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Whether the computer is entertaining? Part I

my hobby for the computer lasts nearly 10 years. Every year my skills are improved that allows to perform qualitatively more perfect work. And everything began since 1997 when in our house the first computer appeared. And, naturally, the debt of my father was to help to master to me the most initial stages of work with it. For this reason in a year after purchase of the computer the father presented me the book Entertaining » computer;. However, already then it was a shame to me to read it because I understood that everything that there is written - it is kindergarten. And it after only one year of experience with the computer when I was 9 years old.

So, nearly ten years I feed a certain desire to understand whether this book though bears any real advantage? I will try to understand, and to you, maybe, to help, if this book bears advantage - that will esteem not harmfully fragments from it with my comments.

  Computer; - it is the » electronic machine;. Well that, I do not want to argue with it.

Let`s tell simply:   Computer; - it is the " car;. However,   truck; - too the car though it is not similar to the computer at all. But cars should not be all identical . It is truly told. However, cars should not be identical! If there is a truck, then there has to be also a passenger car!

There are cars mechanical, happen - electric, and happen - electronic . Thanks for timely specification.

Mechanical cars are necessary to perform mechanical work. The crane lifts freights, and the car transports these freights. The excavator digs the earth, and the bulldozer levels it. Planes, ships and trains - too mechanical cars. All of them perform mechanical work. Any mechanical car has some power source. In the car energy is emitted at gasoline combustion. Special fuel is both at planes, and at excavators (Hm, did not know what is special excavator » fuel;... Now and further in brackets - my notes), and at motor ships. In ancient times steamships and engines burned » coal;. Always dreamed to learn it from the book devoted to the entertaining computer.

Electrical machines are similar to mechanical. They serve too in order that perform mechanical work, but differ in the fact that they have other power source. They burn nothing, and receive the electric power on wires . What does it turn out? That &ndash bus; mechanical car, and trolleybus or &ndash tram; electric? Hm, interestingly maids dance, as they say in one well-known series.

Thanks to it electrical machines do not pollute air and always look purely and tidily . And I - that thought why in the spring all buses and minibuses dirty as devils, and all trolleybuses go and sparkle the polished sides!

Therefore it is possible to use them houses. Vacuum cleaner, food processor, coffee grinder (and trolleybus) - all this electrical machines which use in life .

Electronic machines do not perform mechanical work. They lift nothing, transport nothing and move nothing. But it is » cars too;. Too it is very doubtful. Here, for example, robots everyones - these are electronic or electrical machines? And that, they do not perform mechanical work if they are electronic? And how own movement in space? Or they are electrical machines? Then why they are not similar to trolleybuses at all?

They surround us constantly: it is the TV, the tape recorder, the audio system (robots everyones - my note). Many use an electronic clock which receives energy from the battery, and show time in the form of the shining figures (in life did not see the SHINING figures on hours which eat from the   battery; - my note) on the special electronic » indicator;.

&ndash Computer; it is one of types of » electronic machines;. For mentally retarded children I will repeat for the fourth time: &ndash computer; it is the » electronic machine;!

Electronic machines serve for processing of signals . It is truly noticed. - directors order tens of &ndash computers in the offices; that signals to process. And you? Hm … I do not know how you as this unclear director, but me my electronic machine serves not for processing of signals, and for performance of a number of useful functions in economy BY processing of signals.

- If &ndash computer; it is the car, so he has to perform some work? - the attentive reader » will ask;. Yes! To process signals!

It is right. All cars created by people serve for performance of some useful work. (Stop! And how signals? - my note) They or something move (So electronic machines are not created for performance of mechanical work!?), or something is processed. Space &ndash rocket; it is the car capable to move freights or people to space, and the machine of nobody anywhere moves, but can process details from which will assemble the new » car;. The devil, something I absolutely got confused.

And what process electronic machines? Aha, will be enough to weary. Be pricked!

Electronic machines process signals . My God! Well as I - that did not guess at once!!!

The TV, for example, accepts signals via the antenna, processes them (Yes!) also shows result on the screen. So we watch telecasts. Phone accepts signals on wires. (Aha, precisely! For this purpose there is a font of the « type; Hands Free !) When it processes the accepted signal, you hear a familiar voice in a tube. If you tell something in a tube, then phone, on the contrary, will process the heard sound and will turn it into electric signals which on wires will go to your interlocutor . Faugh, we jumped over it too. Absolutely something at me the mental jam became.

All electronic machines serve for reception, processing and delivery of signals . Thank you that reminded! I just already began to forget for what, it appears, electronic machines serve.

The Person too often should process signals. If the school call rings, then for each school student it is a signal. Such signal should be processed and executed . Conclusion: school student - it is the elementary electronic machine!

During processing at first it is necessary to find out what the signal was. The school call can say that the lesson will begin now, or that the lesson is ended. You, of course, know that this two are processed identical signal absolutely differently .

In more detail about signals we will have a talk in the following part - parts II of the article Whether the computer Is entertaining? To be continued!