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How it is successful to choose a toy? Games useful and harmful .

When ourselves were children, we also did not dream of that variety of toys that can be met on counters today. However, everything is learned in comparison. We had no idea of the future, so lived and did not grieve with native machines, engines, simple dolls, cubes and balls. And if suddenly something did not suit us - without effort made a doll or accessories to it. Today counters are literally filled up with the most unprecedented toys which and the worldly-wise adult force to stiffen in amazement.

Fantastic apartments for dolls - with a bedroom, the dining room, a nursery and a garden, a miracle - the ships, radio-controlled cars and robots... The doll is able to go to a pot, is porridge, and from eyes the real tears flow, the toy pony nods, neighs and with pleasure takes carrot from your hands. Here already real task for parents - not to get confused in a variety, to be able to choose the best toy which not only was pleasant externally, but also that the main thing, - comprised pedagogical usefulness! Sometimes just bright appearance of a toy forces to leave the decent sum. And whether here the toy will be useful to the child from the point of view of his development - it is a big question. So, before going to children`s shop, it is better to arm with some knowledge.

For the kid of one and a half - three years a various framework - inserts and nested dolls - fine toys is very useful to development of small motility, studying of flowers, forms and the sizes. For the preschool child the greatest usefulness role-playing games which will allow the child to plunge into the fascinating world of professions - whether it be the doctor, the seller, the director of a zoo or the cook represent . In shops there are a lot of sets comprising all set of necessary accessories and even " now; worker form. As for director`s game , it means game with dolls or animals. By the way, it is necessary to approach the choice of a doll most responsibly. The doll gives to the child a scope for the imagination, stimulates the child to think out for it all new roles, to allocate with character. Be attentive - you should not hurry to choose a doll with accurately traced details, detailed and strict algorithm of its use.

For example, Barbie with the accessories attached to it in the form of a mirror, a hairbrush and shoes on hairpins is a character with the accurate schedule of disguise and lyubovaniye the person, and the newborn baby - personality completely dependent on a pacifier (only when it in a mouth, the toy baby doll does not cry). Such dolls can deprive of the child of an opportunity to imagine, finish drawing details, to think out own scenario of doll life, the word - to invent. Many toys impose stereotypic operations which the child will perform willingly, without bringing anything new . And what to bring when everything is already put on a turn-key basis ? Try to stir up creative activity of the child.

By the way, choosing a doll, keep in mind that often these friends of the child become a role model - therefore avoid a spiteful or whining look of future toy of the child. Children can often copy a look and behavior of the wards. By the way, for this reason hundred times think before buying to the child the toy allocated with pronounced aggressive character. Of course, it is not necessary to be afraid of a variety. Just often happens that the kid, having come to shop, and wishes to see nothing, except the next modern monster and a full fighting arsenal to it.

Besides dolls on counters today the huge choice of designers. The toy is very useful from the point of view of development of logic and spatial thinking. And what to do if the child does not love the designer, and constantly potters with dolls, animals or machines? Resort to cunning - suggest it to build from the designer a little table for a doll, a zoo for animals or garage for machines. By the way, designers now a big set - not only habitual plastic, but also flexible, and even magnetic...

And how about mechanical toys? Besides, strangely enough, the toy on workmanship is more difficult, the it is more difficult to invent and imagine to the child. We come back again to the fact that the child puts the necessary rychazhka and buttons in action, accurately carries out the consecutive algorithm of actions put by the producer. In that case, it is possible to call it korotaniy time, in certain cases - training, but not creative development. And on the contrary, often simple toy in the constructive decision is capable to move apart limits of the imagination to inconceivable limits. Happens so that expensive modern toy lies in a box dead freight, and the child with pleasure plays with the self-made wire little man. And who knows - with what world your child allocated this simple knickknack...

In spite of the fact that today it is possible to buy practically everything, children did not forget to create. They just adore thinking out and doing by all the hands . Quite often the nursery is filled up with tons of bright same plastic, and at the child, is lazy the abundance looking a look this mountain - a bored face. Do not forget about sets for creativity, the range is huge - a molding from clay, equipment of stained glass drawings, production of frescos, drawing up patterns and many other things. Generally, correctly selecting a toy - help the child grow at creative nature, allow to plunge into the fairy tale which director will be he!]