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Why sausage is cut obliquely? It is intelligent!

Isn`t that so, are the mass of things of which you do not think at all: from where, as why? The custom also belongs to these things (or a habit?) to cut sausage obliquely.

I have three versions of an origin of this habit (or custom):

1. Table. For the first time slantwise sausage was cut by thoroughly okosevshy participant of a feast to whom charged such important issue. However attendees (who had to be even more slanting - they could not already give the pricking or cutting things in hands) apprehended and estimated. And next time to the same drinking companion entrusted to cut sausage again. And so from time to time, from a feast by a feast the tradition spread, passed into custom, and then became a habit.

Really, try to put on a table a plate with the delicious sausage cut " today; directly but not slantwise . Yes you will be discussed then on all secular receptions: You Secht, at Petka recently that was: the sausage was cut directly!

2. Still-room. When in buffets sausage sandwiches, bartenders sold (or their assistants) cut a sausage so that the chunk of sausage covered completely (or almost completely) a bread slice. So looked more beautiful, in - the first. In - the second if at sufficient skill to cut a sausage slightly more thinly, than it is necessary, such form visually covers a lack of weight.

3. Rationalistic. Slantwise the idler who did not want to fill with small circles the area of a chunk of bread began to cut sausage: it cut off in the slanting way instead of 4 - 5 pieces only 2 - 3. Besides, sausage has property to fall down from bread. So it is simpler to steam of pieces to hold on a piece of bread, than 4 and more.

At the very beginning of the digression to cutting of sausage I intentionally misled readers: I did not make a reservation that the text belongs only to rather thin sausages. There are sausages which cut should be divided into several parts that sausage did not overhang from bread still.

In general, in my opinion, there has to be some compliance between the weight of the person, a form of the bread used by it and a type of sausage which is used for sandwiches (the people approach it intuitively though it would already be time to bring theoretical base).

This thought looks a little strange, but imagine Gulliver who eats sandwiches of Liliputians. Today`s demographic data say that the weight of people - from 50 to 500 kilograms. As for clothes - here everything is clear, on the giant will not pull tights of the tiny girl weighing slightly more than 40 kilograms. there is no

A here with food - as if such approach.

And technical capabilities - are! How to you sandwich which is made of a half of the two-kilogram long loaf cut lengthways with sausage in a bull bubble?!

At the same time, there are sausages which are not cut essentially: hunting sausages. They are specially made so that they could be eaten, without cutting on pieces.

By the way (and can be, and not absolutely): there were such kalatches in due time which had a tail rather long as if. For this tail it was possible to hold a kalatch during its eating: the kalatch did not fall off a tail. Why so baked kalatches? In order that people not of so intelligent work (goldsmiths) could eat, without removing mittens and without interrupting work! The tail was thrown out then!

Me brought something far from sausage. So, coming back to the sausage cut slantwise, I can tell that the inability to cut sausage affects me negatively. Since I saw transparent slices of raw smoked sausage and felt their taste on a piece of white loaf with oil, I try to cut the not really skillful handles exactly and thinly. And obliquely. Only obliquely. Otherwise appetite spoils.

With regret I observe that in my family nobody wants to trouble himself cutting of sausage any more. Are spoiled by trade: everywhere sausage is cut. Besides, to receive a piece of not cut sausage - it should be told the seller that it did not cut. Pay attention: you will not tell - will surely cut. Moreover and it is thin!

In those days when I began to work (since 1962), I was nearly an every year in Moscow. Naturally, happened also in shops (otherwise it is just impossible!) also was surprised to the fact that sellers cut sausage. In our city it was not cut, it was plastat (if it was).

At the end of 80 - x in Moscow in some buffet I asked 150 or 200 grams of sausage (there was a wish to eat). I received this sausage a piece and when asked to cut, the shop assistant grubbed up (grubbed up, but did not cut!) this piece on four parts. Mute scene!

Here such here sausage sufferings. Cut a sausage slantwise - it is intelligent!]