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How electronic flirtation can become depression medicine?

of People it is surprisingly interestingly arranged: everyone considers that the Network is full the Internet - dependent maniacs, and only it came on business, respectively, normal there. On the Internet there are enough both those, and others as, however, and in real life. Especially as the Internet - only a cut of the society existing outside the Network.

Of course, the miracle will not occur at once, and interesting interlocutors will not stretch to me, pushing away each other, I should appearing and telling only: Hi! Though if to choose an interesting name which will serve at the same time and as the test, for example, for intelligence or erudition, then why and is not present.

So, first step and very important: to decide on the purpose, a lot of things depend on it. I follow a stream of easy and cheerful energy to wash away the remains of a winter dream, to lighten mood, to cheer up. It is possible to look for, for example, in a network of the husband, but it already another story altogether

the Step of the second and too very important - the choice of a name. The name is defined by the purpose. I need bright, bright, beautiful, but not causing trite associations at all, a name. Here it is necessary to be careful. Once you are called, for example, the Cheesecake, and from specifically conceiving, not complicating themselves konfetno - the buketny periods, interlocutors will not be any release. Now it is not necessary to me.

Let the name will be to me Tsirtsey. TsIRTsEYa (Kirk), in the Greek mythology - the magician with the lake Eya who turned into pigs of satellites the Odyssey, and holding him on the lake Eya within a year. Figuratively - the artful seductress. So my name also the test will serve at the same time: the interlocutor understands the Greek myths - will become interested in my name, will try to find out whether I have bases to bear such name. Not that all interesting interlocutors unconditionally have to understand the Greek myths, but this knowledge, in my opinion, definitely will decorate the interlocutor. As the test it is possible to use spelling errors in a name, to be called, for example, Prekrastny stranger and to look what from this will leave.

A step the third - the choice of a mask. Whom will I be today? The vamp, the naive little girl, the granny on a bench? The mask is a state of mind, at each mask not only the grammatical system and a lexicon, manners and style of the speech, but also appearance different too. There is a certain risk suddenly not to recognize itself in a mirror, having incidentally darted a glance over the monitor there.

So, we will start, connects to the web Tsirtsey - the dealer caramels in the market.

It : Hi!

C : Hi!

It : you work?

C : aha, I watch a workplace.

It : cho you do? where you work?

(Does not watch how writes, or does not own great and mighty at all, the name did not work too - hardly communication will turn out interesting, but amusing - it is quite possible)

C : in the market I trade in caramels!

It : indeed! So does not happen

C : How does not happen? In the market do not trade in caramels?

It : not.

C : Caramels, you know that it? Candies are such sweet, happen round, happen not really. Really did not see?

It : from where a computer at you at work?

C : And here you about what! I have near a tray an Internet - cafe. A lunch now, I took coffee and here, and a tray it is visible to me from here. There are no buyers, too, it is visible, have dinner:)

It : yes well, you drive! You have a photo?

C : Why to you a photo, I and so about myself will tell, ask. It is better, than on a photo it will turn out!

It : Give though the photo is better.

C : I am a terrible, fat, bandy-legged and silly blonde!

It : yes well, hardly, there would be you such, you would begin to write about it? In total on the contrary.

C : In total on the contrary? You want to tell that I am a beautiful, graceful, slender and intellectual brunette?:)

It : approximately so

C : You practically guessed! And how to you my portrait?

It : Looney!

C : There are I all such behind a counter - hang out caramels

It : In what market you trade?

C : It is important? Why it to you?

It : I want to receive a package of caramels from your graceful handles!

C : I am afraid that to receive will not leave - you should pay for it!

It : I am ready! Where the market, I gather!

C : you know, I here in a window looked out, there clients are brought up, it is time for me! So far, my potential buyer!

It : Tell where the market, I will arrive right now!

C : So far - so long!

That can be better for a mood raising, than the man ready to go immediately for you to any of the city markets, let and virtually.

One more attempt: Tsirtsey - the little naive girl, the first time in a network.

C : Hi!

It : Hi! What it is obliged by?

C : I master a new type of communication, the first time in a network, and you the first who answered to me.

It : Wow! What responsibility!

C : I sit, having modestly lowered eyes

It : Modest Tsirtsey? I will tell how Stanislavsky

C : A name, huh? In pigs - UNINVITED guests!

It : And in general, you warm and fuzzy

C : And still I very beautiful and unusually modest

It : It would be very desirable to see, and for a start at least to hear

As about phone?

Communication can be continued if there is such desire, it is possible to finish on it because the objectives it are achieved. Stop, a moment! - what happens to me right now: I smile with a hitrinka, my eyes shine, in a body there was a forgotten ease long ago, the feeling of passion overflows me.

And how depression? What depression?]