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What illness is similar to a monkey?

the Most known illness from called by the name of the Roman goddess of love - lyues, in popular speech - syphilis, is similar to a monkey owing to the fact that it is capable to imitate clinic practically of any disease and by that it is difficult for diagnostics at early stages. Its traces are found on mummies of Ancient Egypt and Latin America. There is even an ironical saying that the sifilization of mankind goes parallel to its civilization . Epidemic of a lyues in Europe struck of the 16th century mainly sailors and soldiers - the most actively migrating segments of the population. The diseased treated even worse, than leprous.

Owing to historical collisions the powerful dispensary USSR system and the tough legislation in many respects reeled. Syphilis privately practicing experts entice not having right to treat the advertizing treatment by one - two pricks (in reality it is impossible). It, plus the abundance in the country of the fallen, deadapted people, led to the fact that we, psychiatrists, began to meet in daily practice of manifestation which disappeared in our country in post-war time - syphilis of nervous system, or progressive paralysis. A former joke that our paralysis - the most progressive in the world, unfortunately, becomes the bitter truth.

Patients with chronic, uncured syphilis become eyforichny or embittered over time, state ridiculous crazy ideas of greatness and prosecution, then they break memory and ability to self-service, the lowest inclinations rastormazhivatsya (sexual, food).

In the 16th century syphilis tried to treat the bark of a guayakovy tree brought from South America, and later - derivatives of mercury and arsenic, despite of their toxic effect. The causative agent of syphilis - the pale treponema, was opened in 1905 by the German scientists. Several decades later penicillin which derivatives remain choice preparations at treatment of syphilis was invented.

Syphilis, as well as HIV, does not spare anybody. According to private correspondence, to us its manifestations and at great are known to analyses of bone tissues and hair, memoirs of contemporaries. So, at the Sotheby`s auction in 1994 the lock of hair of Ludwig Van Beethoven containing mercury in big concentration was sold. In the analysis of letters of the composer his tendency to visit of brothels where there was a big danger of infection with syphilis was revealed. Lyues also Beethoven`s mother was ill. Perhaps, it explains early the come deafness of the composer and his tendency to attacks of rage and ecstasy. The genius called the illness my green monster .

In 1819 22 - summer Franz Schubert creates the first part well-known Unfinished symphony soon it has syphilis symptoms. The composer falls into deep melancholy.

The English medical magazines provide many data on presence of a lyues at William Shakespeare on the basis of his good knowledge of clinic and treatment of this illness (for the person who was not the doctor), a secluded life and early death owing to chronic poisoning with arsenic. That, at that time lyuesy also crowned persons were ill.

Vincent Van Gogh wrote more than 850 letters to the brother Teo and the colleague Paul Gaugin suffering, as well as the red-haired genius, from syphilis. It was result of love for the prostitute Klasina which the artist employed as the model in 1882. Since then he is a frequent patient of psychiatric clinics, attacks of nonsense and hallucinations are replaced by enlightenment episodes with creation of masterpieces. A result - self-mutilation, and then and suicide.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, as believe patograf, syphilitic infection pushed to the megalomanichesky mystical experiences which found bright reflection in many works ( Anti-Christian So Zarathustra " spoke; and others) from the outcome in a blindness

the Dictator of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler accused Jews of distribution of a lyues across all Europe. During study in Vienna he often visited brothels where there were many prostitutes - Jews, and after that he became the inveterate anchorite. It is curious that the Fuhrer for the life went only one medical examination - during receipt to army during World War I. The clinical record was destroyed thanks to the German intelligence agencies.

Of course, the pale spirokheta in itself is not the reason of genius or cruelty. Just it distorts natural tendencies. And still - if syphilis the few often had great, then as it had to is more often it to happen to the simple people who remained out of sight of biographers! So, probably, the love without proximity, than proximity without love sometimes is better]