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Farewell loneliness?

Forgive loneliness?

Very many people, generally from a fine half of mankind try to say goodbye to loneliness. Will get rid of it it is possible very simply and simply - to marry. Here also the real problems begin!

Alas, how strongly women seek to marry - so strongly men preserve the freedom and independence. So was always and nothing changed despite all power scientifically - technical revolution and other innovations.

When is about loneliness, in most cases means, female loneliness. The man`s loneliness, on some unknown to us to the reasons, is almost not considered.

A a marriage happy and safe remains for most of women impracticable or unattainable dream. And at all not therefore,

that they are insufficiently beautiful, educated or sexual!

In - the first, than men is less than women in number!

In - the second, the woman want to go for men kind, generous, rich and t. d , and such and absolutely it is not enough!

I here also arises a natural question: what to do with this loneliness? we Will try to answer


Realize the simple fact that appeared in this world not in a friendly staff, and one. Also you will leave this world in proud loneliness too. All people are born and one die not together with all the family, and. It is natural, otherwise the human race would already die out. The loneliness is an integral part of our life. It cannot be perceived as punishment for your or others sins, you should not damn yourself or people around for the fact that you did not find the only love, did not meet the prince charming and did not become the next Cinderella.

is simple not on the cards!

Loneliness gives you the fine chance to be oneself: not to pretend to be, not to adapt, not to try to become the most charming and attractive and so on

If you are lonely you quietly can enjoy life: day and night to listen to the favourite music, to read the favourite books, to look the darlings soap operas but not some there soccer or hockey Word: to sing, whistle and solve krossforda! as unforgettable Arkady Raikin spoke. The loneliness gives you the chance to borrow with the fact that you want! Having found the husband you forever lose this opportunity, especially in case you are is in financial dependence on the spouse!]