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You got hungry, and time for cooking has not enough? I Will begin fast and tasty second courses

with what I will tell: the full-fledged lunch is impossible both without the first, and without second course. As quickly it is also tasty possible to cook first course you can learn here.

Well, and so, having faced a problem when eternally picks up time, I just had to find for myself recipes of preparation of fast dishes. It is, of course, not a problem, the problem was in that these dishes were still useful and tasty. Here then - that I also remembered about fish and various seafood! Besides now it is quietly possible to buy fillet and not to suffer with cutting. These products prepare always very quickly, very useful and remarkable on taste!

Cod in Spanish . You need about 1 kg of cod fillet (or any other fish), 150 - 200 grams of stale rye bread, 1 orange, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 1 garlic glove, ground black pepper, salt, any greens on your taste.

We clean off a peel from orange and small we mill it (or simply we rub on a small grater, but then it is better not to clean off a peel - it will be so more convenient), small we crumble garlic. Now we fry all this on the frying pan warmed with oil. Then we spread in a frying pan with our orange roasting the fish who is previously cut on portion pieces. We salt and pepper to taste. We crumble rye bread and we strew with it from above a small fish. We cover and give a little so to fish to be fried. Then we water it with orange juice and we put in an oven for 15 - 20 minutes. Temperature has to be 180 degrees. In total!

It is very good to serve such small fish with the baked potatoes, but also she is combined with any other garnishes well too. After spread out a small fish on plates, she needs to be strewed from above with greens. Bon appetit!

Squids in sour cream . It is required to you: 500 grams of fillet of squids, 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 150 - 200 grams of champignons, 2 bulbs, about 100 grams of cheese, salt, black ground pepper, mayonnaise and sour cream (to mix in equal proportions).

Squids to wash out and boil in the added some salt water. At this time it is necessary to fry the onions cut by half rings and mushrooms. Squids to cut straws and to lay out in a frying pan to the fried onions and mushrooms. We fill in all this with mix from mayonnaise and sour cream, we salt and we pepper to taste. We bring to boiling. We shift everything to the oiled baking sheet, we strew with grated cheese and we bake. As soon as " cheese; will float we take out. In total! Our dish is ready!

It is possible to give as with potatoes and just with vegetables. It is also possible to strew before giving by small cut greens. We very much like this dish! On taste just remarkable! Original and fast!

Fish baked pudding . This dish prepares a little longer, than other above-mentioned. But it is worth it! Within an hour you will surely cope! So, it is required to you: 500 grams of fish fillet, about 150 grams of vegetable oil, 500 grams of potatoes, 2 bulbs, 3 - 4 tablespoons of tomato puree and mayonnaise (we mix), salt, black and chili powder, breadcrumbs, parsley greens.

We fry fish fillet from two parties in vegetable oil. We take out and fry the onions cut by half rings. In intervals while you fry fish and onions, we prepare potatoes. We, naturally, wash out it, we clear and we slice thin. The more thinly, the less time will occupy preparation so try! We take a form for roasting, we oil vegetable. On a bottom we spread a half of potatoes. We salt, we pepper, we grease with mix of mayonnaise and tomato puree. Then we spread fish, on her the browned onions. We close the remained potatoes. Again we pepper, we salt, we grease with sauce and we strew with breadcrumbs. We put in the oven which is previously warmed to 180 degrees. We leave until potatoes become soft. That`s all!

Before giving we strew with greens. The most pleasant to you appetite!

I hope, as these dishes will be appreciated by your members of household! And you will save the precious time. And as you dispose of it - will just have a rest, or will do the favorite thing - me already all the same if only to you it was pleasant and quiet! And the most important - all are full and happy!

Good luck!]