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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Immortelle.

Begin the last decade of January. The noble prickly thistle concedes reins of government to a modest, but elegant immortelle. 21 - On January 31 - its days.

The Immortelle is a disinterested person. Modest, but, nevertheless, fixedly follows the fashion. Its elegance it becomes frequent object of envy. But it has enough energy to overcome all difficulties and with gloss to win against ill-wishers . So characterizes a flower horoscope been born under a sign.

In Russia at a flower there are a lot of names. Neuvyadka, the neumirashka, the sun gold, sukhotsvt - all this he. The scientific name - tsmin sandy. Treats Astrov` family, or slozhnotsvetny (Asteraceae, or Compositae).

Height of a plant of 15 - 30 cm, a stalk and leaves are covered dense sherstisto - a felt down as if the face of the teenager which did not get acquainted with the razor yet. Flowers yellow, it is sometimes bright - orange, are collected in inflorescences - baskets. Are pleasing to the eye since the end of June till September. In the people it is considered that yellow color is pointed out curative properties of an immortelle at treatment of jaundice (hepatitis).

Grows on forest glades, meadows, on edges, a thicket on the sandy soil - from where and the name. It is in our corner of the world widespread in steppes of an average and southern strip of the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus, in Central Asia, Western Siberia. But versions meet in Australia and America and, probably, and worldwide.

The flower is loved and esteemed by many people. Tell the beautiful legends which are found about it not only in the Russian folklore, but also in legends of the Odyssey and even in Indian legends.

The Russian woman Avdotya came as if to the Tatar khan Batyyu, fell before him on knees with a request to allow to redeem darling`s brother. The surprised Baty took an interest why not for the husband the woman asks. In reply the khan heard: I will marry - the husband will be. There will be a husband - the father-in-law will be. The husband will be - the son will be born. And not to take the brother to me " anywhere;. He marveled wisdom of the Russian woman, bent, the first comer under hands picked a flower, stretched to Avdotya: Go on my Horde, how long the flower will not wither. From relatives whom you will manage to find take those without repayment .

Baty did not know that the Russian woman will be able to give a magic power to a modest flower - sobyort in a palm together both love great, and grief terrible, and anger unrestrained - and the flower will not wither. Long Avdotya wandered about the Horde and rusichy saved many from death. And the treasured flower not only did not fade, and became even more beautiful! Since then it is also called an immortelle.

According to Indian legends, in one settlement of the young people who went after a wedding from a wigwam of the father of the bride to the husband`s parents on the road wild animals tore to pieces. And in the spring on their grave the modest flower unexpectedly appeared. The hunter, passing by him, emotionally exclaimed: Live forever! And the flower is live still.

The love national appeared not from scratch. Long since the modest elegant plant not only treated, brought benefit, but also warmed soul. In life broth of inflorescences of an immortelle is used as yellow dye for fabrics. Make dry bouquets of stalks and flowers, pleasant in the cold winter.

Inflorescences of a tsmin apply with the medical purposes, generally as the zhelchegonny and stimulating work of a stomach means. Use an immortelle also at hepatitises, gastritises and violation of work of a pancreas. Extracts and infusions possess the toning action, increase arterial pressure.

Fans of the wood know well styptic action of a plant. It is enough to strew a wound with the flowers pounded between fingers and bleeding will surely stop. The plant is not toxic, preparations of an immortelle do not give by-effects even at prolonged use.

And not so long ago it became known that the immortelle can effectively replace the well-known and expensive statina which are widely used by official medicine in fight against the high level of cholesterol.

Probably, it is not casual in winter cold weather, bitter cold governs immortelle. In total it, for everything will have enough energy at all, will cope with any misfortune. And time will come - will concede a place of honor to a curious mistletoe.]