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And to whom rassolchik? (Nonconventional ways of use antipokhmelina )

The one who at least once endured reanimation by means of a brine tomato (cucumber, cabbage) becomes the adherent of this surprising drink. Moreover, the person to whom the brine helped to return pleasure of life begins to advise actively it to friends, fellow workers and just people who are crushed by morning awakening after a holiday.

Classical use of a brine significantly covers the amplest opportunities of this a miracle - liquids that I personally consider extremely unfair.

A therefore, on ways of its nonconventional application (in any case, those which are known to me) I and I want to pay attention

Yes! A tiny remarochka - the best antipokhmeliny from all vegetable brines it is considered cabbage as it, unlike tomato and cucumber, contains a vivifying dose of vitamin C.

By the way, alcoholic " cocktail; Special troops supports fifty on fifty - vodka and a brine and, according to tasters, considerably reduces morning desire to die still yesterday

Well, and so... To the Brine Nonconventional and Unusual .

bake From a brine the " cookies; Shestnadtsatik . And, it is as if cheerful to you became from the name, cookies turn out - just delight (16 spoons of a brine, 16 spoons of sugar, 16 spoons of vegetable oil, a tablespoon of the extinguished soda and with flour half a kilo - are farther everything according to the pechenyushny plan - to roll in a leaf, to naformovat cookies and in a hot oven for about 20 minutes). At mine, for example, girlfriends the granny also does not imagine that the brine can be used in some other appointment than to cookies .

On a brine do winter okroshka . It when in a brine cut in cubes meat (boiled or smoked), salty cucumbers, marinated garlic, eggs, a tinder a radish. Such soup well goes after a bath instead of beer (or together with beer). By the way, it perfectly is in harmony with kiriyeshka - as vnutrisupno, and to a vprikusk.

In general it is a pleasure to stew meat in a brine, it turns out quickly and tasty. This way, by the way, allows to camouflage old hardish beef under young and soft. Besides, on a brine get batter for chicken or fish which allows gourmets to exchange the understanding happy views.

Strangely enough it sounds, but the brine will be to the taste also to your teapot.

can Remove a scum , having poured couple of glasses of a brine in a teapot and having boiled about an hour. Also do not worry that in a teapot there will be a cellar smell - a scum everything will take away with itself. And the teapot after brine procedure should be washed at first cold, and then - hot water.

The cabbage brine is irreplaceable if it is required to to recover paints the faded carpet or an upholstery on upholstered furniture. For this purpose the gauze rag is moistened in brine mix (2 parts) also by waters (1 part). The gauze is displayed on a surface and slightly beaten off a cracker. Besides that you will get rid of dust, at the same time refresh also a general view.

The tomato brine is the easiest and cheap way to remove a raid from canines of your four-footed favourite. Will be to wipe teeth of your dog carefully with the wadded tampon moistened in a brine enough.

Also it is thought to me that use such habitual morning rescuer it is not settled by my data at all.

Well, as they say: it is more than brines - good and different .!