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What to read in a toilet?

the Basic rule of successful business are known long ago: Find requirement and satisfy it . The businessmen who are engaged in production of toilet paper are guided by it. At the person the requirement to esteem something is ineradicable, sitting on a pot. Especially it is actual for us, the former inhabitants the most reading country of the world .

Any printing information is used. Still Pushkin complained that his Tatyana on a podtirka tore, of course, Nevsky almanac . Here the thinking businessmen also fill toilet paper with various information, at least to overcome the powerful competition of producers of newspapers, magazines and pre-election leaflets.

About the last conversation special. Without having waited until the election program is printed on toilet paper, the candidate for People`s Deputies from Kherson Petro Miroshnikov suggested to exchange ten leaflets for a toilet roll. Calculation simple. Kohl took a leaflet in hand - will not leave it unread. And the returned leaflets go to a turn again. Here only what to do if the brought leaflet is already used for the direct designated purpose - in a toilet?

In Germany on toilet paper print Heinrich Heine`s verses. The publication and other classics is expected. And where still to read them? A toilet - the most convenient place.

In bookstores of the largest cities of Japan the epoch-making multivolume philosophical treatise " was available for sale; How to create itself . It is printed yes, yes, you guessed - on toilet rolls.

As length of one roll is limited to thirty meters, it is authorized to the authors wishing to see the work in the collection to publish articles no more than three thousand signs. This requirement disciplines authors, forces to state treasures of the thoughts in a short form. And brevity, as we know, sister of talent.

For especially in love with money let out paper with the image of dollar notes. And not somewhere there, and at us, in Ukraine. The most expensive " toilet paper in the world; 101 dollars as well as possible is in harmony with gold toilet bowls. It is an excellent gift for the acquaintances complaining that they do not have money eternally.

Especially for the businessmen affected by financial crisis, in America toilet paper on which it is represented exchange " is let out; tape with stock quotations of the most affected companies. Paper was joyfully bought up on souvenirs - to play a trick on the acquaintances who lost money. Nothing so consoles how misfortune of the neighbor.

A subject most actual now - fight against terrorism - found the reflection on paper with Bin Laden`s image. So it is also necessary to it, artful.

There is a paper more cheerfully: with jokes, with cheerful pictures, New Year`s with fir-trees and toys, even with zodiac signs and your initials.

But, all - toilet paper is yesterday in respect of obtaining information in a toilet. Now toilets are equipped with electronic panels with the touch screens allowing to travel fully around the Internet, to read and send e-mail with the help the Internet - telephony to talk to the whole world. To services of intellectuals from a headline news toilet, electronic libraries, art galleries and music.

Here with some difficulty to use only all this electronics directly toilet paper... ]