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What winter signs happen?

we Live under laws of the nature and here quite often we do not reflect that this or that natural phenomenon means. Though what to palter, we trust in dreams and we use dream books regularly...

Let`s together try to penetrate into signs and beliefs which there lived our ancestors. If properly to understand, the people - that in vain does not spend belief. Perhaps and to us it is worth listening, looking narrowly also something useful to take out from numerous national belongings .

To start a sign of the Christmas Eve.

1 - What hoarfrost in Christmas Eve on trees, with such force will blossom wheat.

2 - If in Christmas Eve the star sky, so cattle well propagates, and it is possible to wait for a harvest of berries in the summer.

3 - If in Christmas Eve suddenly became warmer, so there will be a notable harvest of a buckwheat.

4 - Clear Christmas Eve - to a good harvest.

5 - If in Christmas Eve to burn straw and manure, then to the died relatives it will be warm in the next world and they will yield a rich harvest of wheat.

6 - That small cattle well propagated, it is given from each dish the first spoons.

7 - That poultry did not soil in kitchen gardens, she on the Christmas`s eve is not fed.

8 - That fruit and berry trees yielded a good harvest, before Christmas carefully wind them with straw.

9 - On weather on Christmas Eve did weather forecasts on the end of the year.

10 - If for Christmas in the sky is visible in the morning a white rainbow, so it is necessary to wait for hard frosts.

11 - If trunks of trees became gray, there will be a frost if turned black - thaw.

12 - the Wood cracks for Christmas - the frost will long stand.

13 - If were bent dry fir-tree branches - it is necessary to wait for a blizzard.

And now some just winter signs.

1 - should keep Count of weather so: 7 years to judge winter on summer and 7 years on the contrary.

2 - And here should be not got confused: in the winter warmly - it will be cold in the summer, in the winter chilly and cold - will be chilly and hot in the summer, in the winter the blizzard and a blizzard - will be frequent thunder-storms, in the winter snow in the summer - there will be pouring rains, in the winter a frost in the summer - will be very hot in the summer, there are not enough snow and a lot of hoarfrost in the winter - there will be intensive dews in the summer.

3 - If bread well was born - to wait for severe winter.

4 - If in premises is a lot of spiders and a fresh web, so it is necessary to wait for fast cold weather and if a web old and spiders thrown, means there will be thaw.

5 - If in the wood is sung by a bullfinch, there will be blizzards.

6 - Numerous long icicles in January - by a rich harvest.

7 - If in January warmly, then in March - April is cold. b do not have


- If in January rainfall - there will be a good harvest.

9 - If in snowfall snow on branches does not lay down, there will be neither mushrooms, nor berries in the summer.

10 - If clouds in the sky is bright - white - to wait for wind and if with blue - warming.

11 - If birds on trees ruffled up, there will be a blizzard.

12 - If in the winter to hear a thunder, means there will be strong winds.

13 - Cold and is not enough rainfall in February - by hot August.

14 - Good weather in February - by a drought in the summer.

15 - Rainy February - to rainy spring.

16 - If in the sky turn ravens, there will be a hard frost.

17 - Low clouds - to cold weather.

18 - If around the sun is visible a yellow ring, so a blizzard.

There now, now you for certain it is aware of weather and a harvest the forthcoming year, and no mass media zadurit to you the head fabricated information on a bread crop failure, and meteorologists will not spoil mood an incorrect weather forecast. You know all as it is for the year ahead!]