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What is the lake Elton interesting by?

The Lake Elton - the salty lake, largest in Europe, a real miracle of the nature, a pearl of Volga region. Among the opustynenny steppe - a huge bowl of the lake with water zolotisto - a pink shade, bordered with a wide strip of the snow-white crystals of salt sparkling on the sun. The district is brightly characterized by number of hours of sunshine in a year - about 2200 (for comparison - on the southern coast of the Crimea sunshine duration not much more - from 2200 to 2400 hours) .

Ya wanted to taste water, gathered a handful and took a gulp. It was a mistake, water on taste was fat and is caustic - bitterly - salty. Fellow travelers burst out laughing, probably, dumbfounded at me the look was such.

Salt Salt was present everywhere - it was pinched by language from lips, felt on the skin and hair through salted it was is red - is yellow - the violet grass a lot of growing on the coast and serving as food for house hoofed animals. Crystals of salt were seen in earth cracks, and even wind had a saltish smack.

Today there is a mud resort. Silt mineral mud and a brine of the Lake Elton on the medicinal properties do not concede to dirt of the Dead Sea. Still ancient nomads knew about miracle properties of Elton dirt. Traditional treatment of that time looked so: in coastal layers of the soil deepening where the patient whose body was covered with dirt was located was dug out. In an hour it was washed in a lake " brine;.

Depth of Elton throughout several honeycombs meters from the coast does not exceed ten centimeters, but on a bottom it is difficult to go barefoot from - for prickly outgrowths of salt and the black, terribly smelling therapeutic mud in which we quite often failed.

Near our parking the braid - the long, narrow embankment at an acute angle going to the lake began. On an embankment the road extended, and the braid with the water tank, shops for health-resort visitors and the monotonous, fenced with a wooden paling sites - swimming baths with indispensable plates " came to an end with unexpectedly spacious platform; Self-treatment is forbidden .

In sanatorium and the mud baths located at the lake diseases of joints, oporno - the motive device, skin, digestive organs, nervous and urinogenital systems, respiratory organs, a metabolic disorder successfully treat.

Here tell shaking mind of a story about how people rejected crutches, leaving mud baths. In Soviet period there was even a peculiar museum of crutches, but when its sizes exceeded all admissible limits, the management of sanatorium was forced to close the museum. Then some local odd fellow built from these crutches quite strong fence about the kitchen garden. We, however, did not see a fence.

The Name of the lake happened from Kazakh The Three-copecks piece - Nur what means Gold lake

For the second day of our stay at Elton the sky began to clear up slowly, occasionally an edge from - for the curling clouds the sun looked out, and then the lake was painted in gentle pink color. The same shade highlighted also clouds. At last, the nature smiled to us, and we saw the pink lake!

The landscape reminded the landscapes of Venus which were found in the childhood as an illustration to fantastic novels around: cumulus clouds hung absolutely low over transparent pink water, nearly touching the head, and it seemed that moisture from heaven merges with lake moisture during a decline the lake becomes dazzling

A in a clear weather - gold. So beams of the setting sun in a thick layer of a brine refract.

And this really surprising show! Elton is worth it that to see it!]