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Tell me what water you drink, and I will tell about you everything ? Part 1

Revenge of the witch

people believed In old times that the sorcerer can whisper plot on water, and it is capable to cure the person or opposite, to do it harm. Here one of cases which were kept for us by history.

B 16 - m on border of Spain and France lived a century one columns. Once in park the old ugly woman in a tatter - with the purpose to get drunk approached a count well. But the count blinded by arrogance also, maybe, is even more - fastidiousness, was indignant and began to banish it. The beggar only grinned and whispered something over a well. Servants of the count seized the woman and took away her to the inquisitor. Several days later, it as the sorcerer, burned on a fire However soon after that the count, the excellent healthy fellow, for the unclear reason suddenly began to wither and in several weeks died. Rumors spread that the old woman`s damnation became a cause of death of the count. But that there were rumors, and to rumors - what belief? Today we can tell surely: in sudden death of the count, really, the old woman is guilty.

If live to pass water through a water supply system

Not so long ago scientists made discovery that water possesses special structure: it consists of supermolecules - cells, the kristallik by the form reminding - beautiful hexagons, in each of which on 912 molecules of water. Scientists called such connection a cluster. The quantity of clusters constantly changes: them can be much, and can not be at all. This circumstance allows to give accurate definitions live and dead to water. Live - it is water in which the number of kristallik - clusters much more surpasses quantity unorganized molecules. Scientists named it structured. Example - natural drinking water which remembers and takes out the salutary force of a subsoil on the Earth`s surface.

If, for example, live to pass water through a water supply system, it will lose the structure. Who though looked in a water pipe once, that for a long time lost taste to tea and coffee because the landscape appeared zhutchayshiya there: rust, salts of heavy metals, compounds of calcium, colony of bacteria. Water remembers all this and as would purify it before sending to consumers, the negative impression about travel on a pipe will remain. Such water is called dead - it has no the ordered structure, but contains harmful impurity or memory of them. Only boiling can destroy it, but it destroys all kristallik, and, so and all information - both useful, and harmful.

Memory of water is not only the fact that inside, but also the fact that nearby

This case which became the next scientific sensation happened in 60 - x years 20 - go centuries in one scientific laboratory abroad. The laboratorian incidentally dropped in a vessel with the distilled water hermetically the soldered ampoule with poison. When through some time this water was allowed to drink to rats, previously having investigated it and having convinced that chemically it is faultlessly pure, animals died. The ampoule was soldered in the most thorough way, water remained chemically pure - but in some way saved information on deadly poison and transferred her to rats.

Thus, became known that even after careful cleaning water stores information on substances which in it were dissolved, in the form of electro - magnetic fluctuations. Experiences showed what is held harmful substances also in remembrance in the form of electromagnetic frequencies which are also not harmless to the person. For example, the water polluted by heavy metals radiates the frequency of 1,8 Hz (just the same frequency also cancer fabrics radiate).

Thus, water is extremely sensitive to any, even to the weakest power influences and therefore easily changes. That is, remembers these influences. Modern scientists compare water with biological pass - the computer. And as the person consists for 80% of water (as well as all live), he is the system which is giving in to programming ; influence it as own words and thoughts, and everything that occurs around: music, talk, information from TV screens and obtained from newspapers, books, and even kind and evil foreign thoughts.

From there is conclusion: if under a favorable or adverse effect (both external, and internal) physical and structural properties of the water which is a part of an organism change, so also our program at the cellular level changes. And in the future it will surely affect ours health.

Why homemade food is more useful restaurant?

you never reflected why are those who are often forced to go on business trips and to eat in dining rooms and cafe, almost always complain of gastritis or stomach ulcer? Bad quality of food? But some eat also at expensive restaurants, however result, one may say, the same. From what it?

A put, it appears, here in what: words and thoughts of the person at the time of cooking are remembered by these drinks and products and influence health of those who with them are treated. That is why home-made bread or sandwich will be always a hundred times more useful than any store bread or any other product made by foreign people, with unclear what thoughts and words it made. That is why the one who eats at home both looks better, and the one who eats food cooked unclear by whom and, above all - with what mood lives longer, than.

Ancient wise men of all countries gave the same advice: do not taste any food in the house of your enemy or person who is unpleasant to you. Present wise men, in an image of scientists, confirm: the food remembers words and emotions of those who sit at a table, and exerts impact on their health. These supervision and conclusions - result of numerous experiments on mental influence of the person on properties of water, including healers and the psychics who are carried out under the leadership of the Dr.Sci.Biol. Stanislav Zenin.

Water loves Bach

Want to make small experiment? Gather a glass of water and, having bent directly over it, speak all positive words which you know: health happiness love pleasure success pleasure Then slow drinks drink water. And then, through five - ten minutes, analyse the health. In 60 of 100 cases as practice shows, you will feel inflow of new forces and good mood. If you tell all negative words on water that business can end with a call Ambulance . It is not focus and not sorcery.

Any word, any speech, any mental installation, - Stanislav Zenin explains, - influences structure of water. It is proved by numerous experiments .

About two years ago the Japanese scientists proved that usual city tap water, listened Bach, Chopin, Mozart`s music, pleasant symmetric molecular drawing in the frozen look - that is, molecular " has; kristallik turn out very beautiful, and it means that such water is also curative, as well as natural spring. And here water, which listened fate - music, stood several hours at the TV during transfer of news or advertizing, became completely destrukturirovanny, that is, dead - the frozen crystals got it the ugly crumpled forms. It means that, having drunk such water, it is possible to get poisoned easily, and even to die.

Absolutely the same occurs, - Zenin claims, - when over water say angry on emotional coloring and according to contents of the phrase or the word - in this case harmony of structure of " water completely collapses;.

Present that the same happens also to each of us - when we listen or we watch advertizing or negative messages or news (and such on our TV, alas, the majority!)

To be continued]