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Patience - whether always it helps us with life?

Sometimes in response to such question say only one phrase of Confucius: Sidi it is patient on the river bank, and by will float a corpse of your enemy .

The patience takes not the last place in the characteristic of the person. It is a lot of proverbs and sayings put the people about patience. The most, perhaps, known: Suffer the Cossack, an ataman you will be .

Usually the patience is referred to merits of the person. Though, in my opinion, it is a question rather disputable.

Most of all the patience is shown at the people born under the sign of the Taurus. Extraordinary patience of Tauruses sometimes passes all imaginable and inconceivable limits. They can for years, without complaining, to take out physical and moral tension. And the it is stronger, the they are more persistent also vyderzhanny. Keep as it is accepted to speak, on nerves as the tense string. But, constantly staying in such state, they cannot just relax. Otherwise business can reach a nervous breakdown or a serious illness. These are people at whom always everything is good .

Patient people can be divided into two groups. One without grumble and obediently as barge haulers, pull the strap, bear the cross . Suffer poverty, rudeness, alcoholism of the husband and all the rest that the destiny " sends;. These are born slaves to circumstances . Their life reminds gray, gloomy day of late fall. Dank and gloomy. They are absolute fatalists and consider that in all of them troubles and failures the destiny is guilty. And against it, as we know, you will not go. It is indifferent they treat life, and she reciprocates to them.

Whether you noticed that life ALWAYS reciprocates to us? Many philosophers noted this phenomenon: Smile, and the world in reply will smile to you .

But the phrase already concerns to people of the second group more. Thanks to them, most often, there is also a movement of a civilization forward. The task is impossible? They will not throw it at the beginning or the middle. Again also they will come back to its decision again and, eventually, without having sustained such long siege, it will be forced to surrender at discretion and to hang out the flag of truce.

And later people around at the mention of names of these people will claim that it only luck. Having read Gene Landram`s book Thirteen women who changed the world you recognize women most famous nowadays who had both failures and failures, but they patiently overcame them, continuing to go towards the aim forward.

Patience and work - all will grind - here wisdom of several generations. And good luck comes only when these two words stand nearby.

And where the answer to the question raised in heading? - you ask.

Everything depends on to what of two specified groups you belong.

Ilya Shevelyov, the famous Russian writer, has on this subject a remarkable statement: In the concept patience - two sides. On the one hand, positive - ability to expect, without losing hopes, persistently going towards a goal. On the other hand - negative - inability to resist, taking down all insults, offenses, servilely submitting to circumstances. The first - force sign, the second - weaknesses

If you agree to suffer only and to undertake nothing, then Patience - excess freight in your life and shackles on your legs.

If the Patience helps you to overcome difficulties, to fight against the shortcomings (and who knows them better ourselves), to fight against strokes of bad luck and to all what hinders your advance - that it will be your good and reliable friend.

I wish you a great patience successfully to reach the purposes which you planned.]