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How I got to Santa Claus?

Ya bore idea for a long time about the Russian Father Frost`s meeting with the Alaskan fellow Santa Claus who lodged in 1950 on Alaska - in the town of North Pole (North Pole), the suburb of the small town Feyrbenks. This project was carried out by a couple of enterprising Americans by the name of Miller.

Being going to Alaska where together with the American historians we carry out expedition Russian discovery of America. In the wake of great seafarers I addressed to the Moscow government which is actively supporting the " project; Velikiy Ustyug - Father Frost`s homeland with the offer on assistance to a meeting Russian and American Fathers Frost . In the Arbat skyscraper on the eve of departure I was handed a " package; with a gift and the welcome letter from Father Frost to the Alaskan brother.

And here I in Feyrbenksa. Our friends Alekseev living in the neighbourhood with Santa Claus`s residence reported that time of a meeting with Santa Claus is coordinated.

Volodya Alekseev, the teacher of university, these days was in business trip in Antarctic, and his wife - Natasha stopped by at hotel for us.

Having dressed up for the forthcoming ritual in strict suits and ties (well not in jeans to the respectable aged man to go), we were loaded into Natashino a brand new car. I pressed to myself a big package of the inscription Vologda in which gifts for Santa Claus: books about Father Frost`s acts, a musical card - a greeting. Card works - and from depths of a package touching reaches: In the wood the fir-tree was born... . In the same package, in the big transparent vessel decorated to the family red-nosed dedmorozovsky a face, the main national product " gurgles; Made in Veliki Ustug .

Behind a window fields and bogs, fir-tree borka with expressive at this width, as if pulled out, tops of fir-trees were muddled. Indexes " flashed one by one; Santa Claus Highway . Here along a roadside hurries on the closed sleigh harnessed by deer also Santa Claus, more precisely, his model. Natasha educates us: Each deer in Santa Claus`s suite has the name. The leader of a team - the strongest deer - is called Rudolf . A beautiful name - Rudolf!

And again Santa`s silhouette in the distance seemed. As if the huge zeppelin hanged over lesky in a red caftan and a cap with a snow-white pompon the biggest Santa Claus in the world. The sizes he reminds sviftovsky Gulliver. Our putevoditelnitsa speaks: Alaska has the biggest Santa Claus in the world. Its height - 42 feet (about 14 meters), and in a waist - 33 feet (about 10 meters). The figure is made of fibreglass, and its weight approaches 900 pounds (400 kilograms) .

We came nearer to to an ancestral lands Santa, and soon in beams of the northern sun the low White House was highlighted. Its walls are ornamented by scenes from Santa Claus`s life. Behind a patten fencing in a cool of a fir grove it is lazy reindeers as if expecting fight of Christmas hours reclined... Which of them was Rudolf, we did not deal, probably, that, with the biggest horns. Having got out of the car, climbed house steps. Without having found on a jamb it is ringing, a hand bell, stepped in open doors and got to the fantastic country. From all directions we were surrounded by forest inhabitants: deer, wolves, bears, owls. They were plush, porcelain, the most different. On shelves pink-checked Santa Klausy of all sizes, and in the most unimaginable attires stood ranks. They gathered here from around the world. Me four-eyes Santa`s dress struck: the high grandfather (from me growth) into whose clothes green branches of grapes were interwoven, and on the head flaunted a wreath from spring flowers, for some reason this Santa reminded me Bottichelleva Spring . Toy garlands hanged down from heaven, being poured by flowers of the polar lights. Among all this gloss and fires children and parents, food from delight wandered and collecting from shelves everything in wattled baskets. It was the big shop of Santa Claus. From contemplation of the sparkling treasures of a santovsky shop took the breath away. Having bethought that our arrival is - high mission, we hasty closed ranks. Having a little strayed, we came to be at the fir-trees twisted with branches and Christmas toys of gate. In the depth of a tower sat on a chair the ruddy grandfather with a white broad beard and some aunt in a red cap. It were... Yes, yes! Real, living Santa Claus and his wife Mrs. Claus. They precisely descended from a Christmas card.

Having risen closer (you never know, and suddenly Santa badly hears), I was presented as the guest from Russia. The mighty grandfather slowly rose from a white fluffy throne and stepped towards. It unexpectedly widely opened for embraces of a hand. We embraced as old bosom friends, and twice, almost in Russian, kissed each other. Then Santa receded back and fell to a chair. The mother Claus gave hands for a greeting too. We is warm if it is possible to be expressed so in this situation, greeted. Having sustained the pause corresponding to the moment and having exchanged glances, national diplomats solemnly slightly opened the new page in bicentennial history of the relations of Russia and America.

Having got a big blue " package; Vologda with gifts from Moscow, I gave him to the grandfather who quickly rose towards to a gift. We together developed and looked through the colourful book about the Russian Father Frost`s affairs. In bright photos Father Frost drove round dances in a circle of children and gave them gifts, met the Finnish Santa - Joulupukki, together with the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov and the prime minister Lyudmila Shvetsova, the Vologda governor Vyacheslav Pozgalyov and the young granddaughter - the Kostroma Snow Maiden - resolved the vital issues of happiness of Russians.

Alaskan Santa Claus, touching pages, incessantly noticed: byyutiful . With pleasure it listened and accepted musical and gurgling greetings from Father Frost. Santa very was interested in a wish to arrive to Russia and to meet the aged brother - Father Frost. Unfortunately, administration Santa Claus`s Houses Millerov could not take active part in our conversation as was considerably to the south of our width in the person at this time. Mr. Santa playfully admitted that he does not know that it money also complained about transparency of the personal currency subject to inflation, besides, in connection with global warming, constantly thawing. I reminded the forgetful grandfather of one remarkable card where he, being even younger, sits in the company of a big colourful bottle The Cook - " Coca;. Of course, " company; The Cook - " Coca; could on old friendship to become the sponsor of visit of Santa Claus to Russia, as well as reciprocal - brotherly visit of Father Frost to Alaska.

Around us mummies and the squealing a little children already crowded. Santa slowly said a baritone: These my guests! They arrived from Moscow! . Zashchelkali blitz of chambers and languages, joined the peeping trebles welcome voices of adult population of America. We embraced again - already in the run-up to new meetings on the Russian land, in Moscow or in Velikiy Ustyug, and on my back there passed the chill from mighty and is unreal hot embraces of my new friend Santa Claus.]