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Whether it is possible to resist by means of tablets to a hangover?

Yes, are also such means! One of them and is called - Antipokhmelin . Amber acid - powerful antioxidant which protects a liver and the central nervous system from disastrous influence of alcohol is its part.

In the powder Bison active agent is the same amber acid, however the " developers; Antipokhmelina assure that only their preparation promotes suppression of a syndrome of a hangover: allegedly amber acid only in To Antipokhmelina is in an active form. From the chemical point of view it is extremely doubtful.

Besides Antipokhmelina and Bison on sale there are tablets Antipolitsay powders Vytrezvin Vega + metadoksit, Alkogal Korrda - K . It is possible to get Zhenshenikum allegedly beating off smell of the reek of alcohol, a metal type of a pea of Koryo Insam Indan, wonderful powders from a grated nutmeg and tens more of preparations.

Antipolitsay which allegedly promotes sobering up and contains confidential additives from the natural preparations - it is usual mix on herbs and mint. The smell all the same remains, and the condition of the driver is given by eyes and the corresponding behavior. Besides it medicine harmfully in high doses and at the frequent use. The same treats also Koryo peas.

In To Vytrezvina concentration of active agents is so small that its efficiency raises doubts.

Strongly are diluted biologically active components and in To Vega + . Moreover, after reception of these drugs examinees got drunk much quicker, and intoxication passed in the same terms, as without their reception.

Really accelerates sobering up and the monosaccharide fructose reduces a hangover syndrome.

Medicine from a hangover usually contains the components accelerating a conclusion from an organism of harmful substances in the structure: diuretic, sudorific, laxative, sometimes emetic. Add salts and minerals to them to compensate their washing away from an organism. Still add analgetics for anesthesia and normalization of temperature. If something else add, for example, vitamin C, then it has no special leading role. Sparkling or in powders, tablets - all the same they can only accelerate slightly time of restoration of an organism, but as a hand to remove all hungover symptoms beyond their powers.

It is also necessary to consider that some means for treatment of a hungover syndrome contain lemon, amber acids and aspirin which overdose can do irreparable harm: bleeding of capillaries, microstrokes, exacerbation of stomach ulcer of a stomach, 12 - a perstny gut or intestines.

Every year demand for antipokhmelina grows. Whether much they buy? Ukrainians within a year spent for them more than two million dollars. And on the eve of holidays demand for them sharply increased. Buy, generally women. Though they claim that they buy magic tablets for men. And here in Belarus they are even forbidden to be advertized: all know that Belarusians of alcohol do not drink...

A new counter among anti-hungover preparations - the developed KGB and the preparation RU declassified in 1999 - 21 Red known also under the name Antip Krasny . The preparation has the mass of advantages in respect of relief of destiny drinking, but it already another story altogether.]