yourself to have the right, sorry... to spread the person dear to you, - where how and when to you will take in head to bring her to the presentations with the purpose to brag to less successful colleagues successful acquisition - something like... thoroughbred dog or prestigious foreign car.

Really you consider that to the most expensive to you to the person is very cheerful from your such attitude towards her. Though, on the other hand, - it cannot but flatter it, as well as any dependent, but vain and haughty being.

And you it would be pleasant... it? - if at you looked, how at means or property, a toy, a thing or... thoroughbred dog.

Why you consider yourself to have the right to treat so the Person, - even if it is yours... the kept woman, and, especially, - darling.

You, of course, have the right to be indignant, - and that, actually, to it... a knot it is necessary. Grandmas I give, all apartment is filled with belongings. With fat rages... .

With fat... it is absolutely other subject, buddy about which we will talk as - nibud another time.

No, dear mine, the colleague, - one of your grandmas and belongings how many you would not present them to her, - is obviously not enough in order that the woman felt happy, or, at least happy life. And, especially, - loved you, and - it is sincere.

At such yours to it the relation - about respect, and, especially, - love to you out of the question, in the best for you a case - attachment.

Before falling in love, it has to start to respect you.

And for what, actually, to it to respect you, - really for the fact that you humiliate and you force this independent, proud, vain and haughty creation to be spread in indecent poses, - when and where to you you will like, treat her, as to a thing, a toy or even. . selling..., pokupayeya, as at the prostitute, the compelled her favor.

Think - unless not so? Unless you would not like

... to hit in a melon, sorry - to revenge any, for similar humiliation. To any - who would dare, say, - to force you to substitute it a bum for corresponding... processings.

I.e. you elementary force darling or - pay - grandmas, belongings, gifts, feeble efforts... compelled it love to you.

And so, my dear colleague, for this simple reason clever and worthy (read - cunning and prudent) women often consciously and purposely are engaged in house prostitution, including, - that though somehow to compensate moral and physical losses from the humiliated situation.

I though to brighten up a little a dullness of family life near the unloved husband.


to me - too.

Keep in mind that her revenge can quite become one of by-effects, the unreasonable attitude towards the woman,-.

you Can not doubt, - women of offenses do not forget, and, as a rule, - do not forgive. And not because she such bad but because it not to overcome the natural rancor and evil intention in forces, as if it did not want it.

Cut, - the attitude of darling towards you, it is derivative of your living position, and only you one in the answer, for what occurs in your family. At the same time, especially to count on darling, I so think, - is not necessary, at her the... genetics.

the Abnormal relations in a family, is result of your illiteracy.

And that you had less fiascos and misunderstanding in a family - it is necessary to study, to learn and to study to be... The person, and by all means - to be able to operate emotions of darling, without humiliating her.

First of all you have to respect yourself and, naturally, - people around, and, especially, - people dear to you.

On it so far - all.

If - che, - write..., pookay

yours faithfully, Alexey lai37@mail. ru

author of mailing: Carefully! - Bitch!

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