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Whether it is easy to meet the Prinze?

What girl does not dream to meet the Real Prinze in the life? Sometimes it sin and the women who stepped a boundary - the anniversaries. Having created this image, they constantly compare the Standard to men from the environment. And, unfortunately, most often comparison appears not in favor of the last.

There is a lot of standards and for every taste. It is worth reading novels or to peer attentively in the movie theaters flashing on screens or the " TV; supermen .

If your Ideal - the billionaire, the owner plants and steamships the Arab sheikh or the acting governor of Chukotka, farther does not make sense to read this article. As it has no relation to feelings.

There are several real stories that and there were alone women who hopelessly fell in love with Muslim Magomayev, Oleg Strizhenov, Alain Delon and others shaking men - idols of the sixtieth years of last century.

succeeded them other idols Now. But passions, sufferings and experiences remained same and today. Sometimes they come to an end tragicly.

It seems to me, it is impossible to rush to extremes: or though somebody or Prinze. Let`s try to choose gold middle. There are several tested steps in this direction.

wants to warn At once, each step will be given more and more difficultly. But difficulties will not frighten us? Without effort you will not take out also a small fish from a pond - popular wisdom says. And we want to catch not a simple small fish, and

So, we will start?

In - the first, we will analyse, than this Image specifically attracted us. It is possible as psychologists advise, to take a leaflet of a piece of paper and to write out all its advantages. Them will be much, it it is simple blinded us. Slowly, properly we will write out everything to trifles. We miss nothing. It is our Idol and just it is a pleasure to list his advantages. Here it such close, almost native, before us. And we with ecstasy list all new and new pluses. Isn`t that so, it is very best?

Second step. We choose from the list only three, the most bigger, five advantages without which it will just stop being Prinze. It framework our Hero. The rest only make-up . We saw Prinze on a show-window . Unless we do not embellish ourselves when we go on a party, on a visit or to theater?

I specially do not write on appointment . We do not go out on dates as we patiently wait for Prinze, and on smaller categorically do not agree. But for It we have to look for all 100% and therefore we pay attention to the appearance and behavior. We step on the stage or on hunting. As it is pleasant to whom.

Third step: The choice of the actor for a role of the main character . Remember: You and only you completely are responsible for selection (casting) of applicants. You should not drag out this process indefinitely. If in Hollywood do quickly not work, then factory of dreams will suffer huge losses. If they can lose money, then we can waste Time. For an example we will remember at least Naina from A.S. Pushkin`s fairy tale Ruslan and Lyudmila . This irresistible young beauty long tested the young man who was fallen in love with her, forcing to make the mass of feats and when years later decided to endow, at last, him with the favor, was already toothless old woman with a crutch.

We will attentively look around. We keep three main advantages which our Hero has to possess in mind. And if we find them, then the rest is already not so important. Simply we include imagination. I stuck together it from what was, and then that was, fell in love .

Note: You will never be able to re-educate the alcoholic, the addict and therefore you should not even consider these candidacies. The rest gives in to skillful hands of the make-up artist.

Last step Signing of the contract . Here too there are nuances.

If you look for Prinze, then have to be the Princess (even if instead of the carriage at you pumpkin). It will not confuse the real Princess. The main thing to feel respectively.

If is necessary to you the captain Gray from Scarlet Sails you have to turn into Assol. to Understand

what zamanushka to play, not difficult. Look at the companion of your Idol. You have to be fine addition to advantages of your elect.

This step the most difficult, and often women at this stage withdraw. Because it is necessary to work on itself. And we or consider ourselves by perfection, or we do not trust in the forces.

is easy to Dream, but persistently and patiently to go towards the aim much more difficultly.

Whether to spend forces for searches of the Idol, to solve only to you. Correct to you decision and good luck.]