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Tasty mushrooms pie. How to prepare?

Are good pies from the furnace! You eat mushrooms pie, and hold language behind teeth. Proverbs and sayings Long since in Russia baked pies. With everything that in the house was You with what love? It are pleasant to me with mushrooms. Also there are in my archive many different recipes. Dough miscellaneous, mushroom stuffings And in general - the house is full of aromas of fresh pies. Smell of a cosiness and care.

The most tasty pie. to us products - 250 g of flour, 2 egg yolks and 150 g of butter, a salt pinch will be necessary for

For the simplest pie. We knead dough and we send it to the cold place for 2 hours.

Preparation of this pie differs from traditional a little. Here in what difference. In a demountable form with a diameter of 25 cm to roll almost all dough, to leave slightly - slightly for top. To cover with a foil or culinary paper and in very hot oven at a temperature of 200 degrees to bake 12 minutes.

While our basis is concerned, we wash 500 g of fresh champignons, we cut on pieces, we crumble 2 bulbs there and we add butter or fat (on the fan). We extinguish all this within 5 minutes. Right at the end we add a tablespoon of chopped parsley or fennel. And favourite spices - a curry, caraway seeds, a paprika. In total together or something separately. The stuffing is ready. What aroma!

We will shake up 2 eggs, we will add 125 g of sour cream and 125 g of cream (or 250 g of sour cream), we will salt, we will pepper. Now we pull out a pie basis from an oven. We strew with a breading - crackers or flour and we spread mushrooms. From above is accurately egg weight. We tear the rest of the test hands and we spread from above. It is possible to manage and without it are only mushrooms and egg mix. Will be even more gentle. In total. With preparations finished. We send to the warmed oven for 30 minutes. Pull out

. Put a form on a wet rag - so easier will be to pull out from it pie. Also begin to indulge the darlings the most tasty and most delicate pastries.

Bulk pie.

Here the stuffing can be any. I very much like such pie both with mushrooms, and with fruit. A subject - about mushroom pies. Means, we will prepare a champignons stuffing.

Dough prepares quickly, simply and on density reminds sour cream. Not for nothing bulk! 2 eggs, half-glass of sugar, 1 glass of sour cream, 1,5 glasses of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of soda.

The stuffing prepares from the fresh or frozen champignons. It is possible just to fry mushrooms and onions. And it is possible to add boiled rice there. Too tasty it turns out.

Now we pour dough in the oiled form, we spread a stuffing - the part it will fall, the part from above will remain. We bake on average fire of 30 - 40 minutes. Smetanny dough very successful. Small sweet of the test and salinity of mushrooms give unusual taste!

If you use this recipe with a fruit stuffing - increase amount of sugar to 1 glass.

Quick cottage cheese pies.

from this fast the test I cook not pies, but fried pies. Very successful recipe. To mix a cottage cheese pack (200 g) with 2 eggs, salt, soda (1/2 teaspoon). To implicate 2 tablespoons with a flour hill. To knead dough and to leave it for half an hour. At this time to prepare any stuffing. We prepare mushroom according to the recipes described above. Now process of formation of pies. A spoon you take dough, you spread it in flour, you do flat flat cake, you spread a stuffing and you form pie. To fry on a frying pan on vegetable oil. Quickly and very tasty!

Pies from kefir dough. slightly to warm up

of 500 g of kefir in the microwave oven - furnaces, not on a plate! It is important! To add salt and it is a little sugar, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. We implicate flour in three steps to a consistence of usual yeast dough. To implicate a teaspoon of soda together with flour. Now you can make pies or pies. We extinguish mushrooms with onions. Such dough is baked thoroughly quickly, always successful more tasty than barmy.

Pie Landowner. by

already use yeast dough Here. We go from simple to difficult. To put a support from flour (2,5 glasses), 30 - 40 g of fresh yeast and 0,5 glasses of warm water. To leave it for the night. To add 200 g of the kindled butter, a sugar tablespoon, egg, 2 tablespoons of cream and a glass of vodka in the morning. Again to put to the warm place for rise.

At this time we will be engaged in a stuffing. At first from 100 g of cream and 4 - 5 eggs we will prepare an omelet. Let`s cut on pieces. We cut cepes or champignons on pieces and we fry on vegetable oil. Small we cut 400 g of green onions and we pound with salt, we add chopped fennel, pieces of an omelet and fried mushrooms. To mix everything, to salt, pepper to taste. The stuffing is ready. To what it is good!

Dough approached. We begin to form our pie. In a form or on the baking sheet which is previously oiled we roll part of the test, we spread on it a mushroom stuffing and from above we do a lattice of the remains of the test or we spin braids. All edges accurately we pinch also top it is greased with the shaken-up egg. We send to an oven. We bake to readiness. It is not simply tasty - melts in the mouth. It is good both hot, and cooled down.

Yes, you will believe in truth of a proverb - The log hut corners is not red, and is red " pies;. Bake pies and be surely happy!]