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How to prepare tasty dishes from usual products? Banana desserts.

Bananas How long they were available on our counters for free sale? It is difficult to remember. Today it is already all an available delicacy. In bananas there is a lot of potassium, so necessary for work of a cardiac muscle, this tasty fruit perfectly reduces arterial pressure, in them there is a lot of fiber which neutralizes acid, so, perfectly treats heartburn.

There is such joke: Deer very much like to eat bananas. Only who feeds them with them? They say that banana perfectly cures of a depression. For hunger - it precisely! It is enough to eat one banana to feel full. And the mood improves!

I love bananas in the natural form, in itself. From them I prepare desserts only on holidays. Especially they are loved by children, these little sweet teeth. Let`s please darlings?

Ship. to

to us will need 2 bananas, 4 segments of chocolate (about 20 g) and a handful of fried nuts.

Banana is necessary ripe, without black strips and spots, we will use together with a skin. At first it is good to wash up fruits. To slit the skin a knife and to raise it, up to the end without tearing off from a tail. To chop pulp of banana a knife and to take out very accurately a spoon. To mix pulp with chocolate pieces or shaving (then chocolate needs to be grated) and pieces of nuts. It is possible to heat this mix on a water bath. Homogeneous mass will turn out. Only do not boil! Not really it is pleasant to me hot stuffing ship. I just prefer to mix all three ingredients and in that look that will turn out, to lay out in a banana peel. We for stability of a design will be needs a piece of a food foil. It is necessary to make of it supports and on them to place a ship - a castle. To string the top strip of a peel on a long stick - toothpicks will approach - it is our sail. Inside lay out a hill banana mix. And further - on your discretion. It is possible to put an ice cream spoon, it is possible to fill up with coconut flakes or to fill in with condensed milk. It is possible to decorate with whipped cream. Looks always very festively.

Banana yum-yum. At first we do to

batter. 1 glasses of kefir, 1 egg, 0,5 teaspoons of cinnamon, the soda extinguished by vinegar or lemon juice. We mix all this and we add flour. On a spoon. We knead. Density of sour cream. We cut bananas circles 1,5 - 2 cm thick. On a fork, we dip in batter - and on the heated frying pan with vegetable oil. Oils is necessary much. Pieces have to boil in it as in hot fan. By a skimmer it is caught ours of a yum-yum, we put at first on a napkin to clean excess fat. Then we shift in a vase, we strew with icing sugar with coconut flakes. You will lick fingers!

Banana - a filbert. to us the filbert, bananas, lemon juice and heavy cream will be necessary for

For preparation of this dessert. We knead banana pulp a fork or we shake up the blender, slightly we sprinkle lemon juice. We crush a filbert, we implicate in mix, we add cream, again we mix. We spread in portion ice-cream bowls, from above we decorate with the whole segments of the banana cut by thin petals. Also we sprinkle lemon juice that they did not darken. We shake up cream and from a pastry bag or the syringe with beautiful rosettes it is decorated a banana hill. In the core we put the whole kernel of a filbert. Very tasty!

Banana fire.

At first we cut pulp of banana on circles, we sugar and we fry on butter from two parties. We spread a hill on a dish, we pour juice from a frying pan. Before giving on a table to sprinkle a hill cognac and to set fire. To guests solemnly you take out the beautiful burning dish. Very effectively!

To Fr - a chat.

It is some kind of fruit salad. Only not absolutely usual. To peel apples, pears, bananas and a kiwi of a thin skin and to cut in cubes. Try to cut equally. It will be so more beautiful. To sort white grapes on the whole grapes. Everything mixes up and displayed or in the general salad bowl, or in portion ice-cream bowls. And now - attention! - very unusual filling. 4 tablespoons of sugar, half teaspoon of salt and half teaspoon of black pepper, teaspoon of seeds of sesame. To squeeze out juice of 2 oranges. All this mixes up with orange juice and is added to salad - a chat. Very unusual taste! Try!

" cocktail; Dream . to

For this recipe needs the mixer. To shake up one very ripe banana and juice from 1 orange the mixer. To add 500 grams of the fruit fat-free yogurt. Once again to shake up everything and to pour on glasses. To decorate with an orange segment. Divine drink!

Silvery banana.

the Recipe from the category as easy as shelling pears . We clean banana and we cut it lengthways on 2 halves. We wrap everyone in a food foil and for 15 minutes in the warmed oven. We give in the same foil. It is very tasty!

Dessert Tropics .

Dessert quite expensive. I train him, as they say, on the fan. Not all eat avocado and not all transfer taste of whisky. All it is necessary for us on two - two oranges, two bananas, two apples, two mangoes and two avocados. We clean everything and we cut cubes. We mix. We fill in with mix from 100 grams of whisky from 25 g of vanillin. From above we strew with a nutmeg. Not densely. Slightly. Very original taste.

Experiment in kitchen and open for yourself new taste of familiar products. Let at you everything surely will turn out!]