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What awards award for nonsense?

Only two things are infinite - the Universe and human nonsense though about the Universe I am not sure . A. Einstein.

a Large number of people around the world ask a question: and whether human nonsense has a limit? I admit honestly that personally I do not know the exact answer to it, though I incline to " option; is not present . But it is, so to speak, my value judgment of subject domain. And there are people dealing with this issue absolutely seriously (well, or it is almost serious)...

the Award of Darwin (Darwin Award)

you learned From article about the Darwin Award that it is handed to those who made the greatest efforts for improvement of a gene pool of mankind, having found the most original and idiotic way for self-destruction. Here some more cases.

The sword-swallower from Bonn died after he swallowed an automatic umbrella and incidentally pressed the button opening it.

The couple in love from the English city of Sheffield had sex directly on the carriageway, despite cautions of drivers who managed to notice them and to go round. And here one bus was not in time. Speak, near crushed found a wrapper from a condom with the inscription Safe sex keeps life .

The resident of the New Zealand city of Taranaki decided to repair the car. However Phil lacked jack height. He put a jack on the accumulator and again climbed under the car. However, work was continued not for long: the accumulator collapsed, and the jack fell. Phil who is pressed down by the car died quickly.

during lifetime it was the employee according to safety measures and prevention of accidents at one of local factories. Besides, it became clear that several years prior to death it fitted a jack on a wooden box. Events developed in the similar way, however, then it got off with the broken leg.

the Award of the Stele (Stella Prize)

the Award is called in honor of Stella Libek from the state New - Meksiko. This that 81 - the summer old woman who overturned on herself coffee in McDonald`s then seized from a network of snackbars 2. 9 million dollars. The award is handed annually for the most ridiculous judgment of the American justice.

In December, 1997, a certain Kara Walton (State of Delaware), carried the case against night club. It dropped out of a window of the bathroom and beat out to itself two teeth. It occurred when Kara tried to run away through a toilet window not to pay 3. The 5th dollar which it owed club. It awarded 12000 dollars and reimbursement for the dentist.

June, 1998. Karl Truman from Los - Andzheles seized $74000 and compensation for treatment when his neighbor moved to it a hand by the car. Mr. Truman, probably, did not see that in the car someone drove when he tried to steal decorative caps from wheels.

Christopher Roller made the claim to illusionists D. Blaine and D. Kopperfildu then he became the winner of an award of Stella of 2005. Mr. Roller considering himself as living god accused celebrities that they in the focuses ignore laws of physics. Therefore - use divine force. That is, according to Roller, steal this force from him then use it in the mercenary purposes, without deducting author`s percent. The American demanded from illusionists to open to him a secret of all focuses. Or to pay it 10% of the earnings.

the Ig Nobel Prize (The Ig Nobel Prize)

annually passes In Harvard university (USA) a ceremony of delivery so-called anti-Nobel Prizes. The award was founded in 1991 by the comic magazine Annals of the improbable researches . Since then it is handed for the most doubtful and ridiculous scientific achievements. Candidates are proposed by readers of the magazine and in most cases prizes are awarded by winners of the real Nobel Prize.

The experiment begun in 1927 by Thomas Parnell was noted in the field of physics. The scientist wanted to prove that bitumen which behaves as solid substance, actually - liquid. Parnell placed bitumen in a funnel and began to wait for the first drop. It fell in eight years. Now experiment is conducted by John Meynstoun - it counted already eight drops.

The award in the field of the world was got by 2 scientists from University of Newcastle. They could measure activity of a brain of a locust when insects looked through fragments Star wars .

In 2002 also Russians caused a stir (and, for the second time). Anti-Nobel was won in the field of economy. Caused a stir Gazprom got an award together with the " companies; Enron Meryl Lynch and others for adaptation of mathematical concept of imaginary numbers for use in the world of business .

the Prize of the MLAW organization (MLAW Prize)

Not the first year the Michigan organization studying use of different laws for submission of the most unexpected claims (Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, MLAW), holds a competition on the most foolish instruction to goods or service.

One of prize-winning places was occupied by a napkin for cocktails on which the scheme of channels around Hilton`s island Head (Northern Carolina) was drawn. Paper contained the prevention: Not to use for navigation .

Top of creativity of authors of instructions unsurpassed so far is the poster established at one railway station: Attention! The touch to wires of a high voltage causes instant death. Violators will be fined .

Special the prize awarded the instruction to the dried-up urine of a red lynx which is used for scaring away of pets from garden plants: Not for use against people! .