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As friends to a coffin Ivan Turgenev and Lev Tolstoy nearly killed each other? The leaving 2007 I decided to present

In the last day on an essence of readers ShZh small New Year tree. It is possible to call it literary, it is possible historical, but in every way it will be cheerful mixed up with sad. Only instead of multi-colored spheres on this fir-tree there will be small, but amusing episodes which happened to people known, and even just unfamiliar in this or that time. Not to spread the word on a tree, took only what occurred at different times, but approximately during the same period: 30, on December 31 and on January 1. What from this left, to judge to you, dear friends

December, 1855. several months Later after heroic defense of Sevastopol to St. Petersburg there arrived the second lieutenant of artillery Lev Tolstoy . As acquaintances in the capital at it was a little, the beginning writer stopped at the fellow writer Ivan Turgenev who it is oath promised Lev that he will become his literary confidant, having entered the officer into a circle of the leading Russian writers.

First all and was. But only first. More than once Tolstoy looking in death eyes very quickly showed the independent character, some conventions of light it not just irritated, and in a literal sense enraged. And therefore he always tried to cut plain truth, without reckoning neither with position of the rival, nor with ranks, nor with merits

As reacted on these boyish tricks venerable writers? First they tried to bring to reason the capital guest, then some of them turned away from him, but most, naturally, young Tolstoy`s mentor received - to Turgenev got on nutlets nearly on two times in the course of the day. He tried to call Lev on dushespasitelny conversations, dinned as well as that needs to be done to soften negative attitude to itself, but not here - that was: Tolstoy was in addition very stubborn and least of all wished to reconstruct himself.

Everything ended with the fact that two seemingly fairly clever persons could not reach compromise in any way, and constantly quarreled. Here only a few records from Tolstoy`s diary: February 7. Quarreled with Turgenev... .

February 10. Had dinner at Turgenev, we meet " again;.

March 12. With Turgenev I seem finally dispersed .

July 5. There arrived Turgenev. He is resolutely incompatible, cold and difficult person, and I feel sorry for him. I will never meet with it .

A here records from Turgenev`s diary: You cannot imagine what the lovely and remarkable person is - though he for wild jealousy and persistence buyvoloobrazny received from me the name Cave man .

Such relations: in heat, in cold about 5,5 years proceeded. But once Tolstoy with Turgenev started rigid dispute on education problems. Also it that Lev, wishing to cite as an example useless education, remembered suddenly the illegitimate daughter of Turgenev Polina who lived abroad should happen. Tolstoy sharply spoke in that spirit that a situation when the discharged girl repairs thin clothes of poor people, holds on a lap dirty, fetid tatter it is not sincere and more resembles on theatrical scene . From a similar maxim of Turgenev slightly the blow was not enough. He even threatened and wanted to hit on teeth to the offender, but then suddenly got it together and was limited to a spittle under legs, having promised to send seconds to

Fortunately, there were people who prevented to nobody the necessary duel. But after that Turgenev did not talk to Tolstoy the whole 17 years! Duel nearly took place in 1861, and they began to talk only in 1879 - m. It is necessary to tell that they apologized and embraced. And how many from - for silence the Russian literature lost?!

They were divided by borders. Turgenev lived in France , Tolstoy - in Russia . Only twice Ivan Sergeyevich managed to visit Yasnaya Polyana , but he was one of the few who in the letter urged Tolstoy to overcome creative crisis and to return to writing (Lev Nikolaevich at one time played in silence and with literature). And only after Turgenev`s death which followed in 1883, Tolstoy wrote: All I think of Turgenev and awfully I love him, I am sorry and I read everything . Having re-read Hunter`s Notes noticed: It is somehow difficult to be the writer after him

How Englishwomen fought for Sunday day off in brothels? December, 1887 differed in nothing in

from that December that were earlier. Unless the fact that at the English wives the patience came to an end. The group of activists dashed off the petition to the Queen Victoria in whom bitterly complained that their husbands became intolerable. Monday through Friday vanish at work late, on Saturdays to semi-death are pumped up by beer in pubs, and on Sundays queue on brothels!

Originally organizers of an action dreamed of closing all brothels to hell, but then there were cold heads which cooled the most zealous, having explained that everyone in life can be, suddenly and to them as to their sisters, it is necessary to earn additionally such guilty business, husbands - that perishable good: today is, and tomorrow the trace caught a cold. So it will be wrong to close completely brothels, and here, having made courtesans day off on Sunday, it is possible to fight quite effectively against this misfortune the Petition about closing of brothels on Sundays met by

an enthusiastic response from women (men did not participate in this action). For a short time under it about 1 million Englishwomen were signed. Paper was transferred to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Judging from the fact that no mentions of a morality victory over debauchery existed, the queen dropped the address of the citizens

As the seamstress of men taught a good lesson? we Will be transferred by

to XX century. December, 1955. On the city of Montgomery (the State of Alabama ) slowly goes the city bus. On one of seats the seamstress Rosa Parks peacefully sits (black on the birth). Near Rosa the tall white man stops. He interrogatively glances at the woman, expecting that she will jump and right there will give way to him. But not here - that was. Rosa continues to sit, indifferently!

The white American vomits on the head black the mass of damnations and when arrangements and insults do not work, calls the police. Cops come quickly, stop the bus and arrest the woman. And on the same day the town is shaken by disorders. 50 thousand black residents of Montgomery led by Martin Luther King hold a meeting, demanding, in - the first, Rosa`s release, and, in - the second, cancellation of the laws humiliating the black population.

Fight for the rights lasts nearly a year, and all this time the Afro-Americans boycott trips in buses. The passenger motor transportation enterprises sustain enormous losses, and it does not remain unaddressed in Washington . Soon the discriminating laws including according to what the Afro-Americans have the right to settle down only in tail part of the bus are cancelled As donkeys tails draw


December, 1962 , 45 years ago. In great mood the secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev enters the hall where pictures of modern artists are exposed. The Moscow office of CX notes 30 - summer anniversary, here masters of a brush also went all out, having chosen all the best of the creativity.

But the complacent mood of the leader is replaced at first by disappointment, and then and anger. To the middle round Nikita Sergeyevich`s face is poured in the beet color as the canister mineral water. He stamps legs and shouts: It creativity it is alien to our people, it rejects it! Here people who call themselves artists have to think of it, and create pictures what you will not understand whether they are drawn with a hand of the artist or a tail of a donkey! Who allowed to write them so?! All on a tree felling!

Fortunately, this fate nevertheless passed young gifted artists. But almost all from them thought of the future. Perhaps, well it, this brush and cloth. And even indeed you will ring out under the fanfares with

As blue died?

the Last day of December, 1993 became judgment for the Soviet notes of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 rubles of 1961 - 1992 of release. Zheltenky rubles, zelenenky threes, the blue five, orange tens, violet chetvertak, green fifty-kopeck pieces and yellow hundreds died!

Never I will forget how my classmate in March, 1994 published a bitter cry of disappointment, having got from - under crusts the officer certificate two zanachenny on rainy day yellow hundreds with the grandfather Lenin`s portrait. Idiot! - literally Petya groaned. - On this money I could splurge well in a tavern five times - six!

And on January 1, 1994 we paid off with blue hundreds, rozovenky two-hundred parts and green five-hundred parts. To live it became cheerful, it became good to live! But not all! Personally I some time felt like the stranger on this holiday of life

But before saying goodbye to you, dear readers, I want to say the favourite toast! For that all intended to us in the coming year of trouble and a problem went blind and were immobilized, and would never arrive our home ]