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Why Lermontov could not eclipse Pushkin`s glory? Part 1

Wicked man

He was small growth. It had an ugly person, the big head, crooked legs, kifoz (that is, a hump). Besides he limped. Early began to grow bald. Did not differ in cleanliness - on it the shirt was always torn by companions because it did not change it . There were also other physical defects.

The soul of the poet, of course, desperately badly felt in an ugly figure of the lame and humpbacked dwarf. Lermontov was impudent, venomous, vindictive, ruthless to weaknesses of others and is haughty. Here only some characteristics given it by contemporaries: unpleasant to the last degree his mind is not fit for anything, except impudence and roughness the repellent personality who is haughtily despising other lyud the being is bilious, angular, spoiled and indulging in the most inexcusable whims wicked man: never about anybody will respond well; to blacken a name of some woman of the world, to tell about her an unknown story, to tell impudences - it was possible to it Not incidentally in short 26 - summer life he participated in three duels, four more hardly managed to be prevented at the last minute.

Love and sawdust

Astrologers claim that the people who were born under the sign of Scales differ in good manners and model taste, aspire everywhere and in everything to observe a measure. Lermontov who was born under the sign of Scales, probably, did not know it. In any case, sense of proportion steadily refused to it food. According to M. Melikov, companion Lermontov on the Moscow University, it was it is awfully gluttonous and ate everything that moved . Alexander Vasilchikov, the close friend of the poet, remembered: when by a lunch gave a dish which he loved, he with loud shout and laughter rushed on a dish, stuck the fork into the best pieces, devastated all food and often left all of us without lunch . It is necessary to tell that the poet was eager not only for favourite foods, but also for food in general. Once this inability to constrain the appetite played a dirty trick with it. Ekaterina Sushkova tells (at that time - the young beauty with whom the young poet was meekly in love):

very much we laughed at it that he not only was not picky in food, but never knew that ate, veal or pork, a game or a lamb; we said that, perhaps, it over time as Saturn, will swallow of a cobble-stone. Our sneers exasperated him, he argued with us almost to tears, trying to convince us of refinement of the gastronomic taste; we bet that we will catch him in opposite in practice. And in the same day after long walk top we ordered to bake to tea of rolls with sawdust! And what? We came back home tired, excited, hungry, with greed were accepted to tea, and ours - that Michele`s epicure, not pomorshchas, swallowed one roll, was accepted to another and already moved up to itself and a third, but Sashenka and I, we stopped it by a hand, showing at the same time on a stuffing, indigestible for a stomach. Here he was outright enraged, escaped from us and not only did not speak with us words, but even was not shown several days, having pretended to be the patient .

It is possible, after this case Lermontov took himself for the rule to have dinner only at home, speaking to everything that his stomach does not transfer any other food, except house.

A poisonous look All in Lermontov`s exterior as Turgenev wrote, seemed to

ominous and tragic. Even the laughter of the poet, loud and shrill, was unpleasant and bad. Without having an opportunity to be pleasant to women physically, he decided to tempt and excite them imagination, being draped in the bayronizm which was fashionable then. Don Juan became his hero and a role model: it began to represent from itself(himself) the personality mysterious, gloomy, impudent Keeping aloof at balls always, he stood, having crossed on a hand breast, and chose victim . Then directed to it a lingering and penetrating glance. Victim ordinary came at first to confusion, then to confusion and, at last, left. Even men were not able to take out a stare of his jet-black eyes. One of schoolmates remembered that the poet sat at lectures and occupations always separately and that virulence in Lermontov`s look was amazing .

One more entertainment - to disturb the preparing marriages. For this purpose it represented from itself(himself) the desperate lover, showered foreign bride in the flowers, verses, gifts and other signs of attention. It did not hesitate and threats, with the promise to commit suicide if it Juliette will give a hand to another. But as soon as alleged marriage - from - for suddenly flashed love of the bride to to the poet in love - finally was upset, responsible for this quickly replaced ardent love with cold indifference. Or openly declared the draw, at the same time laughing to the victim in a face

Once it, for fun, - the famous poetess Eudoxia Rostopchina remembered, - decided to replace the rich groom, and when all considered already Lermontov ready to take his place, the bride`s parents suddenly received the anonymous letter in which they were persuaded to expel Lermontov from the house and in which everyones were described about it horrors. This letter was written by him and then more to this house was not .

the Fatalist

In destiny of each great writer is strange coincidence. Lermontov not casually wrote the story Fatalist . Any predictions and signs caused in it a keen interest. It was born in a rich, but dysfunctional noble family where his stubborn grandfather, too Mikhail, got poisoned to spite of the unloved imperious wife directly at a New Year`s table (and that had cruelty to tell about the husband and the father of the beloved daughter: A cur`s death for a cur without knowing that these terrible words will be told then by the tsar about her killed grandson), grew without the father expelled from the house and early the died mother, and already at the boy`s birth the midwife unexpectedly predicted that he will not die a natural death.

Gogol very truly told about him - some unfortunate star . The shadow of failure, the premessenger of the tragedy, always saddened short life of Lermontov. The restive horse hurt to the reckless cadet a leg, having made him similar to lame lord Byron. It lost in all games and competitions, even in driving of Easter eggs, and only unsuccessful falling of the dexterous Frenchman Barant in decisive attack rescued the wounded poet on the first duel. Before the last Caucasian reference Lermontov went to the famous fortuneteller A. F. Kirchhoff, and that told: in St. Petersburg to it not to happen, not to happen also resignation from service at all and that is expected by his other resignation, after which you will not begin to ask about anything . At the intersection of the Caucasian roads the careless lieutenant himself decided to tell fortunes, once again to joke with destiny, threw a fifty-kopeck piece - where to it to go: on service or still to take a walk, having stopped by for couple of days in Pyatigorsk. Also it had it - to go to Pyatigorsk. There also the retired cavalryman, the old friend who as it became clear, was a useless shooter, before it only three times

shooting from the gun To be continued killed him on duel]