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What needs to be known at education of the dog?

Here he is a little, lovely puppy, comfortably sat at you on hands and quietly snuffles. Yes, you got a puppy, so, took the responsibility for this, still small, creation. But the puppy will shortly turn into an adult dog, and will depend only on you, it is how good she will be brought up.

It is important to know that nobody will be able to bring up your pet except you.

I will not go here into details how to teach a dog to execute this or that command.

Will be a question of the general rules without which it is impossible to do in the course of training. Knowing these unwritten laws you will be able to understand better the dog and to avoid many mistakes.


1. The dog always obeys only the one who with her is engaged, brings up and trains.

2. It is the best of all to give classes with a puppy in a game manner , approximately on 5 - 10 minutes several times a day. But it is not necessary that the puppy got tired. Otherwise such training for it will be penal servitude.

3. The more time you spend on communication with the dog, the better you will be able to understand her. For example , each dog is attracted by a dining table with any delicacies. If you see that your pet approaches a table closer and does not look away from a plate with sausage, to tell that time to it It is impossible! because at this moment the dog thinks of that, as if to pull down sausages. If it already pulled down something from a table - to abuse is useless.

4. If only seven weeks - him are still very easy to teach to approach your puppy you on command as during this period for a puppy it is peculiar to be as it is possible closer to mother and everywhere to follow her. So, for this purpose it is enough to sit down and clap.

5. The earlier you accustom the puppy to such manipulations as check of ears, eyes, teeth and wool combing , the better. Because not all dogs love these actions, and therefore it is necessary to accustom her to it from the cradle .

6. You will need to learn to growl . does not need to be been surprised or twist a finger at a temple. You need this skill when the puppy does something reprehensible. Puppy mother growl straightened out him if it, for example, too vigorously played with her ear. And if growl did not help, then it could bite it for a muzzle or take for a nape. What, actually, you too can make (to grab by a nape) or to capture a puppy mouth a hand. In dog language these gestures mean that you are leader of pack so, have to obey to you.

7. Also the puppy needs to be accustomed that you can take away from him any thing or a bowl with food. Only do not do it as if you challenge its right for food. In this case you should or pretend that you want to correct a bowl, or to put in it still food. If the puppy growls on you at the moment when you you attempt on its thing - you growl in reply or a strict voice tell It is impossible! .

8. Punishing a puppy, never call at the same time his nickname. the Nickname always has to cause positive emotions and be associated only with pleasant actions. Otherwise your puppy simply - naprosto will not respond to it.

9. The dog should not be punished at non-obedience, IF YOU did not teach her, AS needs to submit.

10. It is not necessary to confuse the " teams; Faugh! and It is impossible! . " team; Faugh! it is used for prevention of actions which are forbidden absolutely, for example, if the dog gnaws footwear or furniture. It is impossible! it is used when the dog intends to make something that in principle is permitted, but at present it will be better if she refrains from an undesirable act. For example , usually you allow the dog to bathe. But if it inflamed an ear, then it is not necessary to bathe it. And therefore order It is impossible! if you see that it approaches water.

11. Do not beat a dog with hands! And in general, it is better not to use force ( whip ) at education. Try to manage by voice.

12. Learn to operate the voice when training. for this purpose should apply three various tones. One tone - for teams. Commands have to be given by a pleasant, but firm voice. It is not necessary to cry out teams or to order pleading tone. The following tone - for a praise. should be Praised by enthusiastic, even happy voice. The third tone - for punishments , that is corrections of behavior. It just yours growl . It has to be hoarse and menacing.

13. The dog loves when she is ironed behind ears or do vigorous massage of a back. It for it one of the best awards after successfully executed command. Besides, to fix correctly executed command, it is possible to give to a dog something from food (dog cookies, for example).

14. The dog has to receive food at the same time and in the same place.

15. It is better and more reliable to bring up a young dog, than to re-educate old.

many various nuances when training Exist. Each dog - is individual, at everyone the lotions . Therefore you have to learn to understand the pet and to find the best methods of approach to it. Nobody knows your dog better, than you.]