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What is known by priests and scientists about Epiphany water?

Annually in Epiphany night with 18 for January 19 in our world occur the greatest miracle - the God`s Spirit descends on all terrestrial waters and they become salutary. So believers consider, and scientists try to explain this phenomenon from the positions …

the Holiday of the Epiphany call

According to the legend still the Epiphany: according to the legend, this day to people God in the form of the Blessed Trinity was. Jesus Christ at the age of thirty years was baptized in the Jordan River John the Baptist. When It left water, heaven revealed, and the Forerunner saw the God`s Spirit, in the form of a pigeon which went down on Jesus, and from the sky there was God Otts`s voice: “ Seius is the Son my beloved in whom my goodwill “. It is considered that from Christ`s baptism the Christianity originates.

When Christ Redeemer entered Jordan and hosted a baptism, there was a contact of the Godman with matter. And until now in day of the Epiphany when in temples water, " is consecrated; the nature " is consecrated all waters; therefore all waters gain property of not decay. Water becomes the Shrine - Great Agiasma as calls her Church. Epiphany water consecrates, cures God`s grace of each person, with belief who is taking communion it...

Folk customs

In the people the Epiphany always was one of the most popular holidays. Prepared for it in advance, cut down in ice an ice-hole in the form of a cross (iordan). Nearby put a wooden end. After water consecration young men were surely dipped into ice water, and only then believers gathered the consecrated water from a reservoir. Despite frosts, patients strove to dive into an ice-hole not only healthy, but also. And who did not venture, tried to wash water from Jordan.

At midnight collected Epiphany snow. Old women - to bleach unbleached linen, and girls - skin. Was considered that water, vytayanny from this snow, can treat various illnesses, and poured out in a well - does it inexhaustible even in the most droughty year.

How to use holy water?

Bogoyavlensky water has big salutary force. Cases when literally several its drops poured in a mouth to the patient who is unconscious brought him round are known and changed the illness course.

Holy water can be used on an empty stomach, with awe and a prayer. But on special need it is possible to drink it at any time. The aged man iyeroskhimona Seraphim of Vyritsa when ­ somebody strongly was ill, blessed to accept on a tablespoon of holy water each hour. And also advised to sprinkle food with this water. He said that is stronger than drugs, than holy water and the consecrated oil, no.

Holy water should not be taken buckets. Also its small amount will be enough till a new Epiphany. Epiphany water can be poured on capacities and to add usual - “ the drop of holy water consecrates the sea “. Those who did not manage to gather holy water in day of the Epiphany can come for it to the Temple, there it always is. This water is stored near icons. Sprinkle with it the dwelling and any thing.

The phenomenon of Epiphany water

For the first time is mentioned curative properties of Epiphany water by Saint John Chrysostom in the 4th century. And already more than 17 centuries opponents of Christianity try to prove that the phenomenon of Epiphany water does not exist. Its ability not to spoil long is explained with the fact that priests lower silver coins and crosses in bowls, (silver ions, as we know, perniciously affect microorganisms), and also the fact that water in reservoirs is gathered in winter time when quantity of microorganisms minimum.

However “ blessing of the waters “ it is often carried out on the river from where Epiphany water undertakes believers. And the concept “ " holy water; treats times when the church attributes were not acquired yet: silver crosses, crucifixions and so forth

But the modern person who got used to receive scientific explanations of natural phenomena cannot be content with an explanation of a phenomenon of Epiphany water which gives Church.

What is told by scientists?

to answer a question that happens to water, physics undertook devices and microscopes. Researches showed that the optical density of Epiphany water is higher, than waters from the same sources in usual days. Moreover, it is close to the optical density of water from the Jordan River.

Some scientists explain curative properties of Epiphany water with features of a magnetic field of Earth. This day it deviates norm and all water on the planet omagnichivatsya. About what these changes are connected with, is known a little.

Professor A. Belsky, the Russian physicist - ­ the experimenter, somehow on the night of January 19 took in the next pond samples of water in polyethylene bottles. They stood at it in laboratory many years. Water in them remained transparent, flavourless and draft.

At one of scientific conferences he told about it “ experiment “ to the familiar professor from scientific research institute of nuclear physics at MSU researching neutron streams from space and from Earth. That, having hemmed, promised to look at the experimental data in recent years. Soon Belsky obtained very curious information by e-mail.

According to its data, before January 19 a number of years the intensive splashes in a stream of neutrons exceeding background levels by 100 - 200 times were registered! The rigid binding by January 19 was not: maxima had both on 18 and for February 17, but sometimes precisely on 19 - e. And the sterilizing role of intensive neutron streams is well-known.

The employee of Institute of ecology of the person, the physicist V. Zhukov selected five years Epiphany water in different places, took the water consecrated with priests in other days, and also loaded with psychics and compared as these waters treat a human body:

- On January 19 early in the morning we took water from the crane, from an old well and in churches. All samples of Epiphany water influenced a human body equally: almost instantly and strongly, as healer. That is, water began to revitalize an organism at once, as fixed the device. However, in several weeks all pathologies began to be shown again.

is Cured by water or belief? Journalists S. Demkin and V. Potapov tell

how once the manager of branch of the Moscow institute ­ of informatsionnovolnovy technologies, to. m of N of I. Martyanov went on leave and when returned, to it her patient with a severe form of an oncological disease came to reception. If a month ago it was thin and hardly moved legs from weakness, then now it looked so best of all that she was difficult to be learned.

It became clear that the patient for the Epiphany went in the Trinity­ - to Sergiyev to laurels to the father Herman who had a reputation for the healer. The priest punished the patient daily to take a bath, adding to it a spoon of holy water. The result only of a week course of treatment was available.

I. Martyanova decided to check properties of Bogoyavlensky water by means of the special equipment, in particular, of the supersensitive receiver of millimetric range of radio waves. Its remote probe catches the weak electromagnetic radiation of the studied object, for example, the radiation of biologically active points of the person.

For experiment holy water from the Novodevichy Convent was used. For control took tap water. Results were such: holy water and usual, with addition the Saint, gave the signal similar to a signal of a healthy human organ, and a signal from tap water - the patient. And the ranges received from water in which the silver spoon lay significantly differed from ranges of simple and Epiphany water.

The phenomenon of Bogoyavlensky water is studied a little and researchers, seemingly, will manage to solve its secret not soon. It did not pass scientific researches to which subject medicines, and there are no medical certificates about properties of Epiphany water yet. But there is a centuries-old experience of a huge number of people. And, probably, it is not so important what cures - water or strong belief of the person in the fact that it will help him. The main thing - result.]