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What with us is done by children`s fairy tales? (For adults)

It appears, fairy tales which to us were read in the childhood form All our life.

The ingenious psychologist, the philosopher and the esthete Karl Jung told When the internal state is not realized, external circumstances are perceived as destiny .

It is also a key. And where lock? The lock is the those our beliefs - forgotten, exorcized, locked by daily affairs. you Want to dispose of

of the life? We start.

So, we invite you to understand ourselves in the most female way - method of associations.

Remember the most favourite fairy tale from the childhood and the most favourite fantastic heroine. Remembered? This is one of our strongest heads.

One of my clients all life surprised girlfriends with the unique, natural ability to delegate responsibility . The family, friends, acquaintances and just by the going people literally, having hardly caught sight of it have huge desire something for it to make. If there is nothing to help, then though to present something. And all with such pleasure. As it appeared, the favourite fairy tale of my client was well-known Snow White and seven gnomes . The woman explained the choice so: The cleverest girl - at it and the prince and seven gnomes in the help .

As showed poll to most of our women in the childhood it was pleasant Cinderella .

Here it is behavior model under the name Female destiny The Tired-out horse and the hope that the Prince charming will take out from lokhmotyev and will charge itself with yours faggot .

Only little girls did not notice that success of the Cinderella not only in diligence and fine character. Also the image maker - " is necessary; Godmother and not less, than fairy. It is necessary to resort still to female to features (To appear incognito on a ball. Intrigue! Who is she? . To leave for memory charming shoe).

So if at someone this fairy tale was darling, it should be added children`s Ideal image similar details . Of small female cunnings there are big female victories.

I Think, the method is clear.

Remember the favourite children`s fairy tales. Verify destinies of the Heroes with the today`s views. If something not so - talk to them. Rewrite the Fairy tale. you are surprised to

how your life

Let will be changed your eyes and a smile shine. Let at heart at you it will be joyful, and on heart - heat. Be sure of themselves. You love yourself and you appreciate. Protect own light.]