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How to keep health during the daily work at the computer?

Work at the computer are, as a rule, long sedentary work which can lead to various problems with health, it as decrease in sight, pain in a back and muscles of hands. Considerably to reduce risk to face similar troubles, it is enough to acquire several simple rules and receptions and to periodically put them into practice.

Fast deterioration in sight is peculiar to all those who are forced to see off in work at the computer of 6 - 8 hours in day. Examining of the small shining letters on the screen of the monitor is really serious load of visual system of the person. If you test such symptoms as decrease in visual acuity, lachrymation of eyes, a headache, then, most likely, you were overtaken by a computer visual syndrome. How it is possible to avoid an adverse effect of the monitor on our sight? Try to use the following recommendations.

Lighting in the room where you work at the computer, should not be too bright, but, at the same time, and too dim. You should not have the screen opposite to a window as it can lead to emergence of patches of light on the monitor, it is the best of all to dispose it at right angle to a window. If the room very light, then at windows there have to be blinds or curtains. Besides the general lighting of the room, the lamp, with a brightness from 60 W, with the dense lamp shade, lighting that text on paper with which it is necessary to work is necessary.

That when reading the text from the screen to avoid the excessive tension of muscles of eyes and, as a result, development of short-sightedness, the distance from the monitor to eyes has to make not less than 60 cm (distance of an outstretched arm). Every 60 - 80 minutes works on the computer do a break for 5 - 10 minutes, every 2 - 3 hour - for 15 - 20 minutes. During breaks it is useful to do exercises for eyes and hands. Every 20 - 25 minutes surely you translate a view of some far subject, it is the best of all to look in a window. To get rid of feeling of dryness of eyes, blink more often and cover eyes for 5 - 6 seconds. When typing try to watch as little as possible at the computer screen, concentrate the look on the keyboard.

If after long work on the computer you feel a sleep or pain in wrists of that hand with which you hold a mouse, so you test symptoms of such disease as a syndrome of a carpal tunnel . The reason of developing of this illness - monotonous work as fingers and hands, for example the movement of a mouse or the press on the keyboard during the long period of time.

One more unpleasant problem which the PC user constantly faces are back pains which are a consequence of scoliosis (backbone curvatures) and of osteochondrosis (infringement of the nervous terminations). During the work at the computer quite long time should be spent in the same pose that leads to long load of one groups of muscles and consequently, and to an overstrain and developing of pain in a back. At the same time other groups of muscles are deprived of the same loading that, in turn, leads to degradation of these muscles.

Not to allow emergence and development of such troubles as diseases of a backbone and a syndrome of a carpal tunnel, it is enough to follow simple recommendations.

Adjust on height a computer chair so that the look rested slightly below than the top point of the monitor. It is necessary to incline the monitor a little back.

In operating time it is the best of all to hold hands horizontally, elbows have to be bent at right angle and lean on chair armrests. Periodically do the elementary warm-up for hands and fingers, i.e. just bend and unbend them.

During the long work at the computer each 25 - 30 minutes change a pose on more convenient. The back has to be direct, but not intense. If there is a feeling of fatigue or back pain, lean back on a chair back, close eyes and completely relax for 2 - 3 minutes. After that warm up a little, you walk round the room, stretch. At strong fatigue it is also possible to rinse slightly cool water a face, hands, a nape - it will help you to cheer up.

At emergence of pain in a back and hands it can try to be removed physical exercises, such as a pandiculation all over from socks and to the top with the hands raised up, a body flexure back and inclinations forward, turns of the head, cultivation of hands in the parties, tightening - unclamping of hands, stirring by the weakened brushes and performance of rotary motions by them. After warm-up make to yourself a light massage of a neck and shoulders, that is just properly knead them hands.

Follow the advice printed above and work at the computer on health!]