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How it is not necessary to prepare for examinations?

Session came to an end, there was the last examination on which was decided to throw the last forces. Therefore we: I and my friends - Olesya and Lyusya, counting on the highest point, for a start decided to stock up with the necessary literature. Ahead there were two days off therefore after lectures we went to the central library.

And at once somehow it was not taken. In - the first, it was necessary to get in huge line to choose and receive the necessary books. Lyusya, having noticed in it a bad sign, having only approached this long chain from students and students, began to hint us that, maybe, we will go, were tired after lectures. We we do not hear . Then it began to intimidate us, specifying on lanky wearing spectacles which all coughed in our party, on the little freckled fellow who it is somehow strange, in her opinion, was scratched. We - zero emotions. Generally, received books.

Having very much been delighted that the first stage in preparation is finished, Lyusya undertook to bear the most part of books and lagged behind us a little. We already almost went down from the second floor when we heard a terrible roar and scraps of some phrases. Pomo...! Spa...! Oh, yo...! - and silence. Having been struck dumb, we with Olesya very slowly looked back. On steps in a ridiculous pose, having stretched hands and legs, our poor girlfriend lay. And further: taxi, emergency station, diagnosis: dislocation of the left anklebone and, as a result, the swelled-up Lyusina the leg in a hard bandage which was not getting into a boot.

All next day, since early morning, we tirelessly crammed, affording only the trifle: on tea and on need. By night of force already ran low, letters merged, and in the heads from a surplus of information there was a porridge. To be refreshed a little, we went to a shower, holding under ruchenk limping Lyusyu are white. And as the hostel where we lived, was not just old, and very old, and the shower represented a design from the rusty pipes directing at me horror the wretchedness.

There are I under a shower, go bananas, setting up the person under cool streams. As suddenly, this rusty rubbish spraying water from the crane with whistle comes off and pripechatyvat to me such slap in the face that my little body weakened by study not only does not manage to evade, and hardly - hardly remains standing. On my friends I understood that from outside it looked very ridiculously. Yes only I was mistaken, was very ridiculous next day when, trying to open eyes, I with horror understood that from two only one opens.

By the evening my numb eye was slightly opened, and I reflected how we will appear in such look at examination? An exit was found. At kind people got decent slippers for Lucie (the tumor though fell down, but her leg all the same did not climb in a boot) and dark glasses for me (but they did not hide, rather, and emphasized a violet swelling under my eye and not a season was wearing spectacles - that).

Though we also sustained losses, but our persistence could envy. And again until late at night we exhausted ourselves with textbooks, crumbling science granite in dust. Having counted upon the instinct and upon a hilenky alarm clock, we were just cut down, hardly our bodies accepted horizontal position.

Examination began at 8 o`clock, us to come in the first five. But when we regained consciousness from sound sleep, we were captured by horror: there were nearly ten! Having hastily gathered, we started stopping the car. Well as - rushed between me and Olesya, having strong seized our brittle shoulders, Lyusya almost hung. The taxi driver watchfully considered us while we were loaded in his car, but strict and very tidy look of Olesya (she always was such and when everything is in time?), perhaps, convinced him not to ask excess questions.

To save time, asked to stop opposite to institute, on the opposite side of the road. So far we with Lyusy were picked out from a taxi, Olesya already fluttered out and looked forward to us at the roadside what it was strongly punished for. The car passing by from legs to the head poured over it dirty swill. The charming face and very beautiful svetlenky coat of our girlfriend in a moment changed to unrecognizability. But to us was very much once therefore it was necessary to make toilet on the run.

In a corridor, as usual, there was a rumble: little girls repeated, consulted, argued on something. But when there were we, the deep silence which was gradually replaced by the squeezed laughter set in (it is impossible to rustle, examination!) . We were even recognized not at once. Where there! Not slept, hastily dressed, one lame, another with finish under an eye, and the third dirty as the Cinderella, we hobbled to an office.

Examination took place successfully for us three, however, it was necessary to satisfy curiosity of the teacher where it us so, but, in my opinion, she did not believe that it only the combination of circumstances and our excessive diligence brought us to such state.

Dear students and those who should pass tests and examinations! In the course of preparation do breaks for rest and good having a snack, then you will save on tablets! Select only the necessary literature, it is not necessary superfluous, keep yourself! Generally, prepare without fanaticism, it takes away forces and health!]