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Dole is who? Many already giving birth women know

, how strongly there is no support and attention at such moment. The benefit now practically in all maternity hospitals there was an opportunity to take with itself on childbirth of the loved one. It is very convenient.

But there is a question: whom to take? Perhaps, you want that at childbirth the role of the assistant was carried out by your spouse, the girlfriend, mother. Of course, it will be more pleasant to you if nearby is native and expensive people for you. But time of simple presence happens just insufficiently. Your assistant has to try to do everything possible that you transferred childbirth easier.

The assistant is a spokesman of your interests. Its role is not only in holding you strong by a hand and to look with feeling of great compassion in the face. He has to report to medical personnel about severe pain, about the changes happening during childbirth and to provide you to all necessary. The assistant can time fights, prompt when and as you need to breathe to facilitate morbidity of fights and attempts. Also the assistant can massage to you a waist or tight muscles. He can help you to make the correct decisions of rather various aspects of childbirth, for example, such as use of anesthetics.

However even if your spouse will decide that he will not cope with a role of the assistant, he all the same can take part in labor. To measure duration of fights and intervals between them - absolutely not difficult and quite will be within its powers. If something is required to you, then and here it will be able to give the feasible help. The spouse can answer the phone calls if it is difficult to you to talk and tell the family as everything proceeds. It can just read you your favourite book, talk about your experiences, calm.

But nevertheless, it should be taken into account also his desires. Some men are simply not able to cope even with it. If he does not want to be present at the time of delivery, do not insist. Treat its such choice with understanding. It is very difficult for man to see sufferings of the darling and at the same time not to have an opportunity to help it.

You can ask for the help the expert - Dole. This trend which came to us a few years ago from - for a boundary, gains ground. Doula name the woman who is specially prepared and trained for the help to the pregnant woman at the time of delivery. This is the professional assistant. This is the person who surely will support you and will give a helping hand. Having appeared in the unfamiliar place when it is so terrible and everything hurts, it is very important to have a number of such assistant. She undertakes communication of mother with the outside world.

Dole are not the midwife as she is not engaged in obstetric aid. It is near the woman in labor from the moment of the beginning of fights till the child`s birth. As your assistant, she will go with you to maternity hospital and will resolve all arising issues with medical staff, giving you the chance to concentrate on process of childbirth.

Ensuring psychological and other support also belongs to its duties. But only when the woman chooses childbirth without application of medicamentous means. Also she has to own receptions of a relaxation.

Support of a doula covers wide range. To remind of the correct breath, to help to choose a convenient pose for pain relief during fights, to make massage. She always on the party of the woman in labor also watches that her wishes were whenever possible carried out.

If you came to a conclusion that for you it is necessary Dole, then it is worth beginning search of a suitable candidacy even at the beginning of pregnancy. Ask the attending physician, perhaps, he will be able to recommend you somebody. It is also possible to find the assistant on courses on preparation for childbirth. But there is no sense to invite to childbirth to Dole if you decided to resort to anesthesia at the time of delivery.

Besides, it is possible to invite as assistants both to Dole, and the spouse. In total - from a moral aspect it will give you big help and its support for you at such moment is much more necessary and more pleasant. And Dole will undertake all other cares which to him not in power.

As they say, any whim for your money!

Good luck!]