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What is ecological game? The Wood attracts games on forest walk of

in any weather. In the spring when trees become covered by young greens, air is especially pure and transparent. But it is still dampish and not to walk not to do without boots. In the summer and in the fall in the wood the real pilgrimage begins. Attract mushrooms, berries, at last, the desire to breathe fresh air, to admire trees and flowers is simple. Standing sports shoes, clothes do not constrain. In backpacks, besides a dry ration, at many, simple stock - balls, a whistle, a rope, chalk, a piece of coal, a compass, children`s tags, rackets. It is useful to take with itself a notebook and pencils for records. For a number of people the purpose of country walk - not only to wander in silence, but also to have a good time, move, to play a little. Forest edges, lawns provide for this purpose much more opportunities, than the close yards of city quarters. It is possible to go to a Sunday campaign, having united 2 - 3 families. For it here forest rest it is possible to offer several outdoor games in which can participate both adults, and children.

The wood is usually various on a landscape. Sites without blockages meet harmonous pines, osinka, birches. Glades, glades with rare razvilisty trees occur in the path of cutting down from penka, thickets of young trees. Each of such corners of the wood can go on nature the good platform for game, or for so-called ecological games.

Hunting on fox .

participate In game from 3 to 10 and more people. All players gather and choose " chanterelle;. It takes with itself a package or a bag of 40 - 50 small squares (55 centimeters) which are in advance cut out from paper.

Fox disappears in the wood, and in 5 - 7 minutes for its searches there are other players - hunters . They walk in file, as if combing the wood not to pass a fox trace, that is a piece of paper, which " chanterelle; puts on the earth, imposes on a branch of a bush or a fir-tree, attaches to a tree. It does it through each 15 - 20 steps. When all pieces of paper come to an end, chanterelle hides in a bush, a fir grove or a flood gully, masks that it was difficult to be found. Task hunters - to collect all pieces of paper (traces) on the way, trying not to miss a trace of a fox. Last five pieces of paper of yellow color. It means that already somewhere close to a hole foxes and hunters have to to be attentive especially. When, in their opinion, all or the most part of pieces of paper (traces) is collected, the senior on game declares search. In 10 minutes he blows a whistle on which fox if she is not found, has to have an effect by voice. All participants of game gather around cunning foxes . If fox during game it is found, it is considered lost and has to execute desires hunters . To sing, for example, to dance, tell the poem, a saying, to think up history.


can hold Game in the dense wood where it is easy to hide. Choose the leader and driving. The last in this game is called still mocker as a bird who, having heard this or that sound, imitates it. To the leader and to the mocker hand on a whistle. It is good if they differ a little on tone height. The Mocker goes to the wood and, minutes through five, blows a whistle. On this signal on catching mocker all other private traders of game go. The leader whistles from time to time. Right there has to answer it it mocker . Being guided on a sound, players try to catch driving which, running across from place to place, hides in the wood. The one who will catch driving at game repetition, replaces the leader who becomes mocker .

Forest reference points. If persons interested to take part in game it is a lot of

, then the head divides them into couples. To one couple he suggests to determine sides of the horizon by trees. Another - by the sun, the third - on hours, the fourth - on stubs or ant hills. After a while each participant or couple reports the result. Who will more correctly and quicker perform a task, that will be declared the expert on the wood.

before this game (and it is better - and before going to the wood) it is possible to explain to participants of the rule and ways of explaining the ground.

Here some of them.

- In a midland the sun happens in the summer at 7 o`clock in the morning in the east, at 13 o`clock costs approximately in the south, at 19 o`clock - in the West.

- Flowers of sunflower and a train, as a rule, never turn behind the sun and on the North.

- On separately growing trees foliage is more dense from South side.

- From North side bark of trees is more rough also on a trunk more moss.

- On stubs layers of annual prirost from North side is thinner and more dense, than with southern, and boulders acquire a moss from the North.

- Ant hills are almost always located at trees with Hugo - the West.

- Spiders pull a web usually from the North on the South.

In conclusion there is a wish to wish that walk in the wood brought you not only joy and pleasure, but also advantage. That she helped you to look narrowly attentively at the nature, to understand and fall in love with it.