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Mayakovsky: the poet whom nobody loved? Part 1

Only in a toilet with a sheet of paper lonely are locked!

Vladimir Mayakovsky - perhaps, the most unloved poet from all school program. It is difficult to find the schoolboy who would like to learn by heart the verses glorifying Lenin, party and revolution. His many contemporaries, and even friends admitted the dislike for Mayakovsky`s creativity.

Yesenin spoke: Unless the poet could write: I Will be locked, lonely, with a sheet of paper I ? It only in a toilet with a sheet of paper lonely are locked! . Tararabumbiya is some, - Lenin said about Mayakovsky`s verses. - Shouts, invents some curve words, and all at it not, in my opinion, - not, and it is obscure .

Even Chukovsky whom Mayakovsky considered the friend, wrote: Mayakovsky`s verses reflect in themselves a poor and monotonous uzorchik of poor and monotonous thinking, eternally same, repeating, precisely rounds in wall-paper It is Vesuvius vomiting " cotton wool;.

But there was also other Mayakovsky. That who was idolized by youth which collected many thousands audiences which verses were sewn up in soldier`s blouses by the soldiers going into battle In the twenties in Moscow it was possible to see how students, having joined hands, went along streets and avenues, chanting Left march

In the sixties our great athlete Yury Vlasov, is a lot of years the surprising world the courage and the will to win, every time, approaching a bar, whispered over it some prayer. So, in any case, foreign correspondents wrote. Many years later Vlasov admitted that it was not the prayer, but Mayakovsky`s verses:

... And I as spring of mankind,

Given rise in works and fight,

I Sing my Fatherland, the Republic wash


the Difficult person with decayed teeth

Mayakovsky - the personality inconsistent. These contradictions were softened or underestimated many years. Its correctness and fidelity to communistic ideals was paraded. And this correct the poet - was so not loved by many generations of the Soviet people. What it was, wrong Mayakovsky?

his father died ridiculous death: sewing papers, it pricked a finger with a pin, blood poisoning began and soon this very strong and absolutely not old person dies. His death will leave a mark for the rest of life in Mayakovsky`s memory. From this point it with undisguised suspiciousness will always treat each cut, is exacting to examine the plate given in buffet, with fastidious caution to undertake a door bracket, zakhvatanny others hands. Where it went, it will always take with itself(himself) iodine, a small soap tray and several pure scarfs.

His suspiciousness was supplemented with big morbidity. Decayed teeth - by twenty years it had no healthy tooth, - eternally swelled influenzal nose, frequent headaches, always cold and moist hands He constantly caught a cold and was ill - both in the Crimea, and in Yevpatoria. Being ill, showed an awful capriciousness: endlessly took temperature, and once broke in a row three thermometers. What he was the difficult, difficult person! - Elza Triole, the sister Lilya Brik will tell about it. - Eternal cavils to any service personnel, quarrels with own housemaids, a call of directors of restaurants and the writing of long detailed complaints The mania of accuracy reaching pedantry

Doitel of the exhausted toads to

At outstanding external data - its growth was equal to nearly two meters - Mayakovsky, possessing a strong voice and big physical force, was extremely timid and sensitive person. It diligently masked the shyness ostentatious and sometimes excessive roughness. Acting together with poets - futurists, it splashed out on public of an opivka of tea, sent it symbolical spittles and three-storyed insults. The public was not in debt too, bombarding appearing on stage rotten eggs. Yu. Karabchiyevsky writes: After one of such evenings on which poster it was written doitel of the exhausted toads newspapers called group of futurists doitel of the fooled public . Later Mayakovsky will tell

about the futurism and in a revolutionary way - agitatorsky creativity only two words: The Nonsense is dog! He will pronounce the Same sentence to himself and the creativity shortly before death. Death sentence and unfair!

Soviet barin

Yu. Karabchiyevsky: He really received the big royalties and in some way was the Soviet barin: had a rest in the best rest houses, freely went on the abroad, rented dachas, had housemaids and even own car, nearly only in the whole country .

Certainly, envied it. And, of course, accused in bribability Soviet power. Alexander Blok wrote down at himself in the diary shortly before death: To Learn to read Twelve . To become the poet - the singer of satiric songs. It is always possible to have money and warrants . That is, otherwise, - Mayakovsky to become Almost unknown to

the fact that Mayakovsky constantly distributed the money to old men. It secretly found poor old men and helped, without calling from whom money.

One of Mayakovsky`s weaknesses - gamblings: cards and billiards. To it it is not important whether play for money or for services, passion of game is expensive to it. Having lost, he resignedly submits to the lucky man`s whim: patiently boils to it tea, drags behind it on a garden chairs, and once as that is demanded by won, climbs under a billiard table and executes the toreador`s song

In war with " from there; zapyatatka

Mayakovsky had no opportunity to get the real education. Therefore his letters and manuscripts abound with spelling errors and other grammatical errors. Mayakovsky fed special hostility for commas. Yu. Karabchiyevsky: Look at the manuscript of any verse of Mayakovsky: there is no comma (we know, he hated them). All punctuation marks in its works, since 16 - go years, are placed by Brik. A draft copy of any new thing it first of all gave Brika: On, Osya, place zapyatatka . They say that system by short flight of stairs it it was thought up especially for replacement of traditional system of a punctuation by which it was not learned. In the presence of a short flight of stairs zapyatatka are not obligatory for

" any more; Never I want to read anything Books? That books! - Mayakovsky spoke. He actually read nothing. Its working room on Lubyanka strikes with lack of books. On a questionnaire question: Whether you Have a library? - he answers: The General with O. Brik Perhaps, it is one of the reasons that literary work was given it hardly. He literally bought the rhymes which were pleasant to it and lines from the companions on a feather. For the sake of the one and only word he nursed on 15 - 20 kilometers, selecting on the run of ten and hundreds of rhymes, did not stop on one, the best yet.

My verses not an oven

Mayakovsky was a brilliant sharp fellow. Its well-known performances where he read the verses and answered notes, and today cause admiration. It carefully prepared for every evening, and - we will forgive it this weakness! - composed many jokes in advance, and at times and notes with questions. For example:

- Mayakovsky, what place you think that you the poet of revolution?

Mayakovsky answers:

- the Place, opposite to where this question arose.

Some more:

- Mayakovsky! Your verses do not heat, do not concern, do not infect!

- my verses not an oven, not the sea and not plague!

- Mayakovsky, you consider yourself as the proletarian poet, the collectivist, and everywhere write: I, I, I

- And how you think, Nicholas II was a collectivist? And he always wrote: We, Nikolay Vtory Also it is impossible to speak in everything " everywhere; we . And if you, let us assume, begin to speak in love to the girl that, you and will tell: We love you ? She will ask: And how many you? .

of Wide audience are less known Mayakovsky`s epigrams, but also in them, despite the known piquancy, Mayakovsky - the sharp fellow does not know to himself equal. For acceptable reasons they are not included in collected works, but true fans of his creativity know them by heart. For example, the epigram on the poetess Vera Inber:

Ah, at Inber,

Ah, at Inber

That for eyes that for a forehead!

would watch Everything, everything would watch

At it!

Or such quatrain - an impromptu concerning obscene inscriptions on the House museum of Herzen:

Her price to Herzen`s House .

Intaking inscriptions flatly.

C of this is agrees.

V. Mayakovsky.

To be continued]