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Mayakovsky: the poet whom nobody loved? Part 2

From itself and that it is ready to get a liver

One of light lines of Mayakovsky: love to animals, especially to cats and dogs. He selected them, homeless and homeless, and attached at friends and acquaintances. Once found an unclear shaggy lump under a fence. It was dirty to such an extent that was not visible where at this creation before where the back. Brought this lump home, properly washed and found out that it is a puppy. At once thought up to it a name - Shchen . This Shchen will become its the second I : quite so - Shchen - will sign he the letters and telegrams to Lilya Brik over time.

In letters he often asks it whether she saw some interesting sobak and koshk? Not in forces to pass by the mewing cat or a pathetic doggie, it at one time naprivodit to the apartment which he rented at one compassionate hostess, whole menagerie : six dogs and three cats, one of whom soon gave birth to several kittens And all of them peacefully got on in one small room - cats with dogs, and all together - with the hospitable owner. Idyll, unfortunately, lasted not for long: the hostess of the apartment did not take out infinite miaow and bark and delivered to Mayakovsky the ultimatum: either apartment, or menagerie. It was necessary to look for urgently for the pets new owners.

One of the most penetrating declarations of love to to dumb animals - perhaps, in all world literature - we will find at Mayakovsky:

Ya I love wild beasts.

you Will see a doggie -

at a bakery one here -

a continuous bald patch, -

and that is ready to get a liver from itself.

is not sorry for me, expensive, eat


Ugly face paint Pitana
Ivan Bunin who for the first time saw Mayakovsky writes

about his appearance: Mayakovsky was in a wrinkled shirt without tie and for some reason with the lifted jacket collar as badly shaven persons living in nasty rooms, in the mornings in a nuzhnik " go;. Bunin says that at Mayakovsky loud roar and trough-shaped mouth Theatrical newspaper describes the poet so: It has a quadrangular mouth from which not words, but the rattling stones of the Alpine stream " take off;

Strange business: Mayakovsky in youth is how ugly, his face in maturity is so spiritualized and fine. Not incidentally directors of theater and cinema paid attention to his appearance. If in it futuristic years Yesenin described it in a chastushka so: The Ugly face paint Pitana, robbed Uitmen! ten years later almost all gave in to a charm of a noble face, fine unusual eyes, unaffected and perfect manners of Mayakovsky. He acted in three movies and even thought of actor`s career, dreamed to play Bazarov, but Meyerhold refused to it - too Mayakovsky was Mayakovsky.

You one to me growth level with As well as many poets, Mayakovsky were not happy

in love. Tatyana Yakovleva, Russian Frenchwoman was, probably, his most ideal love. And therefore - unrealizable. Yakovleva, having given in to charm of the famous poet, it was not indifferent to it, but at midpoint when it was required to take the plunge, married more successful and predictable admirer. All Paris calling Mayakovsky and Yakovleva, equally high and beautiful in ideal couple, disappointedly stated a sad outcome of this beautiful novel. To it, Yakovleva, but not the Eiffel Tower, Mayakovsky devoted the well-known lines: to

You one me

growth level with,

become a row

with an eyebrow of an eyebrow, give to

about this

important evening

to tell

on - human

of Lilichk

Lilya Brik - one more sad story in the biography of the poet. The best and most known verses of Mayakovsky are devoted to it. Alas, Lilya Brik kept in line exactly with the time: she regarded a normal family as a certain petty-bourgeois limitation. You represent, - she said, - so boring Volodya, he even makes rows to jealousy! . From here this strange marriage for three: Lilya Brik, Osip to Brik and Mayakovsky. whether

Loved Lille Mayakovsky? Probably and, but very short time. What difference between Volodya and the carrier? - she asked the girlfriends. - One operates a horse, another - a rhyme . Mayakovsky`s experiences touched it a little, but she saw them advantage : It is useful to Suffer to Volodya, he will suffer and will write good verses .

Mayakovsky`s death was apprehended by Lilley Yurevna with sincere surprise, chagrin, but without tragic element. After a funeral at Brikov drank tea, joked, spoke about a miscellany you will forget


Tomorrow that crowned you,

what I smother blossoming love burned out whether

and vain days the vzmetenny carnival

will dishevel pages of my books

of my Words dry leaves

will force to stop,

is greedy breathing?

Give though

the last tenderness to cover

your leaving step.

She will forget it, as well as many other admirers. The eighty-year-old old woman she will finish the life in one of the European hotels - will commit suicide from - for unfortunate love

the Last love

Veronika Polonskaya - the last love of Mayakovsky. That fatal morning 14 - go April, 1930 Mayakovsky will ask it to become his wife, to remain with it, to begin new and happy life But it, referring to what is late for rehearsal, nevertheless will leave, having once again promised that everything will be solved in the evening Without having passed also several steps from its door, she will hear a shot sound. Will return - already to dying - and in a few minutes will run on rehearsal. Forgive, - she in a justification for delay will tell the director. - Mayakovsky was just shot. I directly from there . And it will be necessary to rehearse.

In a month she will marry - whether some provincial actor, whether the theatrical worker

Ya I want to be understood by my country

In two months to his death the poet Kirsanov, the former friend, will write about Mayakovsky: Pumice to gnaw, gasoline to pour over a brush that to scratch out all its handshakes from the palm! 17 - go April, in day of a funeral, he with tears in the eyes on memorial service will read from a balcony At the top of the voice . Artemy Halatov, in ten days prior to death Mayakovsky`s portrait which ordered to pull out from all circulation of the " magazine will preside in the funeral commission; Press and revolution

B 1925 it will finish one of poems in such lines:

Ya I want to be understood by my country,

but I will not be understood -


On the native land

I will pass by,

As slanting rain expects to fall.

Later it will delete these lines. The poet can be understood: only to pass by - what pleasure, what consolation? Whether he expected it? It which very much gave forces and heart to the country? Of course, he dreamed of another. And, probably, imagined himself not slanting rain and the storm heavy rain, fertile, washing and fruitful But it also was it! We are his admirers, readers, descendants - we know it! Also we are sorry only about one: what a pity that this fertile heavy rain so suddenly and so quickly ended ]