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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? Cypress. The Last days of January priests of druids gave

to the power of a cypress. On January 25 - on February 3 and on July 26 - on August 4 - its intervals. These days the exotic southerner who replaced an elm well familiar to us operates traits of character of newborns. What can the slender handsome offer them?

According to druids, given rise under the sign of a cypress easily adapt to any conditions, are content with small and do not consider themselves deprived. Success and glory for them not the main thing. To be happy - here what they aspire to.

The cypress not sentimental, a little severe and rough externally builds the life so that constantly to be among numerous society of friends or in a big family. Communication is very important for it. Likes and is able to argue on various subjects. Dreamer. In love it is constant, faithful to friends and this word.

Under the sign of a cypress was born many creative people, talented and great musicians. Among them there is Schubert, Mozart and Vladimir Vysotsky.

The Russian name of a tree a cypress - a tracing-paper with Latin cupressus . Kiparis - a sort of coniferous trees and bushes of family cypress. Unites about 15 - 20 types of the thermophilic representatives growing in moderately - a warm belt of Eurasia, North America, North Africa. The sort is very ancient, its traces meet in tertiary deposits.

Emergence of the name is connected with the poetical Greek myth. The son of the tsar Keos Kiparis, the dear friend of streloverzhets of Apollo, on hunting incidentally killed the tamed deer to whom it was extremely attached. Having listened to requests of the young man grieving on the loss, Apollo turned him into a harmonous high tree with evergreen curls, having said at the same time: I will Always grieve over you, the beautiful young man, also you will grieve over others grief. Be always with grieving!

The Crimean legend tells about the girl who, waiting for the beloved from long voyage, daily for hours stood on the rock and looked in a sea distance. But the horizon was pure, and the girl and remained on the rock, grew into the earth roots and turned into the tree beautiful, unknown earlier which served as the ancestor of Taurian cypresses.

The legend is near from truth. The widespread cypress evergreen in the nature met only in a horizontal form earlier. The pyramidal form, habitual for us, in an extreme antiquity removed by people widely extended in the Western Asia and the countries of the Mediterranean.

The tree grows quickly enough, especially in youth. Reaches extreme height to 30 m by 100 years. The short ascending branches are pressed to a trunk and form narrow cone-shaped krone. Needles, more similar to leaflets, - small, scale-like, it is extended - rhombic.

Kiparis - a monoecious plant. Inflorescences of pistillate flowers - serovato - brown, roundish cones, to 3 cm in the diameter, hang down on short branches. Spherical or udlinyonno cylindrical man`s flowers consist of the sterzhenk covered with stamens.

Tenevynosliv. Easily transfers a long drought and short-term falls of temperature to - 20 C. Malotrebovatelen to the soil. Except a cypress evergreen forms of a cypress plakuchy (in China), Arizonian and large-fruited are widespread (in America). The oldest cypress on the earth grows in Mexico today. To it 2000.

The cypress is obliged by the popularity not only uncommon appearance, but also fragrant wood of which did obrazk, beads, icon boards, crucifixions, crosses etc. It was widely used in shipbuilding and in housing construction. The Phoenicians building the ships generally of a cypress tree in many respects promoted its glory and public awareness. Alexander of Macedon`s fleet and the Roman fighting ships differing in rapidity - liburna were worked from a cypress too.

Practical Romans planted cypresses in connection with the child`s birth. Trees grew together with children and were considered as the live capital or future dowry. The value of a cypress was so big that the tsars and commanders who won a victory over the enemy destroyed palaces and houses won to extract cypress wood.

The smell inherent in wood and needles frightens off insects, perniciously affects pathogenic microorganisms. Pitches wounds and ulcers treated, and sent pulmonary patients to the island of Crete with its well-known cypress groves. Infusion and broth of cones apply to treatment of gout as bactericidal means, it is used for lotions and compresses, rinsing of a throat and an oral cavity.

Slender handsome on watch a horoscope of druids replaces a poplar. But there will be it only in February.]