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Epiphany: and how it was celebrated earlier?

the Epiphany - one of big holidays which is celebrated at orthodox Christians on January 19 and is devoted to Jesus Christ`s baptism in Jordan River water by John the Baptist (Catholics celebrate the Epiphany in memory of worship of three tsars - magicians to God - the baby). Water is a symbol of clarification and life since then.

The second name of a holiday - the Epiphany as during Christ`s Epiphany there was a special phenomenon of all three persons of the Deity: The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who in the form of a pigeon condescended on the christened Jesus.

At midnight on the eve of the Epiphany there is a change of guilty Christmas time for time new, pure, in the nature in the same time there are wonderful events, such as execution of the made wishes, prophetic dreams, various signs etc. of

Give some traditions connected with celebration of the Epiphany. When a Christmas-tide came to an end with

, premises by tradition cleaned up, swept, the Christmas straw standing in a corner was taken out, on doors of houses, gates and fences garlic or chalk drew crosses, and flour products stored after Christmas were given to poultry and cattle.

Water consecration was an obligatory ceremony on a holiday, and significance was not attached to whether there was it water church or from a natural reservoir. In the latter case at the river the people gathered, the accurate ice-hole in ice became, after that the father consecrated water in the river, lowering a cross in an ice-hole. Was considered useful at once to bathe in ice water from an ice-hole or to have a shower bath at least it - filth and damage so was removed, and douche was obligatory for those who participated in ryazheniye and carol-singing. Some udalets who are not afraid of cold easily jumped in the water consecrated in an ice-hole, other lyud was content with a zacherpyvaniye of holy water and asperges of housing and economy, and also grocery stocks by it, and in the spring even lands - for productivity increase. There was a belief that childbirth at the woman will take place easily if she gets drunk holy water.

By the way, process of consecration of water was carefully protected from any evil spirits - the ice-hole was fired from guns during commission of a ceremony.

Water after the Epiphany stocked up and carefully remained during the whole year.

Numerous fortune-telling is connected with a holiday of the Epiphany (about a marriage, health, a cattle issue, etc.) and signs about weather and a harvest. Was considered that warm weather for the Epiphany or a sleet foretold a good harvest of cereals, and a blizzard and wind - a harvest of mushrooms and berries.

Very often the baptism of children is dated for a holiday.

In orthodox church christen at any age. It is specified in some sources that it is impossible to christen babies till 40 days, but it is not right. If the child is born and danger (for example, he is very sick), then it is possible to christen him at once after the birth threatens his life. In the absence of the priest any believing person, including and the obstetrician can make it. The main thing that the child was given a name which he will bear in life or which will be cut on a gravestone. And here the woman really after the delivery cannot enter 40 days into church.

At a baptism any person receives Godfathers: father and mother. They bear responsibility for Christian education of children, warrant for belief of kreshchayemy and are obliged to divide works of parents on his education. Besides, God father and mother should not be married among themselves. After a baptism the anointing is surely made.

In honor of a baptism the special holiday - christening is arranged. Earlier for such house holidays in Epiphany night cooked special baptismal porridge on cream and barmy pastries.

The Epiphany is a remarkable holiday for all Christians from time immemorial, for the world God was born. And in recently replenished families it is a holiday doubly - the new person enters the world!]