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How do boiled sausage? We already know

what was once boiled sausage. Or had to be if to be absolutely exact. What it now - too knows, we buy sometimes in shops. Sausage strongly changed if to study its compounding.

In the market there are so much additives that, any minute, meat is not required to the producer at all. Bought a set of powders, mixed, packaged and it is ready. Welcome, citizens, in shop to leave the terribly earned. And we to you in an exchange - delicious the smelling and appetizingly looking bar. Specify structure of a product. On packing here you look, me - e - an elenky font everything is written.

It ideal for the present, fortunately, is not present. Sausage magnates should deal still with meat raw materials and to model a sausage - unforgettable " acid washed jeans; using practically the same methods, as in former times. Let`s understand that turns raw materials into a ready-made product.

At any meat-processing enterprise the raw materials have preliminary training. Frozen hulks defrostirut, i.e. defreeze, delete pollution, pobitost and bruises. Then they are cut for separate pieces - junctures which are exposed to bunding and a zhilovka. Bunding is a separation of meat from bones, and a zhilovka - cleaning of meat of cartilages, sinews and fat.

After a zhilovka meat is sorted on the highest, first and second grade. Criterion - existence in a piece of connecting fabric and fat. Premium beef which will go for production of the same grade of sausages is almost pure muscular tissue in which no more than 2% additives . The grade is lower, the it is more than fat and veins . For example, the second grade allows their contents to 20%.

The prepared raw materials are crushed, and then salted. This primary or rough crushing on pieces of 2 in size - 3 centimeters is made by meat grinders - tops. Add salt and nitrites which give it beautiful color to chopped meat. For a prosalivaniye the crushed raw materials are maintained about two days at a temperature of 3 - 4 degrees.

So much time is necessary for its maturing therefore such properties as glutinosity and a moisture capacity are gained. Salting time can and be reduced. If to apply salt solution and more fine crushing, to 2 - 3 millimeters, then process will take no more than six hours.

Secondary or thin crushing of meat happens in the meat grinder under the name a kutter. Process of preparation of forcemeat for boiled sausages and is called kutterovaniye . That meat was not heated during crushing, add an ice crumb to it, to 30% of weight.

At the exit of a kutter receive not ready sausage forcemeat but only its main component. The final compounding is made in farshemeshalka. They mix different types of the crushed meat, salted pork fat, spices and additives.

Following - the syringe - the machine. Its task to fill with forcemeat a cover, to fill sausages. If to fill too strongly, the cover will not sustain in the course of heat treatment. If it is weak - emptiness in which conditions for development of microorganisms are created are formed, and, as a result, period of storage decreases. After stuffing sausage long loafs coordinate and suspend for draft or consolidation of forcemeat.

Heat treatment consists of roasting, cooking and cooling. Roasting is made a hot smoke, to 110 degrees. Depending on thickness of long loafs on it leaves of an hour to three. After roasting the cover loses a specific smell, thanks to nitrites forcemeat is evenly painted in beautiful pink color.

Cook sausages in a steam chamber at a temperature about 80 degrees from 10 minutes up to 3 watch until temperature in long loaf does not rise to 70 degrees. If to overdo, the cover will burst. Remember that happens if in time not to pull out some sausage?

The cooked sausages take a cold shower. They are cooled to 15 degrees and - forward, towards to the consumer. Difficult technological process is complete. It was necessary to carry on shops, to buy and eat. Bon appetit.]