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Whether it is worth trusting in the fan - Shui?

you are skeptical about modern doctrines? You doubt, whether they should be trusted? And maybe, in life you had to endure many disappointments? We got used to live in the rational world, but the belief in miracles still is in each of us. Perhaps, therefore the fan - Shui is so popular now? Whether something will really change in life if to hang up the Chinese hand bell in the room or on a bedside table to put a figurine in the form of couple of small fishes?

And still, the fan - Shui is not so irrational as it seems. whether Much we know about the world? The modern science which various branches develop continuously continually disproves former knowledge and opens new. From the point of view of of psychology , we form that space in which we are. We buy furniture, we think over where to put it, and we will organize the home world according to the tastes and ideas of a cosiness. And this small world reflects our internal state of soul, our character and outlook.

We consciously and subconsciously choose objects - those which correspond to our inner world. But an environment, in turn, too forms our inner world. The experiments made by psychologists confirm influence of an environment on a condition of the person. In psychology recommendations for the choice of color of rooms of a relaxation are already developed, for example. It is known what green promotes relaxation, and red, on the contrary, makes active.

The place where we live, influences our mood, a psychological state and, as a result of a psychological state, thoughts. Thoughts give rise to acts. And acts, in turn, become the reason of these or those events in life - progress in career or failures in affairs, appearance of new friends or enemies. So, as a result, there is our destiny. At deeper level can speak about the vital scenario which develops in the childhood. Speaking more simply what you see the world, such and you will have with it relations.

Besides, we subconsciously perceive symbolics of those things which surround us. Those objects which we hold at home - an arrangement of rooms, furniture, doors and windows - all this too symbols which are perceived by our unconscious. For example, all know a discovery of effect of the 25th shot when the unconscious perception of an image (in particular, advertizing) influences behavior of the person. So happens also to all other things in life.

From the point of view of of physics and biology , we live on a huge magnet which Earth is. Influence of magnets on the person was adequately studied. Almost in each office of physical therapy of usual city policlinics there is a device on a magnetotherapy. All Universe is thinly balanced by magnetism.

The person possesses own magnetic field reminding a magnetic field of Earth on structure. Magnetic properties each cage in an organism possesses, these properties are created due to chemical processes in them. It was revealed that the strongest field forms a brain of the person during a dream. In the light of these data becomes clear why the fan - Shui pays much attention to a compass arrangement of an entrance door, a bedroom and position of the person during a dream!

The world is much more difficult, than the person can imagine it. Isn`t that so?]